Iddaru || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Iddaru || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Our friends & family members sometimes tell us
that they have seen our look-a-like. Some people met their doppelganger. This is a story of two women who look
like twins but have different mentalities. What’s the hustle?
Why can’t he drive a bit slow? Who obligies to drive slow these days?
Nobody cares. One should not be reckless.
What if they meet an accident? All you need these days is a peace of mind.
It’s hard for everyone to have one. Come on, fast!
– I’ve got a doubt. Not just in the game, even in life, despite being a girl
you never limit yourself & live a fast phased life. It’s been ages since gender inequalities
have shrunk. The present generation is updated. You, your life & that’s it.
One should swiftly adapt to changing times. I hate the word slow. Hi!
– Hi! What’s it, you wanted to see me?
– You know that my dad met with an accident. I borrowed 2 lakhs from my relatives
for his operation. Dad’s still in the hospital. My relatives came home & made a ruckus
saying that it has been a week already. That’s bad.
– I told them I’ll pay them back in 2 days. I don’t know how to say it,
can you please ask your dad & lend me 30k? When our people are in dire need,
we ought to help them. Take this, mortagate it & pay them off. Later, I’ll talk to my dad
and recover the chain. I don’t have any sisters.
I wish I had a sister like you. Consider me as one.
Give my regards to uncle. Take care. Sure will. Why did you give him your chain?
– No matter what, people you bond with are your relatives. I felt sorry for Chaitu.
Joint families are now divided into nucleus families. I fear if our to be borns will
ever understand what families are about. Hi!
– Hi, dude. Are you free for a couple of minutes?
– No, but what’s it? I badly need 50k,
I’ll pay you back in a week. Please. Spending money on us is necessity.
Spending money on others, that’s unnecessary. You can live without family or friends,
but it’s hard to live without money. Don’t be a cheap steak. Stop getting into
a situation where you have to ask for money. Hey!
– Hi. Isn’t our gang here, yet?
– I just called them, they’re on their way. Okay. Chocolate?
– Thank you. Thing is,
I’ve been wanting to say you something. I don’t know how to say it,
I like you. If you say yes,
I’ll marry you. What’s got you thinking?
Don’t you like me? This same chocolate is available
at different prices but all taste the same. The love my dad shows on me
is like the taste of this chocolate, will never change. If you like me, talk to my dad.
I never say no to my dad. I won’t do anything he doesn’t want me to.
I’m sorry if I hurt you. But please don’t ever bring this topic again.
– Okay. Why’re you staring at me?
– IDK, I just feel like. My love for you is growing every day.
It’s been a year that I’ve proposed to you, you haven’t replied yet. Is that what you’re here for?
– Why don’t you give it a thought? You be yourself but be with me.
I’m serious about us. Oh, do you know the meaning of love?
– Who does? Impossible, nobody knows. Write down the word, ‘love’. Write it down in Telugu as well. Who are you?
– I’m Kiran. I’m asking your gender.
– Gender? Male. What am I? – Female.
– Now tell me, are we both the same? How’s can that be? You’re a woman & I’m a guy.
– It’s called love only when we match. Love doesn’t see age, language or gender. You just said, we both are different.
So, be cool dude. Love & marriage are a bussiness deal.
I hate it. Don’t be foolish. Pity him,
I said no & my reason made no sense. Isn’t it peaceful, to sit in a temple once in a while?
– Do you believe that God exists? I used to believe in God
but once dad met with an accident, I lost my faith. What wrong did he do?
Despite all these, do we got to pray to God? Chaitu, we got to face every situation life throws at us.
Our belief is God. Try to think in a postive sense. You’ll understand God
when you find a solution for such situations. Why did you laugh?
– You praying before eating made me laugh. I pray before I eat.
It’s God’s blessing that we eat food. God’s blessing.
What exactly did your God do? Is he paying for your food?
Be practical. You’re happy because of your hard-earned
salary paid by our boss. If you’re have to pray, pray to our boss
or the farmers who cultivated our food. But don’t ever booster God around me. ‘I’m fallen for this attitude of yours.’ I’ve finsihed writing the script.
I’m going to meet a producer. Oh, no.
– ‘Whom do you plan on casting as the lead?’ What’s with the hustle? Hi!
Have you as well ever met your doppler gang? Do you plan on saying everything? Did you ever felt like you already met
the person before or experienced some sort of deja vu? If you did, please comment below
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