I Sent a McDonald’s Big Mac to Space & Ate It (First McDonalds Burger in Space)

I Sent a McDonald’s Big Mac to Space & Ate It (First McDonalds Burger in Space)

– [Menu Speaker] Hi, can
I take your order please? – Hey, can I have a Big Mac, please? All right, we’ve ordered
our Big Mac, Moon. This Big Mac is gonna be special. It’s not just going straight
to the mouth from McDonald’s. It’s going from McDonald’s, into space, back down and then into my mouth. Space burger. This is the one. I mean, everyone knows a Big Mac. Everyone knows what a
Big Mac is, don’t they? It might taste a lot better, I don’t know. Will it taste the same? Will it taste different? Will it be hot? Will it be cold? I don’t know, who knows? Let’s taste a McDonald’s
that’s been in space. So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna get this burger, we’re gonna go home, get
this weather balloon thing, and attach everything together, and then just shoot it up in to space. Let’s go. (laughs) Oh yeah. Thank you. Let’s go, Moon. The McArmstrong. (passenger laughs) – Wait, wait, wait.
– The McArmstrong. – Quick, take this off me. – All right, all right, oh. Moon, we’ve been this, oh God, I don’t even know what to say. So, we’ve bought the Big
Mac, we brought it home, and we’ve put this concoction together, and if this works, it’s
an absolute miracle. Here we go, look, this is what we’ve got. (audience laughs) (record scratch) Here we go, here’s the box. There’s the camera looking at the burger, and this rope attaches to this parachute, so this is hopefully what’s
gonna bring this down from the heavens back down to us. And then this string here, goes
off to the weather balloon. The weather balloon is gonna go all the way up to 100,000 feet, which I think, I looked, is
like 24 miles straight up. 24 miles high, and then it’s gonna pop. The balloon’s just gonna
bang, it’s gonna fall, the parachute will bring it
down, and here’s the box. – [Moon] And then, we finally
see that earth is flat. – Yeah, this is also two-in-one. We see the earth is flat and
we’ll eat a burger from space. (laughs) All right, so let’s open the
box and show you what’s inside. Here we have the tracker. This is the tracker, this
is what’s gonna help us keep track of where it is. We’ve got the GoPro here looking out. We’re gonna have this GoPro
hooked up to the power bank to make sure there’s enough battery there, so the thing can record
for three to four hours. We’re gonna have two hand warmers in there to keep all the technology
warm because apparently, it’s gonna be -50 degrees
celsius like right up there, so we don’t want the GoPro to just freeze and turn off and stuff. If this thing works,
it’s gonna be a miracle. There’s so many things that can go wrong. This thing has been so
scientific, it’s unreal, we’ve been doing calculations. I’ve done math for the
first time in years. (laughs) The GoPro can overheat. It can do the opposite,
freeze or whatever. The power bank could cut out and stop the power supply to the GoPro. The string can snap. The balloon could pop before it gets high. – [Moon] Tracker don’t work. – Tracker don’t work and
we can’t even find it. – [Moon] It lands in the sea. – It could land in the sea, it could land in someone’s
garden, on someone’s house. We’ve got four canisters of helium, which I’m hoping is enough. Get that filled up, get this
recording, get the lid on, duct tape it, attach it to
the balloon, send it up, follow it wherever it goes,
get the thing back, eat it. That’s it. Here we go Moon, here we go. Come on, Moon. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. (screams) We’ve extra ordered
online a very good tool for measuring wind, you
know, very expensive, but apparently very precise. Oh, a bit of a breeze coming
from the west, all right. (techno music) – Dave Allen, look, I’m famous, yay! – Dad, stop it, hold it, hold it! Stop it, stop recording.
– Oh my God. (laughs) (techno music) – So, if you don’t see any footage of me letting it go or
anything, of the actual balloon, it means we didn’t find it,
so another spoiler alert. – [Moon] Doh. (laughs) (techno music) – Three, two, one. (techno music) (music stops abruptly) (Moon laughs) – Just really carefully unpicked all the duct tape off of it. I don’t know how we’ve not
popped it at this point. And we’re trying to sneak
some more helium in. – [Moon] How many canisters, Thomas? – 12. – [Moon] Attempt two. – Attempt number two. (helium voice) All right,
and here we go, take two. Oh my God. – [Moon] Oh, it goes. – [Thomas] Did I press record? – [Moon] Thomas don’t, that’s not funny. – Is she still going? – [Moon] Look, look,
look, it’s still going. Yeah, it’s slowly, but it’s going up. – Oh my gosh, Moon, quick,
track it on your phone. – [Moon] Quick, quick, quick. – Oh my God, oh God it’s going. Where is it? It’s there, it’s China,
I can’t even see it on camera anymore, what? (laughs) It’s not tracking Moon, it’s not tracking. It still thinks we’re here
in this field an hour ago, last time it updated the satellite. – [Moon] You think it turned
itself off or something? – Better not have, it
can’t turn itself off, that’s a rubbish tracker
if it turns itself off. I can barely see it with my eyes. There’s no chance of following it without this tracker now, it’s failing. If this is the reason it fails, I’m really not going to be happy. – [Moon] We have to get in the
car now and just follow it. – Come on, let’s go, quick, quick. Come on, quick. – [Moon] Quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick, all in. – [Thomas] Come on, quick. Keys, keys.
– Wait, let’s check the phone. – Oh my God, I hope we can
get at best get signal, Moon. – [Moon] Oh, we got signal! (screaming) About three minutes
ago, three minutes ago. – [Thomas] Where? – [Moon] There, over field. You look, type it in, type it in. – [Thomas] Whoa, for
real, it’s gone this far. – [Moon] Really far. – It’s gone miles, literally miles. – [Moon] Come on, quick,
we have to follow it. – [Thomas] Oh my God, quick, quick. (excited screams) – [Moon] Quick, follow it! – I can’t believe it. My heart stopped when it weren’t updating. All right, so we just head
towards where it was last known, and then hopefully along the
way maybe it will update again and we can change direction
and just keep following it, so when it does come
down we get there first and someone else won’t steal our box. Oh this is it, this is
the main part, Moon! This is the exciting part! Oh, we better find that box. I want that Big Mac. I want that Big Mac. (laughs) – [Moon] I want that footage. – I want that Big Mac. All right, we’ve not had
an update for half an hour, since the other update. We’ve literally, we’ve had one update of it’s location since it set off. It’s a bit worrying, but to be fair, once it gets to a certain height, apparently it loses all signal and you’ve got to wait
for it to come back down. I know, I know, so much on live right now. – [Moon] I don’t like it. – The location where it was last spotted, it was spotted here. What I think we’re gonna do is keep going and keep going a bit, so hopefully we’re in the rough location when it comes back down. – [Moon] Get going, less talking. – Come on, let’s go, I’m hungry. (muted) Oh, I’m so full, I shouldn’t
have had three burgers, Moon. – [Moon] Feel sick. – And two large fries. (Moon sneezes) – [Moon] Sorry. – Did you cough, Jesus? That a toot, that were two, wasn’t it? – [Moon] A toot and a thingy. – Jesus, oh, Moon. (laughs) It could drop any second. It could take up to three hours usually? Usually two to three hours? – [Moon] I just wanna know where it is. It drives me crazy.
– We don’t have a clue where– – All we can do now is sit
here and wait for an update. I mean, we’ve got nothing to do. – [Moon] That’s the worst. – What’s that? Should we go over there? Is that what I think it is? – [Moon] Oh, go on, ha, go on! – Come on, come on. (silly music) All right, so it’s actually, it’s been a long time since
I last picked up the camera. The last thing you saw, we
were just messing around and having a bit of fun, but that was roughly 14 hours ago, it’s now gone 5:00 a.m. I’ve been up all night, I’ve not slept yet because
we’ve not had a single update since that one update we’ve had. I let go of the balloon, 14
minutes later we got an update, and then it’s like it’s
completely vanished. We’re not getting nothing. I cannot believe it. Me and Moon are so upset,
I just can’t believe it. Everything was down to the tracker working and it’s just completely failed us. We worked out that the whole journey, from take-off to landing, should take in the region of
roughly three-and-a-half hours. Two-and-a-half hours to go up and an hour to come back down. So, take-off was at
half past one, 1:30 p.m. It should’ve landed back
down on earth about 5:00 p.m. 12 hours ago. Not heard a single thing. Me and Moon are just so unhappy. It was a very depressing drive
home once we finally gave up. We just sat there in our
last location for hours, just hoping for a location update. Absolutely nothing. So, we drove home and I’m now up, I’ve been up all night. Like I said, it’s gone 5:00 a.m. I’m just sitting here. I’m just looking at the laptop refreshing the tracker on the map. Absolutely nothing. It’s just such a sad ending. I didn’t see it ending like this. I really trusted the tracker, but I’m gonna have to just
go to sleep very soon. I’m so tired. I’ve just literally been
up with the energy drink, hoping for this because literally, if that thing beeped like
right now, I’d just go. I’d drive right now, even
though it’s 5:00 a.m. I just really, really wanted this, but Jesus Christ, I can’t believe it. (heavy sigh) I sent up a weather balloon yesterday and it had a tracker inside it. I completely lost it, but this
morning it looks like someone has had it at your location. All right, beautiful, thank you very much. Thank you, cheers, bye-bye. (grunting)
(laughs) – [Moon] Tell them what just happened. – All right, so I was sleeping and Moon just started
freaking out, Thomas! Thomas! Thomas! (laughs) So, I wake up obviously, and then she says, “It’s been tracked! “It’s been tracked!” We set off, we let it go there, it was last seen there, and
then it’s been spotted there. – [Moon] Almost at sea! – It’s really close to the sea. (giddy laughs)
Look at that. You zoom right, right, right, right in, and I’ve put the coordinates on Google and it came up as this– – [Moon] It’s a football sports center. – Like a sports center. I rang the phone number they’ve got, it was just a receptionist lady, she’s gonna go ask the ground’s keeper because obviously it must
be him, he must’ve been out mowing grass,
– Mowing grass. – Or something, and he just found it. So, hopefully, we’ve got it. – [Moon] Oh my God, oh, I hope we get it! – Oh my God! – [Moon] Do you got your
phone ready now? (mumbles) Quick, quick, quick. (maniacal laughter) – Yeah, hopefully I can set off now, yeah, it’ll be about three hours. Is there a burger still
attached to it, by any chance? I’ll set off straight away, lovely. That’s awesome, thank you very much. All right, see you later, bye-bye. They’ve got it. – [Moon] Awesome! Awesome! – When we get there, they all
wanna know what’s happening, where it’s been and where it’s come from, because it’s got a burger
attached to it still. (laughs) I’m gonna eat my burger,
dammit, I want my burger. – [Moon] How awesome. Oh that’s awesome, quick, quick, quick, let’s get dressed and then go.
– Three hours. We’ve got a three-hour
drive, Moon, let’s go. We’re in Essex, Moon, we’re in Essex. We’re two-and-a-half hours in, still got half an hour to go. I can’t believe it.
– Don’t say it yet. (mumbles) – It’s just literally, it’s
all down to the footage now. Hopefully, the GoPro didn’t crash and all the footage is
messed up or something. Oh, I’m excited! I’m excited, Moon! London. We’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s a tiny, tiny road, look at this, look it’s a country pheasant, look. Did you get it?
– Yeah, I see it. – It’s just literally, in the absolute middle of the countryside. – [Navigation] In a mile
turn left onto Grange Road and then your destination–
– It could’ve landed in these trees. – [Moon] Loads of wood and stuff. – It could’ve landed anywhere
here and never of found it. Apparently this is it.
– Grange Road, yeah, it says Grange Road.
– Does it say, oh. – [Moon] Yeah, there’s
loads of football fields, it’s that one. – Florence Park.
– Florence Park, yeah, that’s it. – Here we go, we’re here.
– Look, it’s like loads of– It must’ve landed on the football pit. – [Moon] Well, that looks nice. – Here we go, let’s get our balloon back. If we do get it, do I
eat the Big Mac here, do we take it home? – [Moon] No, just straight take a bite. – Just take it here. – [Moon] Look at that! (laughs) Hello. – [Office Staff] Hello! (laughs) – [Moon] I can’t believe it’s there. – It’s really here, oh my God. I can’t believe it survived. Has anyone opened it, or is
it untouched right now, or? – [Moon] Yeah, awesome. – Oh, the tracker’s fell off
and it’d gone to the bottom, that’s why it didn’t work. The GoPro, looking forward
to see the footage on there. I’m gonna eat this burger,
just stop, stop, stop, stop. Just got a little something
for you all for finding it. – [Office Staff] Aww, thank you. – Some chocolates and some,
you know what that (mumbles). – [Office Staff] Thank you, I’ll take it. – Oh, no worries, no, thank you. Thank you all for returning it. So, we’re just on our way now to the location where it
landed, where it was found. Who was it who found it, was it? – It was off grounds
when they found it, yeah. So they came in and found
it lying on the floor and wondered what it was, and– – Is he still here? – No, he’s gone up to the stadium. – Ah, don’t get to see him.
– Ah, you’ll have to thank him from us. – It was around here, I
think, when it landed. – [Moon] All right. – There’s a bit of super glue in there, like to hold it together. So we’ve left this piece here clean, but I mean, it looks like that’s probably where it landed. It’s been outside, so it’s a bit crumbly. Oh my God, it’s all just
crumbling to pieces. – [Moon] What does it taste like? – That’s not nice. (laughs) – [Moon] Does it taste
out of this world, Thomas? – It’s drying my mouth out. (laughs) – [Moon] Go on, you
have to swallow it now. – I can’t, I need a drink. (laughs) Oh God, I got no spit to swallow. Oh my God. All right, I’m getting it. – [Moon] That’s it, gone. – I’ve eaten a burger from space. There we are, that’s it, the end, done. We’ve done it. – I just want to give a massive
shout-out, a big thank you, to Colchester United Football ground, Florence Park Training Ground. So if you’re in the area, come say hey, give these guys a thank you from me. I can’t believe we’ve got the footage. So, thank you, thank you
so much, appreciate it. Appreciate it.
– No worries. – [Moon] Awesome. – This is broke off, this flap here. All right, we’ve got the GoPro here. I’ve got my laptop. We’re gonna watch the
footage now, live with you. But the thing we need
here the most, this is it. This is all we needed
out of that whole thing. – [Moon] Like our black box, that. – All right, here we
are, here’s the footage. Oh, it’s looking good. Nice, so–
– Is there something on? – Yeah, there’s a lot on. – [Moon] Oh my God! – Oh my God, I guess I see a sun. – [Moon] No, going? Okay, show it then. – All right, three, two, one, enjoy. (floating music) And that’s it, the footage
cut off right there. Like, the power bank’s still half full. The GoPro still had plenty
of battery in there. The SD card still in the GoPro, still plenty of footage left in there. So, we do believe that it
was the temperature up there that caused the GoPro to shut itself down. So, we don’t get to see
the balloon breaking. We don’t get to see the
fall back down to earth, which is a real shame, but I’m just glad that we got the footage of it right up there, at almost it’s peak, and we actually got the burger
back and I got to eat it. Massive success. I’ve enjoyed this experience so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed this, too. Make sure you smash that like
button if you’ve enjoyed this. And make sure you subscribe
if you do, as well. I can’t believe that we pulled
this thing off, first time. I cannot believe it. And just another shoutout
to Colchester United, they gave me this shirt, as
well, for being a part of this. Thank you to everybody involved. I will see you next week. Subscribe and press like. Oh my God! Yes! (cheery laughs) It’s not flat earth, I got proof. (laughs)


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