38 thoughts on “"I’m a trucker not an immigration officer" BBC News”

  • That reporter is a traitor and is one of the biggest problems. Yet. Her only involvement with what she supports is safely inside a truck. Ignorance is no excuse. Shame on that dumbass. Truckers shouldn’t have to deal with these third world cockroaches. Kill them all

  • Straight Talk says:

    BBC is bias , left wing propaganda. These illegal immigrants are criminals. They will never integrate into the modern society. They will always bring hate, aggression, crimes, drugs, rapes, social unrests…. The real picture is much worse…

  • I don't understand why in Europe the trailers have soft sides immigrants can peel away to get in.
    I've never seen any trailers with soft sides in America. Anyway, I don't believe it is fair for truckers in Europe to be fined for having stowaways on board. Especially with the soft sides, it is difficult for the drivers to monitor immigrants trying to get into the trailers. I wonder why the truckers are not going on strike in protest of the fines for carrying stowaways. How much could Britain lose if truckers went on strike? Truckers on both sides of the channel have other routes they can drive. The biggest losers would be the clandestines trying to get into the UK. Maybe the camps might disband and immigrants find some other way to get to the UK.

  • I m Truck driver i would not accept job in UK no way…
    This is just crazy this drivers need help big time police and army need to help this will get messy…

  • Do people not understand that the reason men come is because it is safer for their families to stay behind than take this journey. The men come to start a life so that way they can work to send money to their families back home and bring them over. Even if that isn't the case, why is this a problem??

  • People trying to get into the US have a tougher time getting into a truck. Know what the US also has?… Citizens, not subjects, citizens with guns to arm and protect themselves. criminals carry any weapon they can. Stop disarming law obiding people, otherwise this is the future everywhere.

  • This as always shown that other eu countries are still funneling these " people" towards the UK…. It has to stop. Look what's happening to France.

  • When you go destroy their country kill them by millions just to steal their wealth and natural resources what in the hell you expecting to happen???? They SHOULD ALL come to your country and any country that has been involved in destroying their country. You dumb brainless hypocrites.

  • Dear Immigrants, dont be fooled by the looks of UK. The country is worse and no better than any African one. Please come to Norway. We have food and space for every one of you. Regards

  • Who are these people to demand anything? These are hard working men who didn't sign up for this shit. This reporter is such a naive ass.

  • 🤔you know. There are two ideas that come to mind. First. Send self sealing trailers that let them on but not off again send them in loops around these ports and when full ship them all back to the Middle East. Illegal means no rights so send them out the same way they come in. My second well it’s abit more hard line. Seal and gas the traitors and cargo be4 allowing them on the ferries.

  • Oh my god how the fuck I made this,but it’s worth coming to UK considering what I achieved in the last 4 years.

  • I know good men who are now on the dole because the fines made them go out of business…2000+ each piece of scum that hide in your lorry…it's time to open concentration camps to house these scumbags . illegal illegal illegal so if we got caught in any of these shithole country for not having a visa or money we would be illegal and put in jail right away so do unto others …

  • "Would you do anything to bring your familty to safety ?" Sure thats why its all young males, so muth woman and children, BBC as always. This people should be forced to shelder this refugees.

  • Not a single person there is fleeing persecution, why the UK? They are in western Europe so who are they fleeing from? No one.

  • so why dont the world powers go in stop the wars the all theses people can stay home and rebuild there own country and live in prosperity oh thats right money

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