6 thoughts on “Imbalanced Reporting: HonestReporting’s 8 Categories of Media Bias, Video#2 of 8”

  • ALAN J. IZENMAN says:

    This video displays a misunderstanding of the word "imbalance." The phrase should be "unbalanced reporting." The word "imbalance" is used in a slightly different context. It's too bad that HonestReporting gets it wrong. "Imbalance" is not an adjective as it is used in this video, it is a noun, while "unbalanced" is an adjective. I wish HR would change this heading because otherwise it looks really stupid and amateurish.

  • Garrett Glaser says:

    Or…sometimes the news organization starts from a REALLY strange place. Like the NY Times' use of Diaa Hadid as one of its reporter on Palestinian issues. Don't they care about even the APPEARANCE of bias? Check out her background HERE: … By the way, my repeated letters to the Times asking about this issue remain unanswered.

  • ALAN J. IZENMAN says:

    You are partially correct. The word "imbalanced" does not exist in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, in the United States, the word "imbalanced" has been invented and used as an adjective. What you actually should be using is the word "unbalanced," as in "unbalanced reporting," which is a true adjective and it means exactly what you want it to mean.

  • This has too much "talking heads" and not enough specific examples. You are preaching to the converted here.

  • interviewing Jerusalem Post journalists as gatekeepers of balanced reporting. that's hilarious. i only missed caroline glick. i'm sure she would have something to add… lol

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