[It will start soon] Welcome to MBC The Garden Studio. Here are some guidelines to make it easy for everyone. One, it is forbidden to use tripods and stairs.
From all areas besides photos. These rules are for your safety.
Please obey. 2, saving seats for others is not allowed. The Garden Studio is an open area for everyone. We will remove any paper that sticks to it
point. 3, please be careful.
who sits near you. Please stop carrying things that obstruct the view of possessing as well as having dangerous potential. Please obey this technical guide
For convenience. MBC “IDOL RADIO”. This is global
various K-pop. You will be happy with us.
You will love that man. He is handsome and charming and seems.
To have a sweet smile. BTOB Jung Ilhoon! MBC Radio “IDOL RADIO”, a performance that specializes.
in the idol group. One and only shows with one.
Only DJ. I’m BTOB, Jung Ilhoon. Nice to meet you. Apparently, it was the first time on a radio show. This is a very beloved group.
With so many K-pop fans. this is X1, “FLASH”. Hello, I’m the DJ from “IDOL RADIO”.
BTOB, Jung Ilhoon. thanks. “IDOL RADIO” aired
For K-pop fans all over the world. Through MBC Radio, Naver V lives.
and Weibo And spread it. You can check the announcement.
The picture on the official Twitter account. Please follow Korea’s “IDOL RADIO”. Today, on “IDOL RADIO”, we will do it. With idol group X1. Is spreading to the world. We will return after this message. Fa fa fa fa fa fa, Celeb Lima! Ilhoon, please help us out. Sinyoung, come and sit.
This is the first time on “IDOL RADIO”, right? Hello, I’m Celeb 5 leader and member.
I think it reminds you of durian fruit. I’m also the DJ of “I Hope Song At Afternoon”.
At MBC FMU, Kim Sinyoung. We will finally become very.
Aim for idol groups. Performances that actually invite idol groups.
decent enough, “IDOL RADIO”. Wrote it.
September 10, Tuesday. I will be on “IDOL RADIO” with other group members. Look at us. Song Eun I plus Shin Bong Sun plus.
Kim Shinyoung and Ahn Young Mi are cuteness. Please greet the listener.
“IDOL RADIO”. 2, 3! Fly high X1. Hello, we are X1. It took 18 minutes for everyone.
Walk in the studio. So we must hurry the introduction. One by one. We play games when we do this. You heard about this, right?
Yes. Then it’s time to express yourself. I will start. I, time to introduce myself. I’m Ilhoon sweet, sexy. I’m Yohan, a thigh killer. I’m Seung Woo, the youngest. I’m Wooseok, innocent and sexy. I’m Seungyoun, all-rounder. I’m Hangyul, a handsome face. I’m Dohyon, Dohyun. I’m Dongpyo, dear dovey. I’m Eunsang, funny. I’m Chacha, shoulder to shoulder. I’m Minhee, cool guy. I’m Hyeongjun, I’m hot too. There she is. So that. Some of you have met me. And some, we only see each other on TV. It’s very interesting to see all of you together like this. The first radio show. Welcome to “IDOL RADIO”. That is cool. This is my first time to The Park Studio.
The pride of MBC Radio. I’m curious to hear what you think. First of all, thank you.
Invites us to MBC Park Studio. We will try our best to show you. All we have now. Nice. You can say something you want.
our event today. Make yourself at home. Before doing something else, come on.
congratulations on X1 before we do anything. They set new records every day. First of all, congratulations.
First on today’s music program. thanks.
– make a sound. – One It! One more thing to congratulate you. More than 500 thousand X1.
Debut album for sale! One It! That is extraordinary. thanks.
– There are so many of the fans outside. We will open the vote, so go ahead.
and say hello. Hello.
Hello. – One It! – We love you.
– Is it really outside? Can you hear us?
– Hello all. Can you hear us?
Hello. Can you hear us? We know you can hear us. Please say hello. Hi.
Hi. Hi.
– There are stairs but they are so high … So many fans are here to cheer for X1. And I bet that way X1 is who they are.
now. It is true. We will go and look into their album now. The first song we play is their song title.
“FLASH”. Can you introduce this song for us Seung Woo? This song “FLASH” is that song. The promise that all 11 of us will fly high. Then Junho, let me ask you a question. Personally, what do you think of this song? A person is examined. When I first heard this song, I liked it that way.
Many of my eyes are wide open. So personally, I think it’s “FLASH”.
which opens the eyes of the song. A song so beautiful that opens your eyes. – Seungyoun. – Yup. / Who do you think.
The best thing that fits with this song? I think. Yes.
Can you express what this album is for you. Dongpyo? This debut album is one. – one. Yes.
– One? By no means, 11 people became one. So cool.
– Such a deep meaning. An album that brings 11 of you. That’s a great way to put it. So we talked a little about debut.
Album until now, right? Yes. We want to know about your life in the hostel. How long have you been living together? actuarial. – One and a half months?
So it’s almost up to 2 months. – One or two?
– 2 months. – Let’s say 2.
And 2 months. – If we refine. They can not
Make their decision. But around 2 months. To be honest, it wasn’t easy for 11.
To live together in a house. It is true. How many bathrooms do you have?
1 Then … Wow, that will take 2 hours.
Until all of you are done getting ready to sleep. And it …
– There are two floors. – There are two floors? We are in a different kind
floor. So there are 4 bathrooms. But that
takes 2 hours. So you have 4 bathrooms.
That is not so bad. I was curious about the roommate. Seung Woo and Wookseok use the room.
automatically. Then there is a room with two beds. Me and Hangyul. And me and Dongpyo are in one. – Yohan and Dongpyo.
– Dohyun and Eunsang room together. Dohyun and Eunsang. And then the whole room together.
– The three of us are roommates. – 02s.
– Yes, 02s. How do you decide this? First of all, extraordinary. 18 years old members first come. The idea that the oldest member must.
Are they alone. So an extraordinary 18 years of surrender.
their room. thanks. They must ask you.
To say this in the program. He looks very serious. This is not true.
He was afraid he might have to give up.
his room. No. – It is true.
– Ter members suggested that. Seung Woo and Wooseok must.
themselves. – It is true. – Then we decide.
we are roommates. So who’s on the floor? – Me and … / Our members?
– Raise your hands. – Is it upstairs?
Yes. – The down.
– The down. – The down.
There is no important reason for this? – Yes, it was decided by the agency.
This is random. Seung Woo and Wooseok.
alone. Seungyoun and Hangyul. Eunsang, Dohyun. Yohan and Dongpyo.
Do you play rock, paper, scissors? We … / We just decide who.
Is the room with the first. And then we play rock, paper, scissors.
To see who gets the better room. So nothing special.
– No. So that’s how they decide.
Roommates for dorms. do not. I’m sure every room is different. – Because you all have different lifestyles.
preference. Yes. We will give you time to talk about it.
We will play background music. Can you every go around and get acquainted.
Whose room? Who wants to go first? – Wooseok?
– Shall I go first? – Yes alright.
– music. First of all, I have a lot of lights in my room. So I can turn off the lights.
I work on my music. And I bought a mattress. So I can sleep well. Other than that, nothing special. That’s all of it. I love you one. So there are lots of lights and new. Yes.
Alright Seung Woo. First, my room smells really good. I have lots of candles. And personally, my room is like.
A place where people come to talk about them.
problem. All members come to my room at night. Became popular.
I can’t make them leave before going to sleep. – Sounds like you’re tired of us.
They will not let me go to sleep. A room that smells good.
that’s good brother. There he is.
Great. OK. How about Hyeongjun, Minhee,
And Junho’s room? Who wants to share? Can i go?
– Yes, Minhee. It never turns off the lights. I want to turn off the lights before I leave Bed because my eyes hurt. Why don’t you turn on the lights? Every time I try to go to bed, one of them.
Always have lights to look for something. So be honest.
Yes. And the room is cold so we need.
Get in the blanket. – Sounds like a complaint.
So they are cold rooms. – complaints difficult to dispose of the room.
– The lights are always on. It is true.
the lights are always on. – Eunsang.
– Yes, our room is like a studio. You can always hear Dohyun working on music. He hums to himself …
– Do you work on music every night? Yes, it is true. We use bunk beds. Eunsang is at the top.
And I use the bottom. Eunsang always falls asleep first. You’re angry about that. You’re angry that he went to bed first. Dohyun, can you talk? OK.
– Is that Mike? That’s a relief. -, Hangyul.
– First, our room is the same. Fragrant with Seung Woo behind. And we have a big wardrobe. This is big.
This is really big. So jealous. We won the stone game.
Paper, scissors and large. Yes. We have the biggest room on the floor. There are rooms like where to eat. The members can gather in soft ones.
lighting and talking. Hear what you say, it seems. You think it is a relief that finally.
this way. Yes.
Not too bad. Nice. Satisfied! Great.
– the big one. And finally, Yohan. We don’t have room clothes in our room. But we have room clothes separately.
– Meanwhile? Yes. We are separate dressroom. And more than anything, we have.
cute Dongpyo in our room. This is always packed way.
This is always packed way. Nice. So we listen to kinship.
Rooming situation X1. Is there the most space? Or rooms that always have lots.
The people in it? Certainly …
– … – … but lately …
– It is okay. – Dongpyo behind.
– Yohan and Dongpyo room! I think their rooms are always the loudest. Why that?
– Yohan always prays and teases me. If I do something wrong, he follows me.
Around and Makes me horny. I get all sweaty when I’m with him.
Even if I just took a shower. – What’s wrong with BGM?
– Is this BGM? I’m sweating even though I just took a shower. Great.
– Dongpyo is very funny. Yes.
I did it because he was so adorable. He made me like that.
– If I have a friend like Dongpyo. I thought I would disturb and tease him.
all day. That’s why Dongpyo always goes inside.
our room to stay away. Then he will flirt there too. Then us.
– Sometimes he falls asleep. He fell asleep on the bed.
– they are. Then it is our turn. Dongpyo, you have to accept fate. Yes.
OK. So we talk a little about having fun. dorm life. Now, we will take a minute. Wooseok, Seungyoun, how are we.
Listeners listen to “IDOL RADIO”? MBC Radio … What is harmony?
Oh no. This is the time for ad idols. Hello. I’m the new SUNMI.
released “LALALAY”. I hope that I will be able to see you soon. This is SUNMI. I love you “IDOL RADIO”. thanks. Please love a lot.
support for “LALALAY”. “IDOL RADIO”, a show for.
The idol group MBC Radio. Today, we are here with X1. From now on, we will talk to X1. X1 is talking, 1 + 1! – Should we all scream?
Yes. X1 is talking, 1 + 1! When I ask a question, please wait.
His hand – you think about. Do the right one and step in front of the microphone. Can you see the microphone behind you?
Yes. We will start with the youngest member Dohyun. – Dohyun.
Yes. Are there any members that you think might be.
Be younger than you. – They are all old but …
Who is that? 1, 2, 3. – Dongpyo.
– Dongpyo. Please go on stage.
Come on Please leave. “Pretty Girl”. It’s like making me excited. – You guys look good together
– When do you think of him as younger than you? Only… She is very funny. Yes.
– She’s so cute. So I touched it. Did you touch it? – a habit.
– Dongpyo, please talk to Mike. What do you think about this? He always touches me and annoys me. And all the things I told him.
should not be done. But I like him Because Dongpyo said he likes it. We will let you talk to each other casually. Speak casually! (Yaja time) – Dongpyo, you call Dohyun,
“hyung (brother)”. Enter Dohyun, you can call Dongpyo by her name. Talk for a while. I’ll give you 20 seconds.
It has already begun. Go.
– Dongpyo. – Yes, hyung.
So cute! – Dongpyo.
– What? – You’re so sweet. He can’t say much.
– Dongpyo, you’re so cute. I? thanks. – Is it true? what do you think of me
I like you too. – You’re so sweet Dongpyo. Very funny.
thanks. – You like me too, right?
– You look good together. Nice. Nice. the magnitude and enter. – the perfect height difference.
– Hug? Nice height difference. the perfect height difference. – Next, Wooseok.
Yes. Who looks different now is seen from
First impression when you meet? 1, 2, 3.
– Dohyun. Dohyon, please go to the stage. You are a key player today. Once again to the stage. How about Dohyon’s change? At first, I thought he was Gifted and good at playing.
musical instrument. He seems genius. I think he is really amazing. – And now?
– Rethink, I suppose That is not true. He can’t do things like that now?
– No. He is good at everything.
But it cannot be denied that. He is just a baby boy who likes to eat. Oh, baby boy who likes to eat. I think so. – Dohyon.
Yes. What do you think?
It is true? Yes, right. Congratulations, OK.
Yes. – Show us baby’s facial expressions.
– A baby? – Yeah. I will close. Sound effect. By screaming his death! We checked that it was funny. Okay, Wooseok, first impression!
How? Has it changed?
What do you think? I have something to tell you.
What is that? When I first saw it … oh.
What should I say? He is very calm. He. He looks really cool. He became silent. He will say hi like this.
I think so. His voice is very low. I guess he is. He is a man. So he is a quiet person, right? Well, he does! He is not calm? He has a low voice but he does.
not calm. – OK
OK good. Show that you are a man (namja) Close up So it’s light.
You really are namja. Good, back to your seat. thanks.
thanks. This is very sweet. Okay, Hyeongjun, let me ask. – OK
Who cries often because of tenderness? 1, 2, 3. Seungyoun. Okay, go to the stage. You gonna cry again?
– I think Seung Woo cries more often.
– Do not Cry. No, no. / Do not Cry.
– Seungyoun can cry again. I think Seung Woo cries more often. We have many sad BGMs. We will make them so don’t care.
Eat talk. Who cries again? – Hyeongjun.
– Seungyoun. – Well.
– Child and more stupid. Tell us. Hyeongjun can cry whenever he wants. Seungyoun is very sensitive. He often cried. He frequently. Okay, if we ask him to cry, right? – Hyeongjun.
– Is it true? Who hasn’t been crying for long? – Hyeongjun.
– Seungyoun. – Seungyoun. – me?
– Yes you are. That last time?
You never cry after that? He may be part of your life. Yes, I’m sorry.
I admit it. I cry.
Forgive me. Good, Seungyoun, you show your feelings. Close.
1, 2, 3. Cut off! Nice! Return to your seat. thanks. – Minhee.
Yes. – Junho, let me ask.
– OK You talk a lot.
Yes. Your nickname is Mrs.: Who are the members who talk a lot like you? 1, 2, 3.
– Kim Wooseok. – When do I talk too much?
Go to the stage. – Always. – You talk a lot. You two.
– Both of them talk a lot. – Wooseok talks a lot
– a lot! When are you talking
What are you talking about? I talk a lot.
No answer. You just talk.
I talk to myself. I asked someone else and there was no answer. This is a thing.
– We all ignore it. – No, no. Junho spoke to himself not caring.
What. She does not. Wooseok speaks loudly until there is an answer. He continued to speak to get an answer.
– I do not know. – Again and again.
– Junho speaks for himself. Wooseok asks for an answer. This volume just goes up.
– Like a dog! Oh you. It is like playing harder.
I have something to ask. Before we start on the stage.
I asked, “Are we ready?” Then, they must say yes. I do not know.
I’ve done it 100 times. take this opportunity.
Are you doing it for me? Okay. You still want it! – Alright, we go.
Please. – Only once. Let me give you a chance.
You go. – OK. Say it out loud. – OK
– Give, “Yes, yes, Wooseok”. Okay.
Are we ready? Yes, yes, Wooseok. At least someone has answered. – Only one.
– Seungyoun is a good person.
00:31:03684 –>00:31:06.549
– Wow, that’s touching.
– You are good. I can not do it.
You go away Return to your seat. One day, another will answer it. – More and more will answer.
Why aren’t you answering me? We are ordered not to.
– Eunsang, let me ask. Who is the most and the most.
Attentive? 1, 2, 3. – Seungyoun.
Go to the stage. How does he know? This is staged!
– Eunsang doesn’t look happy.
– Shows how sweet you are. This is it. – Seungyoun. Yes.
– Imagine you give a morning call to him to wake him in the morning. Say a few words to Eunsang. Eunsang. – This is morning.
This is also erotic. You have to go to work. Fighting – erotic. – Eunsang thinks he got her wrong.
– Eunsang. – No?
This is a bad choice. This is a bad choice.
That is wrong. – Too different. He was surprised.
– Eunsang. Yes. Eunsang, give him some sweet words. Seungyoun. Wake up. It is like a horror movie. – Is that a wake up call?
This is not right. – Yeah … Is that right?
Hey, is that sweet? I do not think so. We cannot hear you.
We have a lot of fans. Only two answers. Okay, say some nice words to the fans. OK, if you feel sweet.
Give cheers. Okay? This is it.
1, 2, 3. – One It, it’s morning already.
This is scary. – terrible!
This matter! – make a sound.
Please! thanks. Okay, we arrange it. Come back to your chair.
thanks. This is not right. – Yohan.
Yes. – Do you like drama?
Yes. Who likes drama.
Like you? I think of most members.
Specifically, it’s Seungyoun. He is really popular. – Seungyoun.
You are more popular now. He. Why are you so popular?
Correct. We have a script. What is that? – You both really appreciate. Yes.
You can do better.
your voice. Yes, Seungmanwol! In your version.
Yes. Okay, like watching dramas together. If you return to our event.
I will make you do it again. thanks.
thanks. – An honor.
– Hangyul, let me ask. Who is the most one member with you? The roommate with me.
Seungyoun. Okay, let’s talk in your seat.
– OK Okay, let’s play the One Voice Game. – OK
– Let’s see how much you are of one heart. You like cute or sexy.
1, 2, 3. – sexy. – sexy.
/ Good. When you produce your own content. You will choose to show content to eat or match.
1, 2, 3. – Eat.
– Eat. You want to be a leader or
the youngest in the team.
1, 2, 3. – the youngest.
– leader. That is all. This means you are not of one heart. thanks. Only two questions.
– Only two. – Yes, only two.
– Two out of three. Nice. Okay, Seung Woo. who is funny every time you see it? Many members. – Five plus five …
thanks. Okay, we’ve been with you for an hour. The 338th IDOL RADIO. X1_it!
We have been with X1. Time has run out. Oh, God.
– Time elapsed. Okay, give a few words while
hand in hand. Then, we finish. We only have a little time.
Say only one word. No more than that.
I’ll chop you. Okay, Wooseok, say something to Hyeongjun. – Hold your hands.
Do it. – Too hot.
– Let me tell you. – sweetie.
/ Good. Let me go. You are very sweet with rabbit hairband. Sounds like a lie. – Junho.
– Yup. / Don’t forget to turn off the lights. Eunsang, you are funny. What? – Let’s be together forever.
– What? – Hangyul.
– Yup. – You look funny. It is okay. – Dohyon. Yes.
– Eat up. Yohan, I hope your feet.
It is okay. Be Careful. I did nothing.
– Let’s pretend you did something.
This matter is serious. Seungyoun, makes us laugh all the time. Yes. Seung Woo, I love you. Let’s buy (eat) chicken feet. Nice. Okay, Hyeongjun, say a few words.
to One It. thank you for your full support. And care for us. We will work harder. I love you all.
thanks. Alright, today’s last song.
BTOB, “Call me”. Let’s say goodbye. I went first and said we love you. Yes.
– IDOL. – We love you. – RADIO.
– We love you. – RADIO IDOL.
– We love you.


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