Indus News Bulletin | 13:00 UTC | 25 July 2019 | Indus News

Indus News Bulletin | 13:00 UTC | 25 July 2019 | Indus News

welcome back after the break you're watching in the snooze and I'm physical bringing you our main stories in detail we start from Afghanistan where a series of explosions has killed 24 people in the capital Kabul and nongak our province 27 others have been wounded in the blasts officials said the attacks began with the bombing of a bus carrying civil servants in Kabul interior ministry spokesman nazareth Rahimi said the second explosion occurred near the site of the bus attack the third blast hit eastern part of the capital Taliban spokesman Sabula Mujahid claimed responsibility for one of the Kabul attacks saying they killed nine foreign soldiers the attacks came during a visit to Afghanistan by US Joint Chiefs of Staff head General Joseph Stanford in another bomb attack nine people including six women and four children were killed in the eastern province of Nanga her Sudan's military council has arrested the army chief Hashim Abdul Mutallab for involvement in a failed coup earlier this month the ruling council said at least 16 active and retired military officers have been detained for investigation and trial in a press conference Council Chairman Mohammad Othman said officers from the Intelligence and Security Services have also been arrested he said plotters of the failed July the 11th coup attempt sought to scuttle a political settlement leading to civilian rule the constitutional power sharing deal signed recently by the military and civilian opposition is yet to be announced for more on this we have with us our correspondent mr. Patrick oh it thank you for your time mr. Patrick Oh yet so firstly the failed coup attempt shows that the military is divided over the power sharing agreement canvassed a rest of the military chief trigger a backlash from within the Armed Forces people are very happy now that this Agreement being worked on and of course the follow former al Bashir people hoping for a new government so ever is is termed as being you know a sympathizer of the former President Omar al-bashir or someone who wanted to overthrow the government or to be looked at as an as a radical person definitely the public are going to you know be against that person so it is possible that some individuals or some personalities in the in the military are using the coup issues to silence some of their opponents this is also possible that the people of Sudan are a little bit confused and worried now what is happening time and again to plot people arrested and there's also no proper information coming out like okay if there was a coup plot if these people were arrested what next what has happened they've been taken to a military court-martial or what exactly is happening before the public is kept kind of unaware what happens after all these and mr. Oh at the agreed upon constitutional power sharing deal is still yet to be announced what is holding this declaration of the agreement signed by the military and the civilian opposition now it is very difficult to tell exactly where the disagreement is but we understand that there are issues concerning for example accountability for the atrocities that were committed the civilians that were killed when actually they were still protesting that they wanted military military to hand over power to the civilians and we understand that the military do not want this issue to be brought up again the same let bygone be bygone let that he should not be investigated for example and those who maybe would be helped to put they are saying that happened during the revolution and that it should be led as it is it is something very very difficult even if it is put in the constitutional declaration that investigation would began and those found that people would be held accountable it is something that may end using a piece of paper right and emits all of this there are reports of the opposition drafting a new agreement of their own once again if there is any truth in those reports does this mean that they are planning to back out of the deal brokered by the African Union this is a nature of negotiations you know people always change their minds especially when you you don't sign something immediately when an agreement has been reached that's why it's important to initial whatever document contains something that we have agreed on so that people don't change their mind because they go and consult their constituencies they go on consul members of international community who may have their own interests scheme in your case there is no proper system the more there is no a clear future then you are bound to have this kind of you hear of military coup of chaos once in a while here and there and you know the business people the people who are there who don't even care about who is in government but they want to see that children go to school they want to see hospitals functioning they will be the very people would be suffering so for the mediators for the African Union introduced before for the Cuba leading this mediation they have to stand firm so that when is any agreement read those what the portal should be no to stick to your email then the whole process will speed up and these will eventually come to you to the right thank you for your time mr. Patrick Oh yet that was our correspondent mr. Patrick Oil joining us from South Sudan moving on to Syria where 20 civilians have been killed in regime and Russian airstrikes in the northwestern province of Italy who are monitors say five children were among those killed turkey and Syria's disagreement over the elipse safe zone has led to an escalation in clashes more than 500 civilians have been killed since late April meanwhile Turkey's foreign minister malucia was so blue says Ankara is running out of patience on establishing a safe zone in northern Syria speaking to reporters in the city Chava solo said the US and Turkey failed to agree on the size of the safe zone this week the two countries held three-day talks in Ankara on the zone and other issues including progress on the managed roadmap and Kurdish authorities in Syria have repeatedly appealed to the international community for support in managing refugee camps the conditions of these camps remain harsh and in violation of international standards of basic hygiene this report has more foreign women and children are housed in a separate annex in Syria most of the camp inhabitants have little hope of returning home as Western countries have been largely reluctant to take them back the rights groups warned many children in the camp are dying from the acute diarrhea and flu-like infections people started fleeing babu's late last year the UN says at least 240 children have died enroute or shortly after arriving at the camp in April the Kurd said they had deal with batad to repatriate 31 thousand iraqis but no transfers have yet happened now it is between life and death we are waiting for treatment do not care about the ceiling at all we want them to do techs and x-rays a camp resident complained of slow healthcare and water the UN humanitarian coordination office och a has also reported a slight increase in acute malnutrition this month at first she suffered from the heat she did not complain about anything all her limbs were shaking and she started to get a temperature and there was no treatment against the fever here she felt sick and unconscious and form started coming out of her mouth like she was dead a vente city of hosaka 17 times and once for 10 days goldish led forces expelled the last Isis fighters from the Riverside Hamlet in March after streams of people poured out of the embattled area in Somalia seven people have been killed in a bombing at the mayor's office in the capital city of Mogadishu al-shabaab militants have claimed responsibility for the attack five others including the district commissioner and mayor of Mogadishu were wounded in the attack al-shabaab militants said their target was the United Nations Special Envoy who had left the building before the explosion a security official said a suicide bomber entered a meeting hall and detonated the bomb al-shabaab has fought over for over a decade to topple the Somali government Sweden is holding talks with Britain and Iran over a UK flag tanker which was seized by Tehran last week Iran's president Hassan rouhani has hinted the Swedish owned vessel could be released in return for a super tanker held by the United Kingdom Sweden's Foreign Ministry says it is concerned over the escalation in the Strait of Hormuz the ministry says it is vital for Sweden and the European Union to protect freedom of navigation in the Gulf Iraqi forces have arrested 12 Isis suspects in a counterterrorism operation north of the capital Baghdad an army spokesman said Iraqi helicopters and US aircraft supported troops as they combat it approximately a hundred villages soldiers found four isis hideouts and seized 28 bombs and four Katyusha rockets this is the second phase of an anti-isis campaign recently launched by Iraq the first phase targeted the western provinces of Anbar salahuddin and Nineveh the saudi-led Coalition says it has intercepted a Houthi drone in Yemen spokesperson turkey al-maliki says the armed UAV targeted a residential area in opposite II the spokesperson said the kingdom will take tough measures to paralyze the militias hostile capabilities Houthi rebels claimed the attack hit a Saudi Air Base in the border city of hommies mâche near Appa this is the second Houthi drone attack Inaba in the last week the first one came days after the saudi-led coalition launched a military operation against rebel positions in the capital sana united kingdom's new prime minister Boris Johnson says he would like to leave the European Union with a deal in his first address to parliament as prime minister johnson promised a golden age for britain johnson told the parliament that former prime minister Theresa Meers Graaff deal with European Union leaders would affect Britain's economic independence he said the deals terms are unacceptable to Britain and its parliament in case of an ordeal brexit johnson said he would withhold a thirty-nine billion pound divorce bail that Britain says it owes to the European Union the Prime Minister said he would instead spend the money on preparations for leaving with no agreement opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party would oppose brexit if the prime ministers deal is not satisfactory in Europe the center u.s. President Donald Trump has vetoed three congressional resolutions seeking to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE president Trump said the resolutions undermine US ties with its Gulf allies and hamper its ability to maintain security cooperation he said barring the sale of US weapons to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi could also prolong the conflict in Yemen this comes after both chambers of Congress voted to block the sales Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will hold a vote within days on whether to override Trump's veto the Senate requires a 2/3 majority to beat the veto and US president Donald Trump has said Mexico may put more troops at the two countries border to stem the flow of illegal migrants Trump said the number of migrants apprehended at the border is down because of the deployment of troops on the border he said illegal migration is not good for either Mexico or the US Trump also called on Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala to take steps to stop illegal migrants I cut all payments going to Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala we used to send them five hundred million dollars for nothing but nothing they didn't do anything except set up caravans so Guatemala we're going to take care of and it won't even be tough we're going to do we're looking at a couple of different things one of the things very heavy is as you know Mexico has put six thousand people on that border meanwhile Mexico deployed more than 20,000 troops on the border after Washington threatened it with exports tariffs Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo abroad said migrant apprehensions at the u.s. southern border felt 30 percent in June moving on Seoul says North Korea has fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff says the projectiles were launched from the eastern city of one Sun South Korea's Defense Ministry spokesperson choi eun-suh says pyongyang must stop acts that raise tensions in the region Tokyo has confirmed the launch but said the missiles didn't reach Japanese waters Japanese cabinet secretary general Yoshihide Suga said the missile launches didn't pose any immediate threat to national security this comes after North Korea issued threats over planned military exercises between South Korea and the United States next month Porto Rico's governor Ricardo Rose a show has announced his resignation after days of mass protests in the Caribbean Ireland in a televised speech she said he will leave office on August the second the 40-year old governor is leader of the new Progressive Party which advocates if US statehood rosacea has been at the center of criticism over his leaked sexist and homophobic comments his texts mocked victims of Hurricane Maria which devastated the island in 2017 causing thousands of deaths press a show will be replaced by Puerto Rico's secretary for justice Wanda was cast Islamabad says Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to the US has reset ties with Washington the Foreign Office second and president Donald Trump have agreed to work together for regional peace and stability earlier an American lawmakers submitted a resolution in the House of Representatives welcoming Prime Minister Hans visit to United States the resolution said Pakistan security forces have successfully eliminated militants in the border areas at a huge material and human cost and in India hitting back at the ruling parties Ostroff Karnataka's state government the Congress has acquired the backing of BJP MLAs in Madhya Pradesh Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government and the opposition are accusing each other of horse trading to BJP lawmakers backed the bill presented by Congress in the madhya pradesh state assembly nari entre party and sherrod cole said they will soon join congress this comes amid the ruling party Ajanta party's efforts to overthrow the goa state government and devastating floods in india have killed 17 endangered one-horned rhinos along with over 200 other wild animals officials say half of asam's Kaziranga National Park has drowned following 10 days of torrential rains a park official says that two hundred and five dead animals including 112 hog deer and elephant he says 12 sambar deer seven swamp deer and two buffaloes died 69 stranded animals including three rhinos and an elephant were rescued the devastating monsoon has killed over 200 people in India and over 650 across South Asia sri lanka says it has not found enough evidence to prove the direct involvement of isis in the eastern sunday bombings the April 21st attacks on churches and hotels in Colombo killed over 250 people 500 others were injured chief investigation officer Ravi sineva rapini said the attacks may have been inspired by Isis ideology he said two little-known local groups carried out the bombings say nevirapine a said some members of these groups may have been trained by Isis in Syria thousands of passengers are stranded at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport after its fuel supply system broke down a hundred and eighty flights have been cancelled so far chief whole Airport spokeswoman Willie Mickey Koster said beds have been set up for passengers forced to wait overnight for their flights she said it's unclear about how long it will take to resume flights this comes amid record-breaking heat in the Netherlands Indonesia is facing the challenge of disposing of its rubbish amid a growth in plastic waste the country is second only to China in terms of dumping plastic into the ocean this report has the details from shopping in the markets to buying food from a roadside store millions of Indonesians rely on plastic bags on average a family uses over 25 plastic bags two plastic bottles and two plastic containers everyday the plastic bags are then dumped in heaps of plastic debris snack wrappers and other trash that covers the streets some of the refuse also ends up clogging drains resulting in overflowing sewers I get a plastic bag every time I buy chicken when I buy vegetables fermented beans tofu I get plastic when I buy chili I get plastic all the sauce is packaged in plastic tube admitting it is difficult to go totally plastic free many have pledged to quit using plastic accessories in future when I go to the market I'll bring a basket to put everything I buy in there so I can cut down on the usage of plastic bag many countries are banning the use of plastic bags after a UN resolution calling for reduction in plastics usage by 2030 now let's take you to the world of business where European stock markets have risen as investors speculated a possible rate cut by the European Central Bank the pan-european stocks 600 was up around point 3 percent the Euro dipped to a two-year low against the dollar gold prices have remained stable ahead of ECB policy meeting Japanese carmaker Nissan says it will slash more than 12,000 jobs worldwide to shore up its weak finances addressing a news conference Nissan boss Hiro toe Sakawa said the firm will cut production by 10 percent by the end of 2020 – he said Nissan's profits dropped by over 94 percent in the first quarter of 2019 one of its worst performances in a decade Nissan has struggled in its key US export market since the ousting of former chief executive carlos chosen for financial misconduct [Applause] and in the world of sports three pakistani climbers have summited the world's second highest peak k2 after a two-month long struggle Sajid South Paris on of veteran Pakistani climber al-assad Parra was among those who ascended the mountain the Karakoram Club said 19 summits were done today in the early morning it said the climbers are now defending to lower camps earlier this week four Pakistani climbers surmounted the peak in a first this summer Muhammad Ali separa in TR South para Freda Ali and Ali Musa ascended the peak on July the 22nd American Lilly King has been disqualified from the 200-meter breaststroke preliminaries at the World Swimming Championships she was excluded for not touching the wall with both hands at the same time in her first turn off the four lap race King won the heat then turned at the scoreboard and reacted with shock upon seeing the disqualification the US team filed a formal protest which was denied by feena's appeals process the matter has now been escalated to a jury of Appeal at the Americans request the Kings time would have qualified her second fastest for the evening semi-finals behind Canada's Sydney Pickering manager Pep Guardiola says he wants Leroy sunny to stay at Manchester City but said decision is out of his hands the German midfielder is currently linked with Bayern Munich Bayern manager Nico Kovich said sunny is their dream player sunny scored twice in city's 6-1 win over Hong Kong side kitchy in their latest preseason – again well not only is it rainy in Lahore it is also very humid but let's find out what the weather is looking like today around the globe well these are all of our main stories in detail we have for you this hour you can also choose to keep tabs on us on our social media to find us by the name in the stock news


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