iClone Virtual Newsroom Live Demo

iClone Virtual Newsroom Live Demo

in this demonstration I will show you how you can take green screen footage use op Video Converter to remove the background then take the chroma key video and place inside of iclone to create virtual sets for your podcast or other video productions so to get started let's make sure we have puff video converter to Ohno open and I am just going to load in a green screen footage I have such as browse to the video on your hard drive and open it up once the green screen footage has been loaded you can then preview the video remember you can use videos with or without spoken dialogue now before we start I want to point out that this video is a decent example of green screen footage but it certainly is not Hollywood quality for example you can see there is a crease going down the middle of the set where two green screens are being used plus there's a slight difference in colors of the green between those two screens also notice you can see some wrinkles and the lighting used in this production is not professional expensive lighting because we can still see the shadows on the floor for other software it could take a professional maybe five to ten minutes to chroma key this green screen footage for amateurs or people who have no idea how to create alpha channels this could take a few hours or perhaps their entire lifetime well with Pop Video Converter 2.0 we have the one-click solution which we can create Auto chroma key so just check this box on and you can see the majority of the green screen has been removed but there is still some artifacts around our actor to remove those artifacts we can just use the simple slider bars to make adjustments to make the rest of those artifacts disappear plus we can use blur which can help make the edges of our actor and background to blend better now you can see in less than one minute I was able to create a chroma key video and despite all the defects in the original video of all those shadows and wrinkles who still could remove that background with the end result on par with the professional output and speaking of output let's take a look at how to get this Pro McKee video into icon let's click on the output one thing I want to point out is that this video was originally filmed in HD format which is good to give me a good clear video of my actor but notice after I've created my chroma key all that unused space will be also in the output so we can use the prop tool to just choose the area where our actor is and not include that huge swath of unused space this way we can still keep the high quality of HD but not have to render out the entire HD video and once you're ready just select convert but depending on the size of the video it may take a few minutes and it's about as exciting as watching paint dry so I'm just going to jump over to iclone and use some pop videos I had converted earlier okay now we are in iclone let me show you how to add in your videos into iclone I like to joke around and say this is perhaps the most complicated part of this demonstration because it requires you to use both hands so notice I have another folder open off my desktop now take your left hand hold down the ctrl key then left click with your right hand on the pup video file in the folder and drag that video into the scene now that wasn't so bad was it so you can see our actor is now on the scene and you can also see he's casting a shadow most other 3d virtual sets the claim that can place your actor in real 3d world but what they're really just doing is video overlay where you have one video playing in the foreground of your actor and then another video playing behind that one and just to keep up with the Joneses you can create the same effective video overlay by just simply dragging a video file from off your hard drive and just plop it down in the background and play back so that's the industry standard but I say with iclone and pop Video Converter you can really create 3d virtual sets so let me show you how you can take your 3d video productions to the next level with icon now the virtual studio pack comes with several preassembled projects of scenes then you can use to quickly put together a virtual studio video production to quickly show you how you can add those sets I have saved those projects as 3d scenes so watch I just double click and now my actor is standing in a 3d scene and notice how he stands behind the news desk and as I Pan the camera around you can see he's really in a 3d world notice all those textures and images on the props you can change those images however you like maybe with your logos or other textures of your choosing since this kid is doing a wacky dance maybe we can choose a different 3d virtual studio maybe one that's more appropriate for a kid dancing like this now this is a good scene but I want to add in more props to build up my scene and you can always build a scene completely from scratch this is a good time to point out through the exchange which enables you to download any of the millions of models found on the Google Sketchup 3d warehouse so instead of having my kid dance in this scene I could download a model of say the Eiffel Tower and have the kid dance on the top of the tower so to demonstrate how quickly I can add models into my scene I have a few models that I got from 3d exchange I will just add these models in say this one of the mushroom and notice I can just drag and drop this model anywhere I like or I could drag and drop that same mushroom here in the foreground and make a new mushroom and then using the transform tool I can move the mushroom around in the scene wherever I like even move it up into the sky switch over to the rotate tool and I can rotate the mushroom around remember I clone is an animation tool so I can also add animation to these props for example move the time scrub forward a few seconds then use the rotate tool to rotate my mushroom and now a keyframe was created so from this point of the timeline to this point at the timeline my mushroom will rotate so let's play back and watch pretty cool right okay let's delete this mushroom and add in another prop I'm going to add in an easel remember I said we could change the images of our props let me show you how easy it is notice right now it is a kids drawing let's say if I wanted I could change this image to an image of maybe students studying in a library so just drag that image off your hard drive and drop it on the crop you can do this for any prop and for any surface of a prop and what about videos we can do the same thing just take any video you have dragged it over and drop it on the prop and then let's play back now we can have a video playing in the scene while the kid is dancing so just imagine you can create many sets with videos playing in the background like in the news or other videos afterwards we can export our video so go to the export tab and choose video hi : supports all major industry standard formats for video for example avi then I can choose the size of the output like maybe for YouTube publishing or DVD publishing or even HD qualities and that is how you can take your green screen footage use the fast and simple tool pop video converter 2.0 to remove the background and generate a pop video to use night long use an existing virtual set studio or enhance or build your own virtual set with props and models then finally exporting your video into any format of your choosing


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