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number. There’s no catch, the scholar just wants to help people do self Ruqya because of all the scams out there, but if you’re suffering from cold shoulder then I’m
afraid there’s no cure. Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to another episode -Who the hell are you?
-of smile2jannah. Republic World is probably the bottom of the barrel of Indian news reporting and Arnab Goswami the presenter and his guests, are not only clowns, but they’re the whole circus. Now in this debate you can see some of the Indians attacking the Pakistanis. That of course would seem normal but here the attacks seem more directed towards their religion rather than their nationality. Please for goodness sake brush your teeth. You got bad breath, its stench is overpowering. OK, so this one seems directed at the
person. So we starting off with a playground insult apparently this is what’s classed as newsworthy in India. You have bad breath, its coming all the way from Pakistan to New York. In order to comment on someone’s breath you actually have to be near the person. You can’t be in a different country. someone explain that to Gramps, I don’t think he understands the concept. It might have
been before his time You have bad breath please sir. I don’t think you should be getting into insults mate, especially when this is happening in your own community. That men and women actually
coat their heads and faces with cow urine. “I have been consuming the cow urine for many many years today” The stench is probably the cow juice that
you’ve smeared over the few follicles of hair you still got left. Oh for goodness sake you stop using
wooden twigs to brush your teeth. We’ve invented the toothbrush and the
toothpaste you idiots. Now here’s where he starts targeting the religion rather
than the country, because Pakistanis aren’t really known for using the miswak
or the tooth stick, but as Muslims we believe that all of the prophets used to
use the miswaak. In fact some have numerated – up to 99 benefits of this
organic toothbrush, and considering the amount of chemicals and additives that
they put in toothpaste, I suggest invest in decent toothpaste
and use the miswak. Ride a damn camel back to Arabia you idiot. Alright, yeah, we’re going there we we yeah? All right (x3) Are those the same camels carrying
billions of dollars from Arabia to you guys? I don’t see you complaining there.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the protocol by hugging the Saudi Crown
Prince upon his arrival #Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, the both will never be separated# we understand that there are investment opportunities worth more than a hundred billion dollars in India And with your Prime Minister be borrowing the camel afterwards? Because let’s face it, he’s
gonna be visiting very soon. I know- please don’t behave like a Pakistani, thank you -now now listen to me
-I have to I know it’s very unfortunate that you have to behave like a Pakistani but try to desist from that Whoa! That is a serious
insult and a half mate. The next insult that we can expect from this bona fide
genius is- Hey man, top behaving like a human Pathetic mate yeah. At least work on
your insults. Here we saw the line being crossed into religious insults and I’m glad the other side didn’t stoop to the level, and left that job for me to do. Who the hell are you? Now I’m gonna end with this and this is what’s very interesting. Sometimes when
things are going well we’re very nationalistic people yeah? God bless Malaysia. God bless Turkey. God bless Pakistan (x2) But whenever something goes wrong that’s when we realize our true identity is Islam, because at the end of the day that’s the only thing that can truly help us, because that’s the only thing that is divine.
Nationalistic identity is man-made, it’s flawed one person’s interpretation of
culture varies from the other. I mean just look whatever weddings happen, you
got two Pakistani families or two Bengali families but they’re still disputes
because one interprets culture one way and the other the other way. The best and
safest thing to do is use Islam as your yardstick, even in marriages, in
relationships yeah…even in your life and if you do then insha’Allah God willing
you will not go wrong until next time guys Asalaamu Alaikum



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