41 thoughts on “Indie Game Advertising – How To Do It Properly”

  • thomas Borges says:

    This is very valuable info, and so appreciated! Making the game comes naturally to me in many ways, this does not, but I better understand why I need to learn it. Thank you

  • There are two problems, number one is that entertainment and technology work through mental trends. One strategy may work today and then tomorrow it completely doesn't work. People catch on to any kind of 'tricks' you're trying to throw their way. The second is reputation, building a reputation as you've stated in your other videos is extremely important before you actually get to selling anything. For many indie game developers that are very serious finding a reputable publisher that would partner with them is the most viable means of business.

  • Thanks buddy, really helpful , I am about to release a game at the end of the month, this will help a lot

  • RadiantSeven says:

    thanks for the ad tips Tim. It's been hard trying to figure out the marketing side of game development, so more of these vids are perfect. Does anyone know how much building or bus advertisement costs? I saw a billboard of Battle Chef Brigade in Chicago that had me watching a Total Biscuit review on it later (effective marketing😉)!

  • Asociacion Funebre says:

    I really like this video in particular, because I know how to code in php but i never saw the benefits of making a smart use for marketing, showing different pages, running some kinds of metrics. Im programing "Super Retro Dogs" and I love your marketing videos!!! I'm in indiedb

    Congrats from Argentina!

  • Philippe Vaillancourt says:

    Hey Tim, about A/B landing page testing, I looked into it and figured that you actually have to spend a fortune in advertising to drive enough people to the landing page in order to get statistically relevant test results. Add to that the $100+ a month for Unbounce or Instapage. It just seems like a losing proposition for a $5 to $15 indie game. It would be interesting if you could make a video detailing the process using realistic cost per clicks and ad and landing page conversion rates.

  • Sudharsan Suresh says:

    This is a very important video and Marketing and Building audience! This is what I wanted to know! Thanks man! More videos on these topic is a definite welcome! WE ARE SOLD

  • Havoc Bringer says:

    A few months ago I tried a couple of Teespring campaigns that failed. Now I know I didn't waste my time because I felt familiar with all that the stuff you discussed, even Pixel. Failures do make for great learning experience.

  • Jacob Ben-David says:

    Great video, I thing making more of these "in depth / hands on" videos really complements the rest of your marketing videos which are much more "high level"

  • Banana GAMING says:

    Have you tried running Facebook ads for paid games before? Everything you said in the video is true, but conversion rates for free mobile games tend to be a lot higher than for paid Steam games. From my experience, cold selling software/e-products is very difficult on Facebook, and achieving conversions which result in ROI higher than 1 is even harder. It was my first time spending money on Facebook ads, so there are of course things that I could have done better when trying to sell my online course. Any tips on running ads for paid Steam games in particular would be greatly appreciated 🙂 And one more thing, would you recommend sending the leads directly to the steam/download page or should they always go through a landing page first?

  • This is great. Please make more videos about these specific marketing and advertising techniques. Very interesting!

  • I have seen alot of marketing videos but none that helped me understand like this one, might not be for a beginner but for someone that has a little experience in marketing then it's very good information

  • very informative video, I'll be coming back to see it again once I get to actually launch a game, baby steps first. I would love to have a marketing problem, it's much better then getting a game to even launch problem.

  • Ravi Kumar Sharma says:

    This is one of the best insider secret videos of yours.. just loved it. Money printing machine is all I want.. gotta make one myself. 🙂 Thanks a lot…

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