Important information for Filmmaker & Film Student !

Important information for Filmmaker & Film Student !

Tashi Delek and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is for all the filmmaker and film enthusiast. There is good news to all of us that Aperture is coming up with light this contest ( Video Contest ) Y we should participate in this contest is that 1st Its free of cost anyone can enter and its a 5 minute movie 2nd the prices for the winner is super duper dream. A Red Camera and many more worth around 200,000 $ I will put the link in the description so u guys can check it out so i wont take much time u guys can check the link in the description. WE have to shoot this film on one location We also have to shoot the behind the scene of how u light the scene and lighting and what kind of gear for light u used . One important thing we have to use accent words in the film . You can use it as anything persons name dog name place name in the dialogue So without taking much time i would like to inform all of you that ur film has to be submitted before 11th nov 2019 I no its really hard to buy gears worth 200,000$ so guys take ur chance show ur creativity this is the time 5 minute means less then 5 minute. That’s all for today thank you everyone and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you


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