The indian media is suffering from
chronic/explosive diarrhea after Imran Khan’s speech at the UN GA. Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to another episode of smile2jannah. Alright guys I want you to be serious
yeah. Here we’ve got a very intense debate taking place yeah, it’s very intense
with what looks like half of the population of India. All right, as I’m sure you heard some very articulate and interesting points being made. So let’s
see what these guys have to bring to the table. But why was there nobody there
listening to him because the entire hall was empty today. Look at the picture
there’s nobody there. Yes Arnab Goswami, the room is clearly empty yes. Guys, whens the last time this guy went to the opticians? He’s legally blind. How are you able to
present a show when you’re blind? Yeah I think that’s talent right there. Let’s
have a look at Modi. Wow. Now that’s just embarrassing mate. 17 times he said I’m a poor country. I’m a poor country? Yeah, I’m pretty sure he didn’t say that at all. In fact anyone with any basic understanding of the English
language wouldn’t say that. That’s something a madman would do. But the definition of a madman: is a man who addresses himself and goes on non-stop Look Arnub, I’ve gotta ask, what dictionary are you using? Because son/puttar whichever dictionary it is, burn it, get rid of it!
Wipe it from the face of this earth mate. Don’t let it get into the hands of
another person and you know what mate, according to your definition someone who
eats his own leg isn’t classed as a madman. What is this seriously? All right maybe I’m being too harsh and maybe I’ve got cold shoulder. Let’s see what the standard of English of your guests are. What didu you do? Right, what dew dew deww… Either this guy’s got a serious bout of Tourette’s or this is the sound effects
guy that Bollywood uses. I’ve always wondered where Bollywood got it’s sound effects from. And so when Imran Khan went and said there that we have no money, we have no money, we have no money… Dammit guys hes jammed again, someone changes batteries, we don’t have an extended warranty on this bloke yeah so
we got keep him going. Damn it you said that! Calm down bruv, have a biscuit. You’re spitting all over the place I can be very rude as you know Urdu: Listen to me, son, spit out your anger. Spit out your anger mate. Yeah that sounds dead in English And Imran Khan is obsessed with India he’s completely obsessed, obsessed to the power of infinity whoa!! To the power of infinity mate? I think you’ve been watching too much Toy Story and skipping those maths lessons because boy… they’re taking a hit He kept rambling and rambling and repeating Prime Minister Modi’s name
about a hundred times Hey at least he’s come down from infinity to a hundred now yeah You’re still lacking mate yeah I think you’re off by two zeroes. So yeah these guys try to find any insult from their crappy dictionary that they could find
and try to throw it on Imran Khan as best as they could. during that rambling
speech, blurted out the truth, and the buffoon that Imran Khan is, so he was crying, even
crying and complaining, that man is a buffoon, ramble and gloat, if your
Prime Minister who is on substance abuse, an unstable rant, he’s a crybaby and he has been ranting the same narrative. Yeah that just made
you look angry and pathetic Sambit Patra (x4) Oh hello, he’s malfunctioning again someone get
the batteries boy we gotta stop getting these Chinese batteries mate, use some Duracell up in
here. And you know what, I think that’s a sign, I gotta go before uncle gets on my
case again What dewdew do? Uncle I’m sorry I’m gonna go, now until next time guys, Asalaamu Alaikum



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