Imran khan की US visit असफल रही - Pak media

Imran khan की US visit असफल रही – Pak media

wasa issues often just me Pakistan cattle Dakota turmeric washio th e ha Moscow after hominid this perspectives a page here well kasam leaky out there a me recently Imran Khan Sabbath both are a shock Assad America gives a forget everyone at Ramez al visit key yeah be managed attack young give me the duty the cavalry bajo successful T or God a chance a whopper meeting me or hyper term Sacco a core dude warning comical room area remove this happen abhi Munakata Kashmir issue came up majestically a mediator bunny they can bad Miyako Pattaya glucometer Indiana's cordon Accardi on economy as he could be cool but Nicki okay jus foreign State Department une only be is coca hoc and he is equal but whopper name et but anyway but curtains for cutting bran cons activist Turk a successful me you had a Huey Maruyama not even give it a joke seriously basically would each our party billion dollar American Quahog model car Tata Cooper many PC become unique me we be confirmation in the key the entire gorozup OTT he knows are acting in supporting each guys kept pitching up was my first love yeah yeah yeah oh I'm talk back up copy click ad bottle Tia to walk them don't make a statement Bharatiya eco disco joint declaration get it was me but I clearly attack a Haji on child porn HR billion pounds billion davara should occurring a and he turning gay taken many as equal company taking a little short kurta tires out carpet multi here good my name is Akito RPG he nada nada key the sapele body Eric Imran Khan Kajol visitor us Co though itself a success Helmke does that make your way back you bother to come una rata japchae I am human mom to put ecosystem visit accessibility of wizard Bravo yogi visit with your help we open secret to her but we okay Imran Khan yep accent establishment rap taka Rita Saudi currency number ten sermons on a given Saturday HQ or Whoopi Donald Trump came tomate coca any son-in-law who can rise to be women much other ultimately to accept key understand say when the college hiring Americans owned a new car Charcot curly tail iberica just rah Bharat Pakistan keyboard uh Beatrice Nicola America Whitaker yes we talk about you me Cara ice wizard Nakata Imran concept of front first ring pjju is Elka chief or rito to domicile Camille I'm Ron honky government may come or at least Pentagon kiss Herbert key banka banka higher officials awesome Boko Haram new bikini budget kou serve a body down lady Kier Trump key already pressed on will be trying to press conference on TBS baby with Nonie Imran Khan Saab Koba sorry Johanna koto ki ni wa nani ka meetha dungeon cop coming to do people do instead of compulsory Jammu Kashmir krd but key where the joint press conference me 90 percent your question pooches I don't know him and Pakistan or us wish everybody well Pakistani journalist yeah don't call him Kiowa or the question be aceite de Pakistan the press conference of mutuality the market open question the key Pakistan to the body good money in war on terror today question – maybe alcohol Agha okay Sarah could you earn key is door Amir and Hassan II a Pakistan keep public consumption Caliente Oppo Pakistani public Kosovo Hobart REI Kaneko sri rama's la officer was my bad kid have no idea Otto's kiss-ass has already begun ha he they kick at me successful visit to ya pehle Prime Minister visited in successful who you dry daddy but mayors of my donkey was me basically it's Phuket Pakistan Co is anybody's another let's go cowboy they're sleeping – where the egg but dr. Luka English ominous me kiss it belly carrot K s Jaishankar G only the Parliament will my god gasps you Cubano separately he white house key a coffee shop statement are two key T joint press conference we don't know leaders the cow body was Mukesh miracles economy to me Kennedy Jenny about to be officially Americans are not on board right committee Roy a passive or active Pacific they keep a super kisi kuzuki-kun commit with me no picture the other people commitment would be to Pakistan is karate muscle car of foreign religion optical commitment the tiny saying about a person email the achmet tourism I have to be here a egg five bucks engulf Idaho shocked I make Americans Cassatt talked about yet annuity it anybody level up a dream but a novel Peter budget Korea the Pakistan World Bank oh yeah Asian Development Bank oh yeah buddy buddy Mallya tada don't cook a second well maybe I can interpolate one could dust billions you a woman to Cordia IMF net billion module Kiowa egg million David egg egg billion yet does believe could you promise a apart most about Pakistan TV but Nina Pakistan go to the passage LD liquidate hojae came to you must write today IMF anybody would just shoot in the Karbala shortener QE macaques shot a mission like maps he has sorry Mary many cally report the hey I am a VA Karachi Pakistan composite do have a board worst budget I'm literally a couple the key people cool bill create Harbor I have our budget Kumari Megan concerns me or are gay talks about you Financial Action Task Force on after Pakistan already greedless to our it's a it's a privately blacklist knowledge jessica is for me decision on other partisan black will develop accidentally Barbara challenges okay agar gray maybe that they're proper challenger say until and let's go removing a homage to Pakistan is what job Publix if we would your face saving public consumption Yoshi kar raha ground reality a lot better yeah now who is kappa sonikku bad Mr Okada Isabella problem a Kumari international level tour Pakistani around camera doing image Emma's are a bit Roger whose need to decide between Pakistan key vote chicken I think about Pakistani doctor population captain Eastburn yes you government a box on key drop Pakistani okay Beach popular man yourself in key party workers Commission many ptit beach media popular a current up the key Imran Khan sub job route amry kami Pakistani okay jalaja table correct and now Muslim vehicle Omaha T not people's we have the poly party a box hunky now people's particular job Imran am recommitted world luggage LCC Pakistan me a just got it do you have a meeting organized key she may be witty or Robert Bobby we have a phone call maybe we'll put a Pakistani hurry take a huge black out Carnegie conscious career media people per se Imran Khan's army a u.s. IP key conference McCarty Pakistan to freedom of expression Kamala hick shall not but Jeff came Maryam Nawaz came to village are awesome Doric interview in Pakistan K times T V channels Bajaj is capable of is capable man a Taurus has to be here was go polonium photographer his tank at renumber Cooper and he freedom of press way that's number one number two my years emitter with no subsidy cotton dog bath in a coda Kia when your car give up I'm not it Charlie's terrorist guru puja played kebaya or Pirelli Prime Minister Oni is Co Judy bola oh no no hay mana I'm gonna here man yeah probably somebody taking a turn a heart is a pump can it happen or Illya keoki I mean Cooper chrome can operate out your purse a stick and a panini or job de escobar M job do you give up the bank job the he can convert okay yeah attack a was milk Middle Ages monkey Halloweeny Iran came back or do me in a politically pan for Harper year in mannheim getting or Iran cabaret Masada come newcomers come punch him in salah what is my durable occurred youtube car battery need to be inundated dominantly to iran me monkey I think Cameron a group Iran cattle of conquering Tiki gettin a break contradictions tikka unique erin koh lipeh logical kg come conquering America to Iran kebab falafel or salvat is not our YouTube confession today Tuva happy of America being a caddy on OD k ha Mario chalice since you please connect me in here you the world make some Metallica skillful boss the other responsibilities equal to P by P multiple a carrier which are Omnicon acara if have to give it away yeah Financial Action Task Force secure diagram a green list me or what up here Imran Khan's have your in keep each of the establishment hand whoa other job copies route particular you turning took a shoot on to in kaikoura person did become and look at this key in case you don't feel any say here in cave Oh argit's ulterior nice a buttock boy if I done he adopts a practically Amira


19 thoughts on “Imran khan की US visit असफल रही – Pak media”

  • Kishan singh Shekhawat says:

    इमरान खान कोई मीटिंग के लिए नहीं गया था वह ठीक का कटोरा लेकर भीख मांगने गया हुआ था

  • Jaago jaatiwadi atiwaadi kansh jaychand junnawadi jallaadi niyatkhor jaatiwadi atiwaadi kansh jaychand Hindu temple virodhi yadav Dalit both are anty Hindu temple virodhi yadav Dalit secularwadi paakistani parsti Hindu temple virodhi

  • Paakistani parsti molvi in India and India. Ka musalmaan kabjaa ki niyat ka musalmaan modi ko kabhi nHi degaa saath vote aur chrichion machinery agent of giving the payment to astanki molvi is brother of chrichion mishnery community

  • Styam Shivam sundaram and I hope everyone are understand that truth is one who has power of attorney for the killing to abussing person are making islaamistaan with chrichion mishnery agent

  • Musalmaan chrichion dono hi Hindu sanskriti ka styaaanaas karwa Chuka hai Ji ab Hindu khud uthegaa kuraan bybill ko khatm karegaa jlaanaa hogaa Ji Hindu temple ko todnewalaa tudwaanewala dono maadarchod Hindu temple virodhi musalmaan chrichion country hindustani virodhi face dikhtaa hai sir Ji aakh kholo dekho sochoo

  • Jlo jlte hi rahoo aur maaroge hi kyoki aadat Islamic molvi miyaa ki niyat khori hi niyat Islamic sutra hi hai Ji modi ki jlan waadi jaatiwadi jaichand jinnawadi jaati ka jahar karke masjid church khud khatm hogaa Ji modi hi bhole taandwadhaari bhole bhakkt hai ji

  • Musalmaan koi dharm nahi hai ye khud musalmaan ka itihaas bol rhaa hai batwaaraa kiyaa gyaa Ji kyaa huaa Ji faayedaa Pak ka aatanki estate bnaa kyoo Ji Hindu sanskriti ko katl karwaane ki soch hi inko khaakistaan bnaa diyaa jalan rkhte hai sir Ji aakh kholo dekho sochoo mulyaam maadarchod Muslim ban gyaa kyaa huaa aaj Congress musalmaan bni kyaa huaa Ji itihaas dekho musalmaan mugaliyaa Akbar baabar sikandar ka kyaa huaa kidhar hai Ji Akbar maadarchod Muslim ko maharana ne kitni baar Pella Akbar ko dekho itihaas lekin continue kukarm adharmi jaatiwadi jaichand bankar Hindu virodhi jalan Mirchi ki musalmaan ko roggi bbnaataa gyaa aaj bhi akbargiri mindset of musalmaan chrichion mishinery school hospital business men ka Hindu sanskriti ke khilaaf lagaataar pryaas kiyaa jaayegaa Hindu ki aakh kaan mukh kholnaa hi hogaa apni ijjat ko bachaanaa hi hogaa yadav Dalit maadarchodo tujhko gulaami pasand hai niklo paak ko bhejo maadarchod ko mulyam Maya pawar anddhaa yadav Dalit both are anty Hindu temple virodhi yadav Dalit secularwadi paakistani parsti ko khatm kiyaa jaayegaa Hindu ka ram ka rajyaa ko pramukhtaa de sabhi Hindu bhaai ektaa karo

  • Paakistani maadrchodo tujko bhasm karegaa modi ko jaan lol insha Allah Hafiz Islamic gang of killer of humanity

  • Kishore Chakrobarty says:

    If at least some pakistani watch this video then only they can understand the truth. Because sheik raseed like minister and some media channel like HTV etc is busy in public with false progeny to establish visit of IK in USA is something historical and every win of Pakistan.
    From, Laos.


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