Impractical Jokers – Joe Is Breaking Tables, Literally (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Joe Is Breaking Tables, Literally (Punishment) | truTV

we’ve taken him to the bustling Heartland Brewery in Times Square. [ Laughing ]
Joe… I hate when you guys
have the giggles. …you are a manager
and you’re on break. I’m on… It’s not what
you think. Some of the tables upstairs
are ours, and they break. Go break the tables. The other ones that aren’t ours,
what happens to those? -Don’t — Don’t —
-They don’t break. So, don’t break. Well, I guess they could break. -All right, buddy.
-All right, here he is. It’s lunch time with your busy
Times Square crowd, and among all of these tables,
only eight of them break. Q: Good luck
finding them. Everybody’s doing okay? -Yeah.
-Good, great. Joe, just say,
“I’m a manager”. I’m a manager,
so, anything you need. So, the people sitting at
“our” tables are with us. The rest of the customers are real and have no idea
what’s happening. But Joe, all the tables
look the same. I was hoping that
would’ve been a misstep. No. No, no. I mean, I got to try this table. I’m going to try this table,
with the dude, here. -There he goes. -Everything okay? What’d you get there?
The beef stroganoff? Meatloaf. Sorry about that. You know, I could —
I could find out if… they could get you
another burger. Yeah, I could find out. We might have some in the —
We were getting a delivery. [ Laughter ] The table’s
not just gonna crumble if you put five pounds
of pressure on it. We’re gonna need you
to go full — airborne. Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] Murr:
That’s a fail, bud. We got a broken glass up front. -Look at the guy’s face!
-Oh, he’s pissed. We’ll get you another water,
there. We’ll clean that up. Well, good thing
you got the raincoat on ’cause you got a little
wet with the water. Sorry. I got to clean this up.
This is a little slippery. Oh, the floor’s slippery?
Careful. I didn’t realize there was
so much water on the… Whoops. [ Laughter ] Sal: He went down
like a dead body. That’s unfortunate. We’re gonna need
another table. I’m a manager. People are
in disbelief. -And this place is dead quiet.
-You’re not done yet. That’s just one. I’m the manager. Yeah,
just checking to make sure it’s sturdy. [ Laughter ] Yeah, that’s good. That’s solid. That’s a for-sure-ski. But he just laid
in their plates. -And everything good?
-Yeah, thank you. -Excellent.
-Pretty good. Good. Thank you so much. I’m not sure about this one. There’s only one way
to find out, though. I’ve just got to do it
like a band-aid. I’m okay. I’m a manager. That’s my bad.
-Keep going. Keep going, keep going.
-And that one stung. I’m gonna try
this table behind me. Please do. [ Laughter ] Sal: Jump, right now,
on that table. Jump! I’m a manager.
Get them a cheesecake. Halfway there,
buddy. Joe, the one to your left
looks pretty peculiar. Joe: Cheers, guys. Not one of ours, Joe! [ Laughter ] [Bleep] I caught my dick. I need more padding. You weirdo. I’m the manager.
How’s the bread– That one
was easier, guys. You were just messing
with me there. That one was easy.
[Bleep]. “H Look, some tables are harder
to break than others. Sometimes, you need to
get off the top rope. [Bleep] you, guys. I mean, that’s what
I want to see. Oh, that’s it. [Bleep] Q: If that’s not a hint, I don’t know what is. Does that table next
to the ladder break or not? Well, there’s only one
way to find out, huh? Oh! Ohh, my God! Sal: Everyone in the restaurant is watching you, just anticipating
the jump. Do you want to
back up? I mean… this is happening. Oh! Yeah! I’m a manager. No, no,
it’s good. I get 82% off the check. Q: Look at
the carnage. [ Laughter ] Somebody threw
a towel. I’m a manager. All right, Joe,
good job. You found
all of our tables. [ Vocalizes ] [ Laughter ]


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