I'LL FIX YOU Scene - The Newsroom

I'LL FIX YOU Scene – The Newsroom

the vast majority of this rainforest is unexplored despite almost a hundred years of commercial logging I would add that renowned primatologist Jane Goodall it's also a belief that given the cryptozoological history of the lowland gorillas but she's not alone in a shooting in Tucson and a congresswoman gabrielle giffords been their best gimmie our Tucson affiliate Charlie Skinner New York controls breaking in in 15 minutes when you Gary I need to be able to talk to a goddamn correspondent on the ground for shooters in custody who is he how they get him supporting their next album without me look at the insight cube from Natalie Rizzo just watch we're cutting into our program with breaking news a local Tucson newspapers reported that Arizona Congresswoman Gabby gabrielle Giffords has been shot while holding a public event in Tucson outside of a grocery store possibly as many as 12 others have been rushed to an area hospital according we're now learning that three members of Gabrielle Giffords staff were among those wounded and rushed to University Medical Center in – does he have an arrest record for over an hour now how can they not know who he is he's not going on the air with maybe no an arrest record him okay can you tell me if the congresswoman's district office has received any threats James yeah Tempe are saying she's dead anyone else no she's not dead yet if you're just joining us a gunman in Arizona open fire fox MSNBC and CNN are all calling him let me hear MSNBC a sole source of information that reports that the Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been killed in this heinous attend attempt on her life along with Julie get me some official confirmation I'm not coming in there where's he called it yet I don't have time Jim why isn't he called the ferry I need him in the hospital he's there CNN MSNBC and Fox say she's dead they're all going off the same NPR report I'm not satisfied give a shit you satisfied we're going to show you now an interview gabrielle Giffords gave just last year this is congresswoman biffle's what's going on Oh Karen every second you're not current a thousand people are changing the channel to the guy who is that's the business you're in MSNBC Fox and CNN also she's dead Don tell him Don it's a person but doctor pronounces our dead not the news back to five or what we know so far is that congresswoman gabrielle Giffords and 12 others were shot when a gunman opened fire at a local Town Hall is he overhearing it breezy at the hospital she's alive who's telling you that the anesthesiologist she's being prepped for surgery good or alive FBI called it wrong she's alive she's alive well alright we're learning now that Giffords is being prepped for surgery and we have our ACN affiliate at University Hospital now what can you tell us Matt get in here with Charlie right now right now you tell Leona that if she wants me out of this chair she better bring more than just a couple of guys that's exactly what I'll fucking tell her fucking shield back I'm sorry it's not your fight everything's gonna be all right what the fuck is going on you're a fuckin newsman John I ever tell you otherwise you punch me in the face okay but you're back in third back in best go just breathe break it this isn't a sketchy description for the procedure they'll be trying hey when this is over let me see the Bigfoot presentation pretty I think I need some consulting on what's real and what's not okay I think you'll find that there's some striking evidence that thank you Tom let's put together what we know a little after noon today congresswoman Gabby Giffords shot while holding a town hall meeting in Tucson Arizona try to fix you


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  • 0:51 For some bizarre reason I've fixated on Don's huuuge finger point at Tess. Looks like he's ready for champion darts! And thx for the upload.

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