34 thoughts on “'Ingraham Angle' panel breaks down second Dem debate”

  • I see the Ole' Warlock, HuckaBush says he was brushing up on his witchcraft, by lighting a candle, stroke a CRYSTAL,
    yoga (eastern mysticism), & chant(olm). Huckabush is M.K. Asset & appeared 2b under hypnosis. Uh yeah all tha 4 that

  • Dems can save you money. No need for a border, ICE, border patrol just set up welcome centers with food and beverages at what used to be our southern border.

  • I can read THE Bible says:

    Politicians lie to get elected. Trump was not a politician. We've forgotten how they will promise anything to get the nomination and anything to get elected. The good news is that they are lying. The bad news is what they will DO will be worse.

  • It's like watching a debate between a 5 year old, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, a psychopath, a paranoid schizophrenic, and a cult leader and not being able to tell who is who.

  • DiBlasio didn't have his hand on his heart, everyone else did. Why does he want to be President of a country he hates?

  • We’re already bankrupt essentially just FYI. They would make it much worse, but no ones really doing anything about our 22,000,000,000 debt….

  • Lariah the FATHER's Apostle says:

    Giuliani said 2.5 trillion will bankrupt the country. The country's been bankrupt. That is how deep to the denial is on both sides of the street. The fall of America now imminent. Remain in peace…

  • Sanders must not like America. He kept trying to invoke the policies of all the other countries in the world. You know, all those places from where people flee to get to America?

  • All-IN Offroad says:

    Soooo if i walk a 1000 miles its not illegal anymore ,ok burn im walking all my guns a 1000 miles then theyll be fine with you is that correct just wondering

  • Didn't see the Debate. Better things to do with my time. Let them keep going further left and lets remove the Dipshits.

  • Bernie always hectored. Look back on the former videos. Always a kurmudgeon. Amusing for a brief time but wears out quickly.

  • The only thing missing from those debates were Chuck Barris as host and three panelist with access to a large gong.

  • This was clearly the Gong show without the Gong. This stage should have been cleared out early in the NON-debate. I would rather have tried to jack off a mountain lion in a phone booth with barbed wire than suffer through this cast of Hee Haw.

  • Fox News is jealous that they were turned down for hosting a debate. So now they criticize everyone who hates them

  • George Costanza says:

    Re Canadian healthcare, now that we in Canada are having all these illegal border jumpers, and Trudeau’s refugees, our healthcare is crumbling under the weight

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