Incessant "Orange Man Bad" Narrative Is Killing CNN And Media As Ratings Plummet

Incessant "Orange Man Bad" Narrative Is Killing CNN And Media As Ratings Plummet

before we get started on this video I need to make a huge announcement there has been wall-to-wall coverage of a breaking story every network is covering this so it must be important I'm hearing that the orange man is bad and certainly that must be big news for it to be wall-to-wall coverage on every network seemingly non-stop okay I'm kidding but you get the point you would think it must be the most impressing issue ever for them to never stop talking about Donald Trump I went to a skate park recently and I was talking to some kids and they said they don't care anymore these are like regular liberals right not like crazy far left woke whatever it's like regular people voted for Obama or Bernie or whatever granted they were younger so probably didn't vote for Obama but they're like Bernie supporters and they were saying that they just tune it out it's just the same thing every single day and now we actually have CNN to prove it and some other sources check us out TV viewership for Moeller hearings falls flat that's right even though they brought in around 13 million viewers across six major networks ratings were down why this was the Muller hearing the Cohen hearing did better you'd think this one would do better than that no it's been gradually declining for one simple reason orange man bad is boring nonsense there was a report apparently that brian Stelter who wrote this article his ratings are down 50% since the start of this year while you will hear a lot of people say haha that's proof I'll also point out there could be ratings fluctuations into the summer I mean in the winter everyone's stuck inside so they you know it's cold out now it's really nice that people go to the beach so consider that but I will say my ratings are up I don't know that could just be due to doing work and like growing my business CNN is not growing so their ratings are down and I'm gonna just say listen talk about something else please there was also a story recently that apparently people at Fox when they share stories they'll put a fuck I'm sorry people at CNN when they share a story they'll put a fox emoji next to it because they're trying to figure out what Fox is covering that they're not so they can get ratings let me let me explain something on my main channel people look at it and immediately say aha Tim Poole is right wing why because Tim Poole talks about things that conservatives also talk about well because I'm a moderate and moderates according to the data I showed in a video couple days ago moderates and conservatives have a balanced news diet conservatives lean towards reading conservative news moderates lean towards reading liberal news but still have a healthy balance between the two different biases liberals just read only the left like predominantly so ends up happening is all be like whoa this Ilhan omar story is huge it's on Politico it's on hill it's on CNN it's on all these networks and so I will make a video about that then you'll see people on the Left say AHA only conservatives talk about this the other issue is as a moderate my perspective is probably moderate and therefore the left never seeing a moderate or a conservative or assuming all conservatives are far-right that must be the reason but but I will add I think you know CNN is recognizing they're not speaking to Americans anymore let's let's actually look at the ratings here before we get before we jump into the ratings head over to Tim cast comm slash done it if you want to support my work there's a PayPal option a crypto option of physical address you get it YouTube is D ranking us they're propping up CNN Fox News MSNBC the big corporate players so I rely on word of mouth if you guys think this video was good please share it so here's what I want I want to do this is pretty straightforward the story is not very long you don't need you know let's let's let's let's see his assessment he says the Moller hearings were undeniably important and worthy of televising molars affirmations about Trump's possible obstruction of justice and Russia's ongoing meddling led than the nightly news and Thursday's newspapers so the testimony had the effect of amplifying the probes findings to a national audience but maybe the viewers but maybe that viewers could tell it was a rerun of sorts during the day Wednesday cable news ratings were roughly double their usual levels showing that Muller was definitely a draw but ratings have been higher for other major events in the past year like the tense hearing about Bret Cavanaugh's nomination in the Supreme Court yes something new I mean even Brett Kavanaugh is in a sense an orange man bad story so check this out Hollywood Reporter actually breaks down what you know the actual decline in ratings checks out so they mentioned you know they drove 13 million viewers they don't they don't make an assessment saying it's bad lexi and Endon but but they do kind of point it out check it out they say the 13 million viewers fall short of some other recent televised hearings former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for instance threw about 16 million viewers when he testified before Congress James commis 2017 appearance before Congress nineteen point five million and Brett Kavanaugh average 20 million Fox News led the field for Wednesday's coverage with an average of just over three million viewers for the hearings MSNBC 2.41 ABC 2.12 NBC about two CBS about two and CNN 1.5 CNN of course in last place why am I not surprised you know III do feel bad for CNN because it seems like they're they're trying not to be you know super far left but they are anyway because they you know they're it's an addiction okay Orange bad man media is an addiction here's what happens let me let me use ice-cream analogy because I love doing this there's an ice cream shop with 31 sweet and delicious flavors and you've got just whatever we'll call them ABCD whatever one two three four five six seven people come in and the shop owner notices super special flavor 17 sells more than the other flavors so he says you know what let's get rid of four of the flavors and add in more of super flavor 17 now the ratings now his sales for ice cream are going up even more he's excited one by one he eventually starts getting rid of all the other flavors until eventually the ice cream shop has one flavor but all of a sudden now people aren't coming in anymore the ratings are going down as sales are going down the reason is well yes there were a lot of people that really liked that flavor you've become a one-trick pony people are now saying man you know I do like that special flavor but don't even have chocolate you know I mean you go there you turn on CNN you're hoping to find out something about some big story and they're not covering it they're just sitting there with a panel going like orange man bed hmm well Orangeman indeed bad but how bad on a scale of one to 10 how bad is orange man oh wow past and clearly orange man is that bad I agree well the problem with orange man is let's let's turn now to our conservative panelists and they bring in a conservative panel so goes I have been a lifelong conservative but orange man is indeed bad and that's all it is it's all it is check it out don't take my word for it how about this story from Fox Business CNN's anti Trump stance is hurting ratings Varney they right it's getting really bad at CNN viewers are fleeing and droves I'm a founder of that Network and not happy this spring CNN's ratings fell off a cliff they're getting fewer than half the viewers who tuned in to Fox News and in primetime that's a 211 they get less than a third during this rating period the Moller report came out former Vice President Joe Biden geared up his presidential campaign a dozen Democrats announced their candidacy that's CNN's Democratic turf so why the ratings plunges it is as old as a no no this news story Wow CNN is hate president Trump 24/7 let me correct you um mr. mr. Varney it was it Stuart Varney CNN is the orange man bad Network okay you called it hate president Trump 24/7 and they say America's not buying it I have TV monitors in my studio and I check out what they're covering it's so predictable every news event is skewed to show contempt for the president we get it the orange man is bad to put on something else no no no no actually I'll put on something else and that's exactly what's happening and even this guy Stuart Varney says he I don't know he is a founder of the network it's not happy you look at what brian Stelter and oliver darcy cover and it's oh man just such predictable snooty ivory tower we're so much smarter than you dude you are so out of touch with the American people I can't even I can't even begin to explain you are chasing the drug you are replacing your ice cream with one flavor and we've had enough we know exactly what you're gonna sell every single day and we're over it dude if CNN just won a randomly was like we're gonna do a special on exploring the galaxy I'm sure their ratings would do better like I've had a breaking news thing about like CERN or some scientists stuff people might be like oh that's really interesting they might bring back regular people who are looking for information but also entertainment okay I recognize that's a component and it's unfortunate but it's that component they're chasing after that results in the orange man bad incessant commentary it's an addiction okay the first few shots that sweet orange man bad drug felt good and now it's killing you and you need to stop you need to start weaning yourself off of orange man bed Stuart Varney says the same thing we can all see it but you are locked shivering going through withdrawals but you are slowly dying off because of it it's time to get off the orange man bad drug he says Varney says in primetime it's downright insulting at 10 o'clock Don Lemon goes out of his way to be personally nasty about our president his ratings have fallen off a cliff it wasn't always like this CNN went on the air June 1st 1980 I was there and so was my colleague Lou Dobbs back then we played it straight we covered the news but in the mid 90s the network changed direction CNN became the Clinton News Network Bill Clinton could do no wrong by the time of the 2016 presidential election rolled around the entire network was gung-ho for Hillary they even were a Time Warner is one of her biggest contributor contributors she could do no wrong and when she lost it was almost comical check it out on YouTube their election night anchors went into mourning kept electic with grief the hate Trump coverage began in earnest don't expect anything to change CNN has signed most of its eight Trump people to contracts extending beyond the 20/20 election and in the debates at the end of this month guess who is one of the moderators Don Lemon the man who has questioned the president's sanity and called him a racist the guy who also asked whether or not a black hole could swallow an airplane I am not making that up I mean this Don Lemon once asked could a black hole have swallowed the missing Malaysian airline okay CNN okay he said gee I thought journalists asked the question well Don Lemon isn't he's an identitarian he said as much himself there's a bottom line here and it's this CNN along with establishment media and much of the Democratic Party has been overwhelmed with pure hatred of President Trump it's a self-inflicted wound and no matter how many times I say it they don't seem to care not at all we can see it it's like it's predictable I will stress I don't like making hard predictions personally I think Trump's gonna win 2020 buddy he might lose he really really might you know it's it's it would be silly to be arrogant and assume you know what's going to happen I'm sure there are a lot of Trump supporters who are so confident he's gonna win but don't don't don't don't ever forget what Hillary Clinton thought everyone thought the same thing and it could be that her voters just didn't turn out because they thought they couldn't lose those people are definitely gonna turn out in 2020 so Trump's got a real battle out of them even with all of the advantages he's holding it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting I would be surprised if Trump becomes a one-term president I will also say this though in the many economic forecast models for Trump he's on track to win we've got RNC donations double the Democrats with no debt we've got just the incumbent advantage and you've got the insanity coming from the Democratic debates that really does make a lot of people think Trump will win now the people have talked to who aren't in the know who don't paid into politics don't think he can but they don't really know about all of these things that are happening you know I just talked to some random people when I'm out at the park and they'll say like I don't think I'll win and I'm like what about this the economy's at record you know record highs on employment record lows like oh I didn't know that because they're not watching the news they don't care they're not paying attention and I'm not right these things are gonna play a role in getting Trump reelected but I want to point to what just won one more article as a highlight I might do a bigger story on this but CNN recently had to well I don't want it fired but a CNN photo editor who praised the murder of some Israelis saying awful and horrifying things this is just being reported yesterday was resigned in disgrace I can't show you what he said but the reason I highlight this story and and we'll pull away from it I might do a bigger video on it but it is it is some harsh language is that not only is CNN becoming the orange man band like well they are the orange man bad Network even Stuart Varney is saying as much but they're even hiring people who are overt anti-semites it's it's kind of shocking to me why didn't they vet this guy or maybe they did maybe they are so blind with hatred for what this president is you know Trump has praised Israel he's talked about moving the embassy he's very much in favor of Israel maybe CNN just thought they could get away with it maybe that's the attitude they're cultivating maybe that's the attitude they want but but the public pressure was too much the guy had to resign so you know what listen I tuned out the Moller testimony to I turned it on periodically and I just turned it off I just turned it off it was it was just bad it was bad bad bad across the board I am sick and tired of hearing this and I'm sure most of you are as well it's every day on every cable network the front you know the opening monologue for every late-night show we get it the orange man is bad can we move on I'm so tired of it I would I would much rather watch CNN doing a documentary on the making of I don't know glass that sounds interesting how is glass made hmm maybe I'll watch how it's made instead of watching CNN CNN could quite literally cover they could do a news story about a special new grass being laid out in a small town in Iowa and I'd be more interested in that than watching orange man bet I kid you not watching grass grow because think about it they could say well this particular you know strain or whatever you call it breed of grass I don't know what's cold I don't know people with a phrase that be that the term Ally species um has a bluish tint to it and and and it's quite larger than you'll notice or it's a finer grain oh my god that's interesting I didn't know any of that right you could quite literally just film grass and talk to me and tell me what the grass is and I'd be interested I'd be like you know that's something I didn't know while it's not the most interesting thing in the world watching grass grow in fact I kid you not I mean this sincerely CNN could run a special showing paint dry and explain to me how they layered the paint and the primer and doing the basics of how you paint a wall and that would be more interesting than hearing once again that the orange man is been watching paint dry and I mean it sincerely though like I I know very little about how paint paint is made and how it's done and if they just showed that and talked about it I'd be like I'm learning something new as opposed to them telling me for the millionth time at the orange man is Ben I'll leave it there you get the point stick around next segment we'll be at 1:00 p.m. on this channel and I will see you all then you


43 thoughts on “Incessant "Orange Man Bad" Narrative Is Killing CNN And Media As Ratings Plummet”

  • I am amazed how people are surprised when some Muslim they hire turns out to be an anti-Semite. Muslims hate Jews. That is in their religion. I expect nothing else from a Muslim.

  • Trump is no saint but he’s done things that have materially improved my life, and the fact that the media is so frantic to bring him down tells me that he’s disrupting some higher power. I can respect that.

  • Darrell Vermilion says:

    It's pretty clear that the networks (through the magic of ?????????????????) have painted themselves into a very, very tight corner. Even if CNN decided to run a story on anything other than Trump, they would be attacked for ignoring the plight of PoC, the trans community, etc–literally all the shit they've been virtue-signaling about for years. Likewise, there's a REASON Bernie Sanders is being expected to compensate his people as if the minimum wage legislation he openly supports has already been passed–you can't point to the Republicans and say "SEE?! THEY'RE THE REASON YOU CAN'T GET A LIVING WAGE!!1!" and then proceed to tell your employees to fuck off when they ask you for that very same wage.

    Politicians on the left have spent so much time pandering to activists that they're starting to see consequences when they express strong support/advocate for legislation but aren't willing to engage in activism about it. And frankly it's about fucking time.

  • Once again you go out of your way to tell us you are a moderate. It's a common thing, you thump your chest and say "I'm a moderate, I don't need no stinking right-wing news."

  • Dude, your orange man bad impression was friggin hilarious. Thats basically exactly how it is. " im a life long conservative, but yes orange man is bad"..???
    Man, make a whole video, beginning to end ,just pretending to be a msm channel and just do that. It would be epic. Can have someone in a studio in a suit. Someone out doing live interviews, an anchor in a hurricane. And all they say is orange man bad. Omg bro, would be gold

  • I should get a shoeonhead style wage gap button for this statement… NPCs/SJWs are not liberals you cannot be an authoritarian liberal. liberal comes from liber Latin word meaning free. you cannot be a liberal ie someone who supports maximum freedom and an authoritarian ie someone who supports maximum authority and control ie no or minimal freedom at the same time. that's like having cold fire or hot ice so please stop calling these people liberals

  • luuke luketer says:

    now hit their advertisers too….Do not buy any product promoted by CNN ….I'm waiting for the day they shut shop

  • welcome to politics everyone! hey leftist crazy people its a crap shoot no one wins you are not going to change anything…

  • Your generic mockery was far more entertaining than the thing it was mocking. I asked our consultant and orange man is onety one bad, so you're correct.

  • steve schweichler says:

    Why don’t you come out to the country and listen to what 16 year old rural kids have to say instead of 16 year old inner city site boarders

  • LiveFreeOrDie2A says:

    @6:32 Tim’s CNN impression LMFAO!! ???!!
    -“Orange Man bad..”
    -“Orange Man indeed bad..”
    -“On a scale of 1-10 how bad is Orange Man?..”
    -“Oh wow.. passed 10! ..clearly Orange Man is that bad..”
    -“I agree..”
    -“Well the problem with Orange Man is.. well.. let’s turn now to our conservative panelist..”
    [Tim’s commentary]
    -”I have been a lifelong conservative, but.. Orange Man is INDEED bad..”

  • I could give you some information about paint. Yacht painter for more than 5 year. The best you should know is: Gleu with some substance.

  • Steven Lopez Rios says:

    I didn't see CNN cover what happened in Puerto Rico these past 2 weeks even once. Fox did so yeah, they may be biased but they still do journalism.

  • How are ratings worth anything? They are "estimated" No actual numbers or way to know the number of actual viewers they simply guess. What a load of horse shit. "The numbers in a Nielsen rating act as a percentage. Nielsen estimates a total audience for a certain span of time, and ratings count as percentage points in that estimated audience. … There are 118.4 million households and each point on a Nielsen rating represents a percent of that total number."

  • Or maybe we have another case were every criticism of the Israeli government/military/etc is considered anti-semitic. Did you consider that?

  • The present population of the US is about 327 million. If 8 percent of the population is lunatic leftists, then CNN has a potential audience of about 26 million. CNN doesn't appeal even to that audience.

  • General Sherman says:

    Tim, paint basically works by suspending pigment in a medium with a binder. As the medium evaporates, the pigment is left on the object being painted. hth

  • Actually watched CNN until 2016 because of this very reason. One can only stand so many consecutive days of nails on the chalkboard.

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