I’m a Syrian-American journalist. Syria is more than the headlines.

I’m a Syrian-American journalist. Syria is more than the headlines.

A lot of people have asked me what it was
like to wake up to the images that were coming out of Syria with the victims of the sarin
gas attack. “Witnesses and some activists said the toxic
substance was delivered by Syrian and Russian jets in an attack in the rebel-held region.” Obviously it was painful, it was infuriating,
it was frustrating, but at the same time, there have been so many mornings like that
in the last six years. It is an interesting, sort of, you know, question
as to why we object to the methods of slaughter but not the overall slaughter that the Syrian
people have been facing over the last six years. Syrians have been dying by bullet, by mortar,
by barrel bomb. And they’ve been killed both by the regime
and the armed opposition to the regime. I think a lot of people paid attention recently
because there’s something horrific about death by air, death by breathing in chemicals. There’s something that’s sort of tantalizing
about the horrificness of evil. It’s a way that you can see it in a more blatant
way. I think we’ve become a little desensitized
to the other kinds of death. The problem is after so many years of dehumanizing
Arabs and Muslims and Syrians in the global imagination… Do you think Islam is at war with the West? I think Islam hates us. ..that kind of dehumanization has led people
to sort of tune out and to think that what’s happening there is sort of inevitable. This is a question of culture, a question
of religion. I think part of the reason we’re willing to
let Syria go or let these sorts of things happen is because we’ve become accustomed
to really simplistic narratives about Arabs and Muslims. They will never have refugees or “rapeugees”
in their backyards. They just will not. This is part of the problem, is that we have
no idea who Syrians are. We have no idea what Syria is, even though
it’s this place of great culture and great civilization and great humanity. If it’s consuming our headlines, yeah, it’s
probably at that point risen to the level where we should take the time to learn something. I think the American public in many ways has
its own problems, but it has to realize that we are implicated in what’s going on in Syria. In the last six years, it has been unfortunately
only mostly Syrians mourning the loss of Syria, but this is something that the whole global
community should feel the loss of, because it’s our loss collectively. The places might not completely disappear,
but the people who make those places are going to have disappeared. It would be a tragedy if we only found out
about it too late, once we couldn’t do anything about it.


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  • James Goldstein says:

    I mean…what would you like the United States to do about it? When we get involved we're presented as the bad guys…if we don't we're presented as uncaring.

  • Anyone else remember the Nayirah and "dead babies" incident when Bush administration tried to justify their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War?
    This is just another attempt by the media of using dead babies/children to control the masses.

  • angryhippo2910 says:

    There is nothing wrong with this video. My criticism is the lack of real action we as westerners can take to help end the suffering. I would like to help, but I can't be bothered to as I live on a different continent and have my own issues. I've been following this conflict since the arab spring, but there is no end in sight. So what can we do?

  • So, Assad know that if he will use chemical weapons, he will give to US excuse to wipe him out. So who is dumb here? Assad? Or public, confused by western media? There is no logic, there is only one side, which is able to profit from chemical attack and it is not Assad but rebels. Another false flag? Did you remember, when Colin used glass with some kind of white powder to justify the attack on Iraq? He said, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, but to this day, they did not find any.

  • This is Vox at its absolute worst – entertainment journalism. America is the largest arms dealer in the solar system and our country thrives on death and destruction at others expense – forever. Further, western educated Middle Eastern elitists are really shedding crocodile tears. What would anyone learn from this clip? Assad gassed his people because of something Predator-in-Chief said? Because of American civic apathy and ignorance? What are you peddling Raytheon? I mean Vox.

  • To be honest I think the war on the Med. is all because money and wealth. They have countries that are backbone to the economy with sand to make buildings, gas and oil to run businesses and transportation and the thing that make me sick is that other countries that are in need of these resources are taking advantage of the cultural inestability and put them against each other to make the fight easier. But well that is how nature works and I think that the obly way good people will survive is fleeing as fast as they can and look for a better place to live.

  • it made no sense for the government to have done it especially with the buzzword that provokes response. this was obviously framed

  • Maybe im uninformed or something else similar, but why should i care? It seems in the middle east no matter what other foreign powers do to help and stop dictators and bad groups it always pops up again. Should we use our resources and time helping a country that might be already lost or do we sit back and just watch what rises from the ashes?

  • Assad will go down in history next to other tyrants like Stalin and hitler who used violence to try to control his citizens

  • Ever since President Trump got elected, there has been open racism, Do people have the right to be racist? Yeah, I think so, is it okay for them to be racist to others no, it is not. However, I do think that President Trump has an opportunity to accomplish things Obama could not, and make him look bad, and unite us in an unexpected way, that is, if he does not get impeached.

  • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro says:

    The death of a child or simply harm a child, should never be forgive, no matter is in a war, goverments and presidents and tyrants they all stand together when is about wars and collateral damages, and they should get punish together for those crimes, as a punish from hell

  • Yeah, Assad has WMDs just like Saddam did!
    He did have them, right? Anyway, bomb Syria until the evidence appears. It worked in Iraq.

  • Gas attack was a perfectly time trump-Russia distraction! No Evidence or strategic motive for Assad to do it while advancing on the ground! So called "history" is NOT EVIDENCE! Rebels have a history of it. It was perfect plot for Putin to use to distract for collusion and get sanctions lifted!

  • Future Millionaire says:

    The day muslims are send back to their land (where ever they come from) that day things will start looking better for the rest of us.

  • That's great and all but we are not getting in a fight with Russia because of Syria sorry
    and I get it they didn't choose to be allies with them. The only way you can get help is if you get Russia out of this dispute and stop your crap about Islam because guess what your culture has been fighting for centuries and haven't stop so sorry we don't want that crap here. BTW today in the age of peace is the fewest amount of wars but guess look over the Middle East and they are still fighting.

  • I like informative videos like this one. But what i dont like is that none of you give ideas as to possible solutions. VOX always sounds like they are complaining without at least providing possible solutions.

  • It's not that it's too late to do anything about Syria, that everybody's too busy to care enough to do anything about it, whether it's the USA as a global superpower or an ordinary citizen of the Earth – but then there's the question of what you, a powerless slave to the system can do? o.O

    Also, maybe revolution isn't always a good idea to begin with? Ain't that the main problem with lead to so much suffering at once? :/

  • Not one word on the massacre genocide-like war going on In Yemen. Saudi Arabia is MASSACRING innocent people with the help of US weaponry…..and not ONE NOT A SINGLE PERSON in mainstream media discussing it. What's going on in Yemen is way worse than in Syria, yet refuse to broadcast or talk about it because GUESS WHAT? Saudi Arabia pays and is a large shareholder in most media companies and politician pockets. Sunni muslim saudis are murdering shia muslims in Yemen. Iran is helping the shia in syria and yemen but they cant do much…..saudi arabia is bombing schools, mosques, funeral homes, and us is supporting this for a while now under obama and it seems like its gonna continue under Trump.

    Why is vox not talking about Yemen? hmmm? Saudi arabia got you by the nuts? Or does it interfere with your anti-assad agenda? if it wasn't for Assad, syrians would be slaughtered by now. He never ever used chemical weapons. He even asked for investigators from US, UK, France to go in and examine the areas to actually see what happened and where the chemicals came from…..and they refused lol. Dont want to even find the truth, just wanna blame Assad because he doesn't bend over for the US/Israel/Saudi orders.

  • Travis Thompson says:

    She mentions 6 years of violence, yet nothing is mentioned about the President that oversaw 99% of the conflict and didn't intervene. But Vox was happy to show 1 snippet of, then candidate, Trump, and make it seem as though he is complicit. This is propaganda. If Vox really cared about about the war, they wouldn't have any qualms with being brutally honest about who's watch this happened under.

  • Jarekkowalewski says:

    those striking images, almost brings tears to your eyes, those brave and couragueos men going in there with no protection on, no gloves, risking their own lives, soooooooo courageuos…..sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo convenient

  • Lauren DeSousa says:

    Vox, could you make a video about Syrian history or Syria before the civil war? I'd be really interested in watching something like that.

  • The Syrian civil war hasn't been ignored. It's just been going on for so long eventually the news stops covering it because it's just more fighting every day. It's not that people don't care but every time the US has gotten involved in other country's problems we've only made it worse so I think most people just want to stay out of it.

  • Olga Voronkova says:

    Instead of more refugees just make Syria safer so we dont have to put them in other countries aint that easier???

  • I can't understand how people get upset by chemical weapons attacks… He has been bombing his people from the air on a massive scale for nearly 6 years…

  • The truth of why we bomb certain countries is well known, and its not for humanitarian reasons. That so many of you dopes still believe what our paranoid and badly compromised government tells you to think (despite all the evidence in the world) is a tribute to your stupidity. Keep watching and believing the government/Mega Corps. sponsored version of the news, ignore the truth that exists every where else in the world. No one is going to deserve the destructive blow back we've reaped more than the United States. Nation building has been a disaster for everyone except the handful of fat cats that continue to pull your strings, promote more wars for their own gain, and determine your reality.

  • It is a shame this syrian-american journalist didn't investigate the disgrace in Syria… the de are others syrians around the globe that can explain her the truth

  • there is no justice in muslim cultures! on neither side and in no place! muslims have commited autrocities since the beginning of their existence! the west does not have to be interested in the fate of muslim countries! it is not our bisness!

  • "Peaceful" protesters and police officers 6 years ago were shot dead during a protection, like what happened in Ukraine. Then, "freedom fighters" with AK47 etc. Suddenly came from no where claimed to be "moderate" started fighting. CIA, maybe, unless US or Russian's proxy agents are completely give up, otherwise the war will never end. The horrible thing is, if US win, there will be another radical Islamic state, no better than ISIS pending to hatch.

  • I've listened to her analysis of our perception of the difference between types of harm, and the only thing I actually have to say is that I'd hit that.

  • People like this woman drive me crazy. She says the world has to do something. Well, what is that "something"? Truth is there is no real solution, so there's no point in sticking your head somewhere it doesn't belong if you don't have a good way of solving the problem.

  • Her message makes no sense at all! She is blaming "islamophobia" on the unwillingness of the West to what? Intervene by killing Syrians? Not intervene by standing by while Syrians kill each other?
    The West has nothing to do with this. And there is a lot of willingness to stop the bloodshed, but not to intervene militarily directly, especially since there are until now almost only 2 sides left: The brutal dictator Assad who will starve his own people to stay in power, and islamist rebels with a very strong strain of jihadism in it.

    Mrs Malik could say a lot of things, but blaming the West in some way is neither helpful nor relevant.

    Also: As islamists are one of the two powerful murderous groups in the Syrian quagmire, especially ISIS and al-Qaida, which just a few days ago blew up more than 120 people, half of which were children who were lured by the islamists to eat food from the exploding van.
    The only reason: They belonged to wrong religion, shiism.
    Islam is one of the major reasons why Syrians and arabs murder, starve and bomb Syrians. She should reflect on that, as she should be quite intelligent and articulate (and does not wear the hijab).

  • Made so, but Islam does hate the United States, and everybody else. 270 million have been murdered in Islam's 1400 year old "Holy War" against everybody, in places as far apart as India, and spain. More people are dying everyday, nor can the killing stop as long as Muslims buy Muhammad's crap about other people not having any rights, including those Muslims who are not Muslim enough. Lincoln said that those who would deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

  • You can't blame Islam for this . In Islam it dosent say " kill Muslims " and what are Isis and Assad doing ? They're killing Muslims . Now I know Assad is trying to get rid of Isis , who aren't Muslims , they're killing so many innocent Muslims . You know in Christianity you got the Ten Commandments to follow, in Islam they're are a set if rules to . Some for example are ' don't kill innocent people, don't kill old people, don't kill WOMEN and don't kill kids '. So if Isis are doing those things they can't be Muslims . Saying your Muslim dosent really mean your Muslim , it's what you do .

  • Literally zero facts, I can not believe Assad was to blame for the chemical attack, with no evidence, and no good reason why he would use chemical weapons on innocent civilians. He is targeting just civilians with chemical weapons, not rebels? Why the hell would he do that? Also, there are many rebel groups, some even allied with terrorist groups. Give me a break Vox, where the hell is the actual objective journalism? Let's actually do our job and inform the public, thanks.

    How many lives would have been saved if we weren't so obsessed with regime change? And if Americans actually looked into things more than just how the media or intelligence officials present them, as if they haven't been wrong so many times.

  • You realise that much more evidence points in the direction that terrorists did this, and nearly no evidence says that this was assad. These things are caused by the "religion of peace" islam, and have been a problem for millenia, which is why many people want to ignore what they are doing.

  • I went around online asking people if they believed all Islam people are terrorists. About 9/10 said that all Islam people are terrorists. I am very disappointed

  • If you really think russians put chemicals in the water you are the problem. It was a natural disaster, but it was in Syria so it was used against Russia ofc

  • The sarin gas attacks made no sense. Why were the medical transport teams not properly dressed in protective garments? You can't have skin to skin contact like that right after a sarin attack.

  • Abhishek Nautiyal says:

    why can't the hole world live together in peace and love and travel and eat why some people wants to be superior then others. firstly we all r humans and doesn't have religion when we born .baby don't know anything and he only understand love

  • marko perger says:

    it was faked liberal ignorrants … there wasnt sarin… sarin kills everything and everyone which it comes to contact with… and this white helmet fakes are running there without any protection like nothing… and recently one of them said that it was faked…

  • It is impressive works of propaganda and jingoism like the above video that is killing Syrians.

    There was no revolution in Syria. There is no civil war in Syria.

    The leaders of the so-called Free Syrian Army have repeatedly claimed that they could have "finished off the Assad regime" by 2014 if they had received from the very beginning more anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles from the West. There are two important points to take from this. The first is that the so-called Free Syrian Army has from its very inception been backed by foreign powers. The second is that the so-called Free Syrian Army is not now and never was able to defeat the legitimate Syrian military without substantial support from state actors outside of Syria.

    Revolutions do not depend upon anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles from foreign powers. A conflict in which a force that is entirely dependent upon foreign backing is attacking the legitimate government of a country is not a civil war. That is a war of aggression between nations that is employing a proxy military force. In this case, what we are seeing is a war of aggression by the United States against Syria.

    All of the dead and all of the atrocities in any war are always the fault of the aggressor. The legitimate government of Syria was never the aggressor in the Syrian conflict.

  • Davids Goliath says:

    If one would think about why and how was the chemical weapons used, especially by a government on their own peoples should fully focus on the IDEOLOGY of the players involved and their role in the regions up to date today!
    The Obama administration had allowed these rebels/terrorists to have power against a democratic government by giving them excess to US military equipment left behind by the US military in Iraq that was undertaken by the defecto Iraqi military turning rebel than got organized by private military organizations operating from Iraq that than started operations into the targeted neighboring governments eg. Libya, Syria etc! These private military organizations with help from pro US regional neighbors was able to create instability emanating from from lies against Syria ie. false flag operations eg. CWs attacks against the Syrian peoples.
    If you need to know the truth try talking to some of the refugees fleeing Syria into western countries like Canada!!

  • People will always be drawn the talks about “inhumane” things etc. in war. But when it comes to an actual war, rules of war dont seem to be a priority. At least thats how I’ve personally seen from my research

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