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  • Philip DeFranco says:

    lol I'm tired. Im gonna go oversleep and I'll see you back here tomorrow.
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  • The age gap only makes sense if there is a power difference that can be abused. Florence and Zach don't have any real power difference in their relationship, so good on them.

  • No one cared when Mariah Carey was with a younger man or when older hollywood actresses get with younger men like Madonna, so whomever Zach dates is not a subject up for judgements that should be tolerated or validated.

  • It almost makes me laugh that fast food workers want “hazard pay”. I’m a paramedic and I dummy even get hazard pay. They do need basic PPE though.

  • Kenny Stevenson says:

    Anyone else notice the typo in the article about the factories closing saying “do to” instead of “due to”? No, just me cool.

  • i’m 20 and my fiancé is 28, i get a lot of shit for that and it’s stupid. she’s an adult, he’s an adult, it doesn’t matter.

  • You said it it's an extension of reallife. In real life there's always one or two assholes that are willing to save the thing everyone's thinking out loud. So when you're on the internet and on Twitter there's a fuck Ton of assholes willing to say what everyone else is thinking. The age thing is weird. And it probably is predatory but it's legal and no one should give a shit because she can make these decisions for herself as she is an adult. but for anyone to post something in a public place and then expect to not see mean comments is stupid. That's just how social media he will need to grow a thick skin and ignore it. (Threats are different please report those to the police)

  • Commenters online are dumb bullies with a strange sense that their opinions matter on all subjects. She should hire someone to block them all

  • Forgive me if I don’t listen to a lawyer about a medical pandemic. Especially one as backwards and underhanded as Bill Barr, absolutely not the person to be listening to in these hard times

  • Yes, people are psycho for telling a grown woman she shouldn't be with whoever the hell she wants to be with. But… I also think sharing a happy birthday wish with MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD is truly psycho too. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I'm 20, my boyfriend is 33. And that's my choice, and Florence is at an age where people shouldn't think they deserve to voice nasty opinions. People can think an age gap is gross, but if it's between two legal adults, I don't think they should feel the need to express such opinions.

  • I'm essential and interact closely with the public in retail. We are given a choice to wear masks and gloves provided to us. We keep us and customers 6feet apart and have extensive cleaning routines after each guest we interact with. We also got a 2.00 raise for hazard pay. I am very blessed and grateful. It is a bit scary because some customers do not want to follow recommendations from Gov't/medical professionals and almost purposefully do opposite but I feel confident in my company and coworkers and again grateful to still be working and in decent conditions under the circumstances.

  • Charles Bright says:

    Odd how people need a condom, which you usually use if having relations with someone you don't know, during a lock down for the pandemic…. Yes I know "not all…" But come on people keep it in your pants.

  • Cassidy Roulet says:

    When my mom had a brain aneurysm over the summer, my sister who worked at McDonalds told them all the situation and that she couldnt be at work for awhile. Her managers thought she was lying, even tho we were all at the hospital every day for months. They thought my 15 year old sister was just "partying" in the cities thats why her location said she was there. When my mom started to get better and we could go back to work, the head manager at McDonalds fired my sister because she had been gone. I dont put them past doing this either ?

  • Mr. Patch Plays says:

    Funny how those deemed "non-essential" to the economy sit comfy in their mansions, while those deemed "essential" barely scrape by.

  • I'm an essential worker at a money processing place and with all the non-essential business gone atm, our business has slowed and I've been furloughed. i had to sign up for unemployment yesterday

  • Stophin Housen says:

    I am a building engineer (maintenance) for a hotel and I am very happy I can still work, we have plenty of PPE so I'm not concerned at work and I also know that most businesses cant run like this much more. I understand the protests for gloves and other PPE but hazard pay IMO is taking advantage of the situation.

  • Shalashaska 994 says:

    Those fast food workers are such babies. Their jobs are not essential. Yeah they should be given PPE but nothing more.

  • Carla V Martinez says:

    I think each relationship has its different versions of normal. I am 24 yrs old too, and to me, dating a 44 yr old man is weird because my father is a 44 yr old man. But from what’s I’ve seen about their relationship it the age gap works

  • Large corporations have shown time and time again that they don’t care about anything that doesn’t involve profits. So the fact that a lot don’t care about their workers and costumers health doesn’t surprise me.

  • I work for 7/11. They have put up a sneeze guard for the cashiers, you can't bring in an outside cup, and you can't get your own food from the self serve grills anymore. But the sink is on the other side of the store and as a cashier, I can't move away to wash my hands after each cash transaction. They have gloves for you to wear but once you touch money, your gloves are now dirty. There is no way to change your gloves because people aren't caring about the workers who are handling everything behind the counter. We try to wash our hands when we can but most of the time, I am working alone so therefore a line happens and I can't leave the register just to wash my hands. There isn't any hand santizer. No masks. I have a low ammune system but I can't call out because then I might be fired/punished for doing so. The stuff that they give me to clean the public areas like the handles, buttons, shelves, and so forth doesn't have anything in it to kill a virus. I have also seen my co-workers using the same rag over and over again for cleaning different surfaces, which only spreads germs. The owner isn't taking this seriously and is sweeping this under the rug, like its a normal day. I am getting worried and warn out because they won't hire anymore people due to the virus. 4 workers for a 24/7 place is killing all of us. This is getting really bad. We have customers around here that will have one family member with a fever, but they will still come out. Their excuse is that they don't have a fever so they don't need to be stuck in the house. People are playing with other's lives!

  • Rapid spread of the virus… In Australia..? Wut? I mean, The numbers look optimistic here (in Australia) compared to the majority of other countries

  • Skyla vanTrikt says:

    Work for penn medicine no hazard pay using soiled masks every day and touching soiled trays covered in spit and mucus coming from covid patients but the letters of encouragement they hang up definitely puts me at ease ?

  • ZombieGummibear14 says:

    I work for a Subway in Virginia and people are still allowed to come on even though we have a drive thru. People cough and sneeze without covering their mouths constantly and no one is following the six foot rule. We're not allowed to wear masks because the owner of our store said he's afraid it'll affect sales. I am immunocompromised and we have another working that is pregnant and has heart issues. Yesterday one of our coworkers called out because she was showing symptoms and all of us are terrified. I don't even think our store manager has told the owner yet. I wish I could go on strike but I need my job as does everyone else. It's a terrible thing what owners of places do to make a quit in all honesty.

  • What two people are doing that is in no way breaking laws or harming someone I can't be bothered to care past this comment.

  • I work for dominos and the started to give us masks and personal hand sanitizer for our delivery drivers. On top of that, all deliveries are now contactless meaning there is no physical contact between the customer and the driver, leaving space for social distancing.

  • When you post your life online be prepared for the backlash and others opinions. If you don’t want people to say nasty things or have an opinion about you… JUST DONT POST IT. It’s quite simple.

  • David Gathercole says:

    I wouldn't put my relationship out there, especially if I were a public figure, celebrity, etc!!. I really don't care who dates who. I wish them well!

  • There's far more to worry about than condoms if adolescent girls are getting pregnant while practicing social distancing and sheltering in place at home

  • As for myself who works as a cashier, i honestly feel fine. I have a small bottle of hand sanitizer hanging on my nametag at all times while im on shift. Honestly ive dealt with more paranoid customers than feeling scared myself.

  • weirdo sunishine says:

    My partner and I have a 15 year age gap. You can't change who you love. Why anyone would have a problem with two people who love each other?

  • 24 is young. Looking back if I was dating a guy that old when I was so young I would feel sad for myself. I feel sad for her now. She’s probably happy and thinks she knows everything and hopefully she doesn’t regret it.

  • Gotta say I'm disappointed, I think you need to up your fact checking and your insinuations, and not just copy and paste from others.
    1. Why won't KFC a multibillion dollar company give hazard pay, healthcare, etc.? Answer because KFC more specifically Yum Brands doesn't own or operate the store, the franchisee does. An important part of the conversation that isn't included at all.
    2. Countries in "summer" climates like Iran. I mean what?!?? Iran is in the northern hemisphere and currently experiencing winter just like other cities at it's latitude like Memphis and Charlotte.

    Be better Phil.

  • Everyone's favorite Idiot says:

    We own a family business and have been taking precautions and even shut down our dining room well before this all happened if you’re manager wasn’t On top of all of this then you just have a shitty manager or a shitty owner

  • One major problem with McDonalds specifically is that 90% of their stores are franchised, so there's no guarantee that individual stores will be affected by all corporate policies.

  • James. T Russworm says:

    Nothing wrong with her relationship. Condoms aren’t essential unless your a moron as the person you are having sex with shouldn’t be a rando in corona times

  • As a Target employee it’s so scary, in my state (PA) nonessentials haven’t been blocked off yet so of course people are coming in by the hoards to just browse clothes, furniture, toys, whatever, cause their bored! And the company is letting them knowing full well that giving people the ability to shop casually throughout the entire store without any regard for their employees. They JUST Recently within the past few weeks closed off the fitting rooms, stopped accepting returns, and FINALLY allowed us to wear gloves and masks. End of March, finally gave us masks. It’s absurd how big box retailers and fast food are treating their employees.

  • lemonadecupcakes says:

    People should stop being dicks to grown people in consensual relationships, especially on someone else's 'front yard". I am temporarily working retail while my school is closed, and most people are buying hair dye, fingernail polish, and Easter Candy (but hoping we have sanitizer, toilet paper and masks). If you let people out for groceries and medicine, what is the sense in saying "you can't grab birth control when you walk by it, I don't want you to!!". That's one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. Also, I don't think that these strikes and walk-outs are company-wide things, I think they are issues with middle management. The McDonalds by my job have plexiglass shields, wear gloves, and I don't see masks but I wouldn't be put off by seeing them. I'm actually a little annoyed at my current retail store for requiring me to wear face masks. (only because they are hot and awkward, not because I want a terrible virus.) Our manager has provided lots of soap, sanitizer, masks, gloves, plexiglass shields, lysol spray, bleach wipes… all to keep our customers and our staff as healthy as we can. I have never seen a cleaner store in my entire life. I bet there are managers out there that absolutely do not do what mine does, though, even though corporate mandates that we do so. So, blaming a corporation when middle management is not doing their part doesn't sound very fair. jmo.

  • Whitney Holcomb says:

    I work in a SNF and they will only give hazard pay if we have a positive case of COVID here and ONLY the nurses taking care of the patients will get hazard pay.

  • Starr Setterberg says:

    Fast food worker here… yes, that sounds too true. Just wash your hands a bit later and cross your fingers 🙁

  • my cuz is 25 and she married with a 54yr old and she haves a baby by him age dont matter as long as your above the age 21+ to me

  • An ICU nurse told me that the hospital admission rate "looks" like it's stabilizing, 'looks like' being the key words, because hospitals are denying new admissions for patients without severe symptoms. That's one reason why the apex cannot be accurately predicted in NY. The people showing up to the hospitals, with positive test results, are not being accounted for.

  • Hi, I'm an essential worker, but able to work from home. Everyone got a pay cut because revenue has slowed. Unsure if they'll keep reducing pay or start firing people if it keeps up.

  • When you get demonetized by YouTube, do you get any proceeds at all? (Like the period before it was demonetized), or do you get nothing. Just curious because if ads run while it’s still monetized YouTube gets that cash and doesn’t have to share with the creator. Shitty business model imo if that’s the case. I hope I’m wrong!

  • Essential worker here, my job is currently only doing window pickup for all aquarium supplies and even live fish. We have minimal exposure to the public. My job supplied us with some masks, they are thin but better then nothing. Hopefully people keep coming to buy fish food and supplies so I can stay on schedule.

  • Wow, people are out of touch. Since the beginning of time older established men always had younger mating partners. Nothing weird at all. Jealous mother f'ers.

  • In Canada the situation is slightly better, but I haven't heard anything from my boyfriends (and my previous) employer regarding financial benefits. The company is owned by the fourth most wealthy man in Canada and he's just sitting on it.

  • This is honestly crazy I work in a Mcds in Canada and we always have sanitizer/ peroxide spray, we have gloves(you may also wear ppe but it’s not supplied by the store), they’re installing shields in the drive through, our headsets tell us ever 15 minutes to wash our hands(we always have soap and paper towel) and if we have to miss work due to covid we can get two weeks paid leave.

  • Sure, the age gap is weird, but she's totally right. At 24, it really doesn't matter – it's not predatory. And there's no reason anyone should care. It doesn't have anything to do with them

  • This is not good, for truckers, we already have difficult situation us, as we are turned away a lot. Its already difficult enough to find food and showers, wile we are keeping America moving. I hope things can be good. I want them to be good, but don't forget about the truckers trying to keep America moving.

  • When I was 19, I dated a man who was 34. Although some of my friends thought our ages were too far apart I saw nothing wrong with it because we connected and enjoyed each other's company. I'm 54 now and have since moved on from that relationship but even now I look back on that time with fondness. As long as it's two consenting adults who genuinely enjoy being together it's really nobody's business. True love isn't about age or gender. It's about the connection you have with that person.

  • Danny Rodriguez says:

    Can look into the topic where the government counts all coronavirus patient deaths as a “covid-19 death” regardless of the actual cause of death?

  • The Pebble Tribe says:

    I worked at a McDonald's last summer and decided not to go back during the coronovirus because of how unreasonable they can be. I completely believe the person who wasn't allowed to wear a mask on the jpb

  • As long as they're consenting adults and one partner isn't in a position of power over the other, I don't think there's anything wrong with it

  • MunkiesMontages says:

    Legal age of adulthood is 18 which only means you can vote, pay taxes, and sign up for the military, and have the ability to live your life without anyone else telling you how to.

  • I'm angry! OMG, why does he get to be with Florence Pugh? Arrgghhhh, anger anger, jealous jealous, *cries in soup*. Seriously, what a lucky guy, she's like super lovely.

  • Girl in the Striped Sweater says:

    Not just consenting adults but consenting adults whose brains are fully developed and have the capacity for cognitive decision making. Did everyone hating decide to use the "dating equation" as fact lol

  • I don't really think there is any proper response to the age gap question. I think what generally makes me skeptical of large age gaps is due to the power imbalance. An average early 20-year old, like myself, does not have the same experience, financial security etc. like an older man in his 40s. But for someone like Florence Pugh, a successful actress and celebrity, almost live in a different world were the average concerns a 20 year old deals with are either different or not simply there. The power imbalance while still there isn't as severe and there is always some imbalance of power.
    Even if the people responsible for the hate comments did it out of concern it is absolutely bizzare to ridicule Zach Braff. Insulting a persons partner is not a good way to get them to see their point of view.

  • I'm a vet tech who works for a corporate veterinary practice. Corporate offers us little to no protection. We are not supposed to change gloves between patients, just wash them. We are each allowed one single-use face mask, which we must wear all week and then sterilize to re-wear. We are still seeing wellness exams, nail trims, and elective surgeries. Clients are treating us worse than ever and we are busier than ever. We are only allowed to take the 80 hr paid leave if we test positive or have a family member that does. I was on a 3 week quarantine (which I was actually on for bereavement from my brother, but I also have severe asthma) and was forced to come back because otherwise I would lose my benefits.

    Essential workers are being treated like absolute garbage right now, and it seems the general public only praises human healthcare workers, while treating all other essential workers like shit.

    People dont realize the level of exposure we have as vet techs. We are quite literally one on top of the other restraining pets so we are unable to keep 6 ft between each other, and clients are refusing to maintain a safe distance. Some clients at other hospitals are still bringing their pets in despite testing COVID positive themselves!! Luckily we have a few amazing clients who have donated things like ear guards, homemade masks, and meals.

    My team is all stressed. Many of us are high risk and unable to leave our job because of financial constraints, plus our UE claim would be denied. Many of us have immediate family who are high risk, with cancer or lung disease.

    I've seen posts on local facebook pages of people recommending my clinic for nail trims because "they could probably use the business". We're slammed and certainly don't want to be there risking our lives for something as unimportant as a nail trim.

  • I agree! It's stupid people are criticizing the relationship, it's not a big deal. She is an adult, in a romantic relationship with another adult. There's nothing wring with that.

  • (45/2)+7=29.5. Meh. Close enough. It leans on the "inappropriate age gap" line, obviously, but that's really only something a close friend should be talking to them about, not random strangers on the internet.

  • Meanwhile I work security and interact with hundreds of people and still make minimum but we don't get any attention

  • ShavdezProductions says:

    I’ve come only to say that never again will I watch another one of your videos with an emoji in the title

  • My grandparents had a 19 year age gap. By the time I was old enough to realize this they were 58 and 79. It didn’t seem that crazy to me because my grandpa was energetic and fun and they both complimented each other so well. My grandma was very mature for her age and had 2 kids from a prior marriage and my grandpa had 4. They became a modern day Brady Bunch. I could never imagine them without the other. It was meant to be!

    Sometimes a person takes a long time to develop a career first and by the time they are ready to settle down and be a great partner along comes a younger person who has been ready for a serious relationship as well. Maybe that person is tired of all the f boys/girls who aren’t emotionally ready for doing real life yet. So an older more mature person may be the right fit .

  • Based Scottish Guy says:

    Remember when Kate Beckinsale started dating Pete Davidson and society didn't have a melt down despite the age difference?
    Reverse the roles and you have a scandal.
    They are consenting adults, lighten the fuck up and mind your own business.

  • Pensive Scarlet says:

    People please accept reality for once. This is a situation where less condoms means more problems. That is fact whether your worldview makes it upsetting to you or not. Do you have any idea how a death sentence influences the urge to reproduce? Please, if you're reading this comment and you genuinely don't get it, ask me. I've spent decades studying this stuff. Decades of my own time. I don't have certificates, I'm not legally recognized as a health professional, but I am determined to be an educator. If you're sitting there thinking you've just got to have children before its too late, or if you're just dealing with a suddenly heightened sex drive in general, let's talk it out. We're in the midst of the outbreak here. We need to get ourselves under control while we ride this out.

  • Our society is too focussed on age and it’s a problem. We are put side by side with kids our age throughout school years despite the fact that we may all be at different emotional, intellectual and physical levels of development. As a teacher I taught 6th graders who read at a 1st grade level and 6th graders who read at a 12th grade level simultaneously. Why do we arrange by age?

    Then we go to college and are told we have to figure out our life’s purpose and career by age 22.
    Then we are “expected” to have kids by 35 and as a woman in 2020 we still likely need to have them by 45 if we want to avoid complications of natural childbirth.

    So between the ticking clock that is the female womb and the societal pressures to do everything while you are young and stay with your own age, we have a massive age bias.

    There’s wisdom and love to be had befriending people of all ages and yes even by romantically getting involved.

    People should not be hating.
    Ageism should be more discussed.
    & all Schools should have classes arranged by levels, starting in 2nd grade, for math, writing and reading.

  • Coming from a large age gap relationship, (I'm 25 and my husband is 40, so 15 yrs and we have been together 7 yrs) of course I agree, people need to fuck off! Plain and simple if the between 2 consenting and legal ADULTS, it's none of your business!

  • Libbie Seehusen says:

    I work for a large coffee corporation, and I am still working during this time. At first, I felt that at my store we were well prepared; we had hand sanitizer by our drive-through window, and we were all required to wash our hands at least every thirty minutes. Unfortunately, as time goes on I've found that at my store we are really enforcing our sanitation procedures anymore. We no longer have hand sanitizer, and no one is reminded to wash their hands regularly. We do however have gloves that we can wear, but no one is enforcing or encouraging us to wear them. I think everyone who comes through our drive-through and every one of my coworkers is at risk because no one is taking proper precautions when handling money and the drinks we serve. I feel like I should be wearing gloves or tell someone about my concerns, but I'm afraid about speaking out or wasting supplies that could've been used by healthcare workers who I know need them. I know that my work is considered essential, but to me, that may be causing more harm than good because of all of the potential spreading of the virus that is going on at my store and probably many others.

  • Most surgical loop masks honestly aren't too good for keeping someone from getting the virus. ( Granted, something is better than nothing!)

    But even more than that, what these masks are good for is keeping your germs with you! Honestly people should want employees to to be wearing masks for their own protection as well. These employees could be asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus and a mask might not stop the spread, but it could.

  • I don’t see anything extremely wrong with the relationship, but I’d just like to point out it’d never be the other way around. It’s always an old guy with a young woman, never an old woman with a young guy

  • I grew up with parents that were 28 years apart, and my sister and her husband, are 10 years apart. For me and age gap was normal, it honestly shouldn't matter if both parties are happy and adults,I don't understand why people now adays are still making this huge deal over ADULTS being years apart. I don't know, I think if both parties are happy, people should just leave it alone , because most times, it is no one elses business.

  • Another thing I've noticed at my work (hospital) is a number of people who really seem like they have Covid19 being tested and found negative. They come back to work and still really seem like they have it.

    When I looked into it, there is something like 30% of false negatives, and yet they aren't telling us this when we get tested. Seems like pretty important info.

  • If you are over 18 you can date / marry anyone of the age of legal consent. All other people can go fuck off. Example why humans suck, to be mean just for the sake of being mean.

  • If she was like fresh out of highschool just barely 18 years old then I might think they have a bit of a point, but she's a 24 year old adult who's fully capable of making her own educated decisions. Personally, I'd be a bit uncomfortable dating someone that much younger/older than me, but I wouldn't say it's immoral in any way, just that it's not for me.

  • Steven Aguilar says:

    I work as a nurse in the ER and I had and recovered from COVID-19 a few weeks ago. Luckily none of my family nor girlfriend got it and I am officially immune to it now.
    Personally, I'm glad I got it earlier on cause I'm not afraid to work anymore. Also, since I'm immune, seeing friends is possible without the possibly of spreading it since there's no way for me to spread it.

  • Wander to Wonderland says:

    "Predatory" ?? theyre both adults, it doesnt matter… people are just bored with their own lives so theyre trying to start drama… its her life not yours, shes an adult it doesnt matter! If you dont like something just move on, your opinion isnt needed in every situation you believe is wrong.. keep swiping?

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