I’ll give contracts to my wife if she qualifies - Ghana Maritime Authority boss tells journalists

I’ll give contracts to my wife if she qualifies – Ghana Maritime Authority boss tells journalists

I communicated with my management for us to Elise me an attempt to give you an early response but that even generated more confusion I have asked my staff to distribute to you for those who have copies anise torsion messages coming from if we have everything to say the very person who released the information attempting to extort and for me it's not possible we have come to you to let you know the truth of which some of you or to have known long time academically in the series of document that we are given to you is a person attempting to negotiate with me that if I don't he will actually publish publish information about a house of the D G passport of the D G food that is being sold to the authority by the D G and what-have-you we are here to respond we were not yield to people who want to extort I were not yield and we are here to lay the paths so that you can Elise take it on the news as it has been a champion in news for some of at least prestigious TV stations that I would have thought they ought to have known better on the issue which has been the issue with regard to Ghana maritime Authority approving eight people to have a lunch or dinner whatever for ten thousand six hundred this document as you see and had been posted in the social media have cycled the eight people so the rest of the world is talking about how can eight people or participants each ten thousand we are here to produce the mischief in the original document that we have on file which a copy was sent and we have responded we had a message from the social media and nobody other than some big TV stations and also gana we're posting that maritime Authority management in crisis to respond to 10,000 allegation that is another machine under record and for the record the amount of money and meetings that took place that is backed by our records in the file that has all the things that supports it for those who are to come a seat the original is here and there is no eight participants so the person who came or stole the documents was only doing it as a morale machine and the most important thing that our right to put across imbued media is that if nothing at all it says that for the cost of food supply to Authority during the management meetings and stakeholders meetings on maritime security piece and charges are the head of it I think in the academician would know that it cannot be 8 participants and if it's interesting that we management team has been put on some platforms and TV stations and we are about 17 people even eight people will not form a quorum for us to given go-ahead to have a meeting let aside the stakeholders meetings to discuss fees and charges in the maritime will not be a people anybody who has been in journalism who has been gonna would know and can come and find out even if you cannot speak to the director-general to be able to do your own investigation to ask how many people do form some of these meetings other than going out and keep on cycling a people just to disturb the general public just to make the director-general and his people look bad the pasaría there's a meeting in 611 about 220 on the 811 was a Jew Suzanne buffet 4250 there is also on 30 11 2017 lunch for 40 people both nuts and buffet and fruit drinks there's also on the 30 pairs that is mirror of 65 people fruit juice snacks buffet lunch fruit drinks and extra drink or debt for 25 dollars this is the detail of the series of meetings and the amount of money that was charged in total the record straight if you want to authenticate it you can come the original checks written and the bars are here for your inspection this I believe will bring the matter for you to be able to address it that this is a mere mischief and people are making a case out of it when you try to respond to it then they come up with something else for all the news and all the troubles in Ghana this has occupied some television stations to spend hours and hours discussing just to bring people down for journalism the most interesting to know because a teratogen Rajas not refuted the allegation that he owns locked Swiss hotel so what I see some of you going to the hotel taking the picture of the hotel putting it on a social media in your Facebook's and whatever you may call them is another journalistic mischief let s not bring people down I am talking about that those people who wants to stay or want to challenge it they can go on but the records are here the past speaks for itself when somebody as a director general gets a bill I or ability to I only related to the director of vanna's the Director of Finance is no longer with the authority so for those people including the gentlemen who seem to have information mr. a plus extorting we couldn't have been a match at this document and his Facebook he says one GMA management struggles to alter a document mr. or him in Tunisia who was abandoned director has resigned from the authority whose signature you can see here and madame roola Atiyah who's a director but musician here was knowing and myself qualms yuzu I was in the United Kingdom so how could we have call all these people to manufacture and respond to this issue even as we sit here some of you go on as the order of money Pacha but I saw him in Tunisia has retired from this organization after a fire incident so he's no longer here so you can go to him and say whether we have called him to come and sign this document without the aid people or participants I hope I have made this clear to you on this subject thank you to also respond to the issue of the authority having 135 thousand dollar cities for ya and of your party it is true there was a hundred fifteen thousand and of course of the food for five hundred people it is in management records whoever's available who tell you where management committee was set up some people have gone out of your way to state there were only hundred people less than hundred people please please please I'd like to bring to your attention that we have 200 workers we had met an estimated that there will be at least a partner a child a girlfriend or a wife now making 400 we also took into consideration the invitation of builders stakeholders ministers of state ministries auntie's parliamentary select committee and other stakeholders so we budgeted for additional one hundred by hundred people were contracted and that is what the food was supposed to be here a case assuming the person who said he saw less than hundred people which are team he ought to be ashamed of himself or herself if you go to order a booth and people show up or don't show up that food is cooked and it ought to be charged including this cost is also the costs of decoration tables and things the music the DJs and all those the pro cost was allocated for the person who was supposed to supply this to be able to make the affair a very successful one and by the way the authority was so excited because since its inception this is the only year that they've had end of year party so you can imagine the excitement and people wanted to make it big it was there and so I want at you to understand that this Authority is not here to manufacture numbers to the benefit of the director-general when there's a committee that goes out to do procurement process which I heard about ministrations and the rest and I'll tell them put money for me please please that is below the belt we have done that and we bet enough people it included drinks which was selected by the authority whoa hardly cause the beers minerals whatever have you and that was dictated by the authority to be included in the cause the management committee monitored that and they did that to bring it to a successful one that is the issue with regard to the 135,000 food there's an issue which has been raised doesn't the director-general have a conflict of interest there is a complete of interest when you are officia mining and organization and you do not disclose the director-general is the chairman of the luxury so tell us if we put all over the place a 25 percent shareholder buy for the purposes of control Sheldon is held by my family so I can see I am 100% sure this has been disclosed to the management the board has approved the provided management see that the cost of acquiring food services from that institution is a value for money they are allowed to do that that issue with regard to complete of interest is what it has to be divine defined by the procurement process this has been disclosed by the way I am sure you have also posted it of the minister setting up a committee to deal with the issues of these allegations so I'm sure if there is a conflict or no conflict is the board that ought to be and to be honest with you we have set this table before the board was going to be here but because the minister has mandated them they only have to go and do their job so that they can bring this one to the end that you may like to see whether we are falsifying records whether there is a conflict of interest or about the ill health I had to thank you issue has been 1 million Ghana series that has been used to renovate a two-bedroom house for the director-general and walk you through this Authority has been renting apartments houses whether I was five thousand dollars or whatever it is over the years paid by the authority when I took over this of s I decided to go and change Western housing ministry to see if your authority can have a residence in my quest I was able to secure a property that property was a two-bedroom within structure in the old colonial style if you are going to know renovate that structure you will have to put a memo and say a renovation of an two bedroom residents even if it becomes 10 the initial one will not be you know reaching a temple house so that topic of two-bedroom which some of you include him is at a plus the citizen vigilante Hosmer T's become like director general has actually increased an amount just do chop-chop as one big TV station said that rest of chop the monitor bowel is my friend I cannot imagine when the man above of mr. dunau to a dog baku-pod who I'll be chopping 8,000 SLS Tropico he's my friend oh please I have to let you know that when I secured the land normally this has to be done by the ministries PWD prestige and then be handed over to you as an individual I wanted it for the authority so in the a beat to go and do the renovation they did the best base it took some while so that Deputy Minister of Works and houses alone it's gonna take a while for us to find the money so if your authority has money will rather give you the bill of quantities that has been designed by PWD prestige and you will be able to use that and do the building so we took that Bills of quantities which as you see here and you can go to Peter opener over here they are the one that gave or a bill of quantity for the first phase and as we went along they do the second piece and the third piece when this was submitted to me I brought it to administration and we went through a tendering process which three people have been given this to the selective tangent the tangent was done without my involvement I was was driven to various things which you have published anyway with the amount that is associated with those individuals tanda process went through I was fishing the pills of quantities was done by prestige so the director-general could not have influenced the outcome and give it to my friend and say increase the money so that when they do it I can have your so-called chop-chop I took this from PWD it was supervised by them our auditors were so thorough they even went through all that in construction pitches construction period pictures the auditors were there they are night taking pictures of construction and then came out the building and let me tell you that buildin is now made out of four bedrooms or the main structure the main house a living room a dining room kitchen a family room a library and a basement that is the main structure we also have a guest house which you repeat a director-general for that matter when you can have a guess of your contr past that he can stay that one is a one bedroom dining room a living room and a kitchen and a bush that has also been erected and an outer house was done and the whole flow of grass has been concretize with the same amount of Familia and I cannot we are taking consult on the management of they're all I got people who know value for money and that is an understatement so if you're going to go around to blackmailing and set director-general has renovated two bedroom which you have not gone there to see it is amazing how we can kill people before they die is also an issue has been raised with regard to director general having eleven air conditions that I consider mediocrity in a two bedroom house where would I put them the places that I listen to you each one of them to have an air condition will be 13 so the 11 is is been not enough and by the way we don't put them all together and if you sit some Doretta generals how a house allocated to them and have even a separate guest house for entertainment and if this director general or any other director general Organa maritime Authority who's a pretend over the maritime industry in Ghana cannot have a four bedroom oh five bedroom then I said his majority in the mindset we must think me the Prada was allocated to me was one ik and I wasn't going to put a two bedroom and I think that not only that one Matisse investment is made twenty percent of my salary or any other princess who come and take over will be pay will be taking twenty percent so over a period it is gonna pay for itself I am paying rent for the structure that are put there and I thought that you would even appreciate that what you're gonna say most allegations also apart from what mr. a plus put it out and continue to defend it are the issues of my and the issues of button around that he has passport numbers and what loss let us not be ghanians and pink for him I have had I have had I have had my passport which there was an error of people are ten nineteen forty seven seventeen years which you make me look exceptionally better than any human being on earth when you make these mistakes and you are outside of the country it is very difficult to change it when you enter a place like United States and they make an arrow so I carried that passport because of visas and the rest I have since validate and Gazette the arrow and have had my passport which I've been using to regret a pig while ten 20 1953 since when I was probably an energy advisor and all these have been documented and in 2010 these were all rectified so if the proponents people who still the I came to this authority and the the public relations where I said I have this my past document as soon as it when day the next day one of the directors stole it and made publication I will attempt not to mention names and start to smear and see if we can make a case out of it if I am going to make a change of my passport in order to stay on this job forever I wouldn't make it 65 years which is already a retirement age I would make it 55 and I think I look as good not 35 or 45 a composite ask but if I have to change the passport and to change it for the purpose of being over the same age I wish to be to do that so for some of you including mr. f+ who said he has documentation that this and that that is nothing criminal that moose abuse have had passport issued with wrong dates moose canoes have gone through the same process it is nothing for me to be ashamed and said I wouldn't talk about it in this subject that you raised we will talk about it so that is the east for those people who do not understand and think that it's a crime you go to the security agencies and let them come and arrest me thank you Anna on the issue of further allegations being put out by some communicators having my pizza and his Excellency's saying that this man within 2 years or 80 months taking over the hams of GMA has built a hotel in his hometown you are able to steal a document and falsified how come you cannot take a picture of a hotel that is in my village that place is called a Sochi it is so awesome Jake I asked you to go and take the picture of the hotel and show it in my friends whose television stations have made it a job and put it this is the hotel I put it to you I would imagine your name as a TV station but somehow made it a job the one day where GMA comes they are happy they are to talk about it I ask you if you need money come and take you for me and go and bring that picture so that the world will do that have a mass wealth for that 17 or 18 months also I have to talk about a large that I have also a residence in a brick I am also wondering why wouldn't you if you can still documents from authority this one you don't need to steal you why don't you take the picture the social media and those communicators and radio and TV stations on the other I'll put in my name and my picture that I've acquired a residence in Apple and you can show a picture mischief mischief also I am alleged to have acquire a two million dollar land or two pieces of land in his leg oh that must be fine a sizable property and at his age I am NOT as greedy as the greedy master says to be able to get it to whatever 2 million dollar land why can't you produce the land Commission's document or at least take a picture of the adjoining properties and see this is what belongs to this man I've also been accused of having building shops in is legal yes I have built shops I started building my shop I used to own a hotel in American house it was a movie house and there's a restaurant I have converted that over the past three years and to build a shop not shops because it is meant for me I am a businessman it is going to be used for hardware and for whom items that you can buy for yourself am I afraid to say it's for me absolutely not there are some people here who visited me when I came here and saw the project and this there is nothing shameful you push Canas you have money to make investment to employ people to steal money and take it to device the foreign countries and let the rest of them and joy at the expense of our people I own that shop and is going to a pray Elizabeth 200 people and probably I'm gonna invite you at the grand opening it is not adhere Spence of this contest you know what I see people like mr. applause and my friends on the other side probably on the aisle and sometimes even including people in the aisle who don't want to see a goodness this Authority has had so much problems they had been a fire that has corrupt that has been announced that has been declared as awesome the people still in documents could not tell you and when we finish we will go I show you where the fire took place they are out there talking rubbish that this man here is amassing work for himself now I'd like to say something in the account problem you see and cheering Kasana who say all day but once in a while water you have to roll your sleeves and tell people what it this authority when I took over the hands of offense in the first month I had to borrow money to pay salary this Authority has been able to move on we are acquired about 27 cars tented over one year because of bad credit our inability to response these cars were about to be she's living by customs where I took over within two months I made a necessary man salt alone and be able to bring all the authority cars in and I am able to say that by EM we've restructured in such a way that in Spain the seven million whatever bill that we have got this will come to an end just make some few comparisons not that I want to market myself because I'm already marketed by the publicity that you have given me in the social media in the print media and in the television stations I am already marketed but I'd like you to know that in 2016 this organization made sixty four point six million in revenue out of that the authorities spent seventy two point nine million regular African my sets we eat more than we can produce seven million in the hole how could you do that that's about seven to eight million in deficit in 2017 when I took over the offense paving with a change of government whereby I came in about March we my management staff determined to go ahead raise ninety nine point two million local two hundred million Ghana Cedis we have increased revenue just in one year by telling four point six million but not the expenses associated in generating more revenue will be more than what have been used to generate less revenue the authority has been able to move the expenses of seventy two point nine katappa previous administration we only did fifty six million in expenses to generate 100 even a profit for the best time of 43 million Ghana cities the money we made in 2015 we've made it as a puppet if this man was to chop chop I'll be creating chop chop expenses and be able to reduce this particular income there is not in my psyche it is not in my bones to be able my administration has been so transparent that everything we do is management decisions until I got here there was never a management meeting for 12 years of this admission I got here and we do management meetings every Tuesdays long as I'm here who's that from morning some town and at 10 p.m. serious business that's why we generated the income now we we intend and just for you to see that for the first time this organization will be paying at least about 8 million dividend to the government of Ghana I can assure you that the authorities mandate its overseeing the affairs of the waters of Ghana can you imagine that you are in charge of the waters and you cannot stop in the water unless you make the pujas and whatever people to give you asses this Authority under my administration some vessels are here but by the 28th of November we would have acquired internally generated funds seven patrol and search and rescue vessels this has been paid for internally no loans this Authority has had for the first time in the assumption of this business being able to go to the water lake with all the problems and accidents who started tackling removing the tree stops our first phase alone is about four million which establishes your responsibility that we are paid ties down has been removed and we are planning different pieces so that we can make the people who use the lake and the people who make a living from the enof intelligent will be able to have some city guidance when we took over this organization we have had what we call our surveillance equipment and for you media people especially probably their eye on ports you know the BTM is that is the equipment that give access to oversee all the waters of Ghana without it we're blindfolded the Navy is given us as by US Customs Drug Enforcement national security so it's a very critical equipment which is host housed in the left the building that is in there gonna be TM is probably take you there or appreciate that time this in 2012 that we put it together 2014 that was commissioned it has never been serviced we had problems we couldn't see things the Navy was complaining when I had to go on it didn't take me three months we find the money and we maintain it we service it over Alijah yeah about 800 was about a million dollars or whatever four million Ghana Cedis given access to secure our ports and all other offshore operations that will give us the benefit of the Orion production now we wouldn't be asking so much of this all that but he also said the question if people want to talk about corruption within these few months that this man is doing it where was harmony where was our money I didn't print speak money so when all this is were not being done what was happening to our money for anybody on the other side to talk about crossing the authority in making efforts to make sure that even our people are giving jobs almost all that the people that the national service I have been able to bring them on board when I saw that not who I give them a thousand is that over 700 so that it can tell you be somewhere and begin to come along I will pay some of them to work with us that is improving the lives of the people this authority when I took over there were people who for so long has been held in abeyance or they yes not promoted I am told you only have to sing the praises of the bosses before you were promoted I set up a committee independent of me and we are able to break promotions over 64 people promoted some are kept Elias with a promotion and all these have come to increase our bills that we are paying and we are paying our salaries on every twenty or twenty fourth without failing a day that you don't go get your money in the back [Applause] when I took over to only Garrity's have the opportunity to have health benefits I said I'm gonna take my people gradually soon as I took over I put all employees and brought people to check the eyes because sometimes when I use computers you don't know we have a problem I just happened to be lucky at the age of 70 or whatever years we are promoting I don't have and they tested and we gave money for some people to go and buy glasses where we had a problem I also call it nhi s to come in and register all workers and so long as you come to the reducing paid for by the authority and you present a bill for the first time everybody have the opportunity for the appeals to be picked up by the authority thus improving the life of the people without spending the money as we sit here and if you look at its structure as we sit here this is the colonial days Kwame Nkrumah ministers building we continue to be in the authority you have authorities were boarding the ship s authorities the Council of is some haven't three four immigrant Assam we are still in this miserable state in Tecate my offices are housed in a two-bedroom flats to do the job an authority does to pretend over everybody including the poor my people are working on that stress everybody and the maritime issue kiss us we're not blue in our home and it's a fact but there you go into Tama when I came there miserable state out about 10 12 people in my office how can people were comfortable like that today you can see at the corner before the entrance of Cana maritime Authority where my workers are comfortable I will not eat or chop chop at the expense in that regard we have begun to acquire land intima acquire land in Tecate pay for and going to use this authorities land here moving into a common school therapist and we are going to build a 15 floor couplers here and a story in Tata MA and a six story in Tecate all simultaneously to be paid by paid for intelligent written and all we will started this year we are going through procurement process that is creativity that is innovation is what I'm trying to blow my horn but if you are pushed you have to respond I am not corrupt I do not falsify documents but for those people that live every day by torture that I suppose life they live in fire blackmailing and I'm sure we were on the audit from 209 June 2017 unfortunate some arsonists well we began to fair day the next day all our nyira course was bent nobody is talking about it the steel s they are not bringing that features to you the steel as all novel ICP College are not bringing that to you but I believe that people who do the wrong teens especially fire they can go to sleep they keep waking up to see fire so they have to keep spreading the news so that they can wake up in your dreams I have come to the end of my presentation and if anything that has to come on I am ready to answer your questions


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  • from what i have read so far Ghanaian will forever surfer because we don't like the truth, we rather refer party politics to good governance.
    if it is own money will you spend that on party fun far.

  • These are the kind of people we are looking to occur position in Ghana. God bless u so much Director n thanks for setting things strength.

  • Yet we are a so called Christian country and is it Christian as a nation to let WICKEDNESS and JEALOUSY control our lives?

  • The Post Independent Ghanaian mindset is always looking for two things: Cause somebody to fall (Pull Him Down-PHD)and report only negative news. I have listened to this gentleman and the whole press conference and I think he is doing a wonderful job. For him to turn a loss of GHc7million(Remember, they had an income generation of GHC64million and expenditure of GHC71million) But today they have generated GHC91million with an expenditure of GHC57 leaving a Profit of GHC34million. Ghanaians let us stop selling our country so cheap to foreigners but rally behind hard working patriots who want to added to the growth of our GDP. We need a paradigm shift. Ghanamindset is about technology, it is about Ghanaians doing positive things, it is about not placing any limitation on the MIND and accept that we are equally capable to achieve our full potential if we aspire to work:HARD.

  • Benjamin Simmpson says:

    Thank u Mr. Director for the wisdom of christ that is upon u. don't be intimidated or think Ghanaian's are not seeing the good work u r doing. if it is mischief's and propagander that wins the heart of people, these wicked unbelievers of NDC and their journalist would still be in power. But Ghanaian's are discerning now and have learnt not to argue with fools but think for themselves and decide for themselves. I am intelligent and don't allow the media or anybody to decide for me which song is good or which player is better or who is intelligent or who is making sense. Any sensible or God fearing person does not judge from listening to one side but always listens to all patsies involved. The intellectuals who come here have seen the mischief's of these wicked unbeliever (the NDC and their journalist). The lord is with u so keep up the good work

  • Bismarck Arhin says:

    Ghanaians should help the good people who want to help Ghana to stand on good grounds to move forward and stop this bogus action to bring this good people reputation down.
    Mr.Owusu should take this silly a-plus or whatever to court,that,will clear his name.
    Ghana have many evil doers and these devils cant go into issues well before bringing it to limelight…this stupid a-plus is no.1.This silly a-plus should tell Ghanaians…..How he took from his bogus news?

  • Bismarck Arhin says:

    What's wrong if a boss arranged an end of year party to his workers for working soo hard to bring a company which almost collapsed and come to it feet,again?
    Is something wrong for a company which almost collapsed,is ready to pay Ghc8billion into government chest?
    Is something wrong for these workers to enjoy with the collapse of the company under this devil ndc regime…who couldn't pay even the workers but the new boss borrowed money to pay the debt he met..is getting money to let the workers feel on their hard work?
    This stupid…..big mouth a-plus should get his demn information well before he can come out to talk rubbish

  • Theophilus Ampiah says:

    Ghanaians are culturally and naturally brought up to become "timid, stupid and uncreative". We are stuck in captive by mediocrity to such an extent that people who are active, smart and defensive are described as 'arrogant, all-knowing and too known,' while people who are passive, quite or timid they are described as 'humble and respectful.' The posture of the DG is that of 'confidence and assertiveness ', which many ignorant Ghanaians hate. This is a clear example of astute leadership.

  • Wow what is the difference between this man and arm rubber? Oh Ghana when this kind of attitude is going to change…this man is very corrupt..please Nana Addo what are you saying about this? Ghanaians are not happy about this thief

  • Aaa this is shameful!! No one pities mother Ghana!! Look at d state of ur country, n listen to urself. U have no shame

  • Emanuel Adjei says:

    We deserve such leaders it's about time Ghanaians realised that no leader in any institution or political party is looking out for the citizens . They are only thinking of how to enrich themselves Period!

  • Nana Ama otchere says:

    A wise man never reponses to issue in this manner u r such stupid man . Such a foolish talk ur position must be suspended soon.as possible

  • kofi boasiako says:


  • kofi boasiako says:


  • kofi boasiako says:


  • Emmanuel Mensah says:

    You are using the tax payers money to throw party for your staff and their girlfriend? if it was your private hotel would u you have approved this waste.

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