23 thoughts on “I Quit Social Media. Here's How It's Going”

  • Katrina Marek says:

    I love this, and I've also been weaning myself off of social media, and I wish I could get rid of it completely but it's so necessary as a college art student that needs to have an online presence for marketing myself and my work to the rest of the world

  • Andrew Thomas says:

    It's been almost a year since I removed myself from social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. I agree with pretty much everything you say, you can indeed find your time being filled with far more productive things and feel like you're less full of nonsense that you read online. One thing I did notice though, is how odd it felt on my Birthday when I only had birthday wishes from my immediate family. It was like all my friends (even my best friends) needed the prompt from Facebook to wish me a Happy Birthday. When they realised they'd missed it, because I said nothing, I think it sparked something in them too.

  • Perhaps quitting social media and being bored is the key to coming up with ideas and writing more in my books….hmmm

  • Very interesting perspective. I myself had just created my instagram at the time John quit, and twitter about a month before. I am very much an avid internet user, but I have only ever used it for youtube, occasional movies, music (spotify, etc) and school. It has been interesting for me, as I definitely enjoy social media, but with the inertia working in the opposite direction, I also have the perspective and time to think before getting sucked into it. Things like this video also help me to curate "my internet" to be less detrimental to my mental health.

  • I'm doing the same thing 🙂 No social except youtube, since early Dec… really don't miss it except some local facebook groups that I found useful for buy / sell/ recommendations

  • little llama says:

    I was grounded for the last five months. It is hard, but you'll fine. And after awhile, better than fine.

  • Back in high school and all schooling previous I did not have a phone. Not a smartphone, nor even a flip-phone. Now, my life since I got a computer at the young age of seven up until this very moment has and will likely almost forever be spending every waking hour at it, but back when I was still in school it was almost sobering to go somewhere and not be connected online. I mean, it wasn't all happiness. I was still at school, which sucked, but not having a phone so I would be connected even away from my computer was pretty nice.

  • K Entertainment says:

    I have done this about 3 month except the only YouTube. It was like everything just fine and I felt like reborn in such a new day, or new life.
    I think I'm really out of those social media for the whole 2019.
    It's time to make something real in YouTube.

  • You need all the gadgets you can get your hands on because you are a moron without them. Vlogbrothers idiots.

  • fictionalhuman says:

    I think boredom is so, so important. That is when the original thoughts develop. That is when you can find who you are as a person.

  • SmokesWithWolves says:

    I quit Facebook and Twitter after Trump was elected. Friends and family spent months fighting eachother online until they literally stopped talking to eachother. I quit before getting dragged in and I'm happy without being overrun by toxic posts. Social media ruined some of my families lives, but not me. I'm free and happy!

  • Phillip White says:

    CGP grey also did this and with more and more people doing it, mainly the people who make it, it comes as a sign, like when the tobacco executives quit smoking. It raises the question, will there soon have to be warnings on social media and other content?

  • I left Twitter and Facebook and no one seemed to notice so good riddance. At dinner parties, people would still reference Facebook post they posted as if I had read them and apparently they hadn't noticed that I was gone. So waste of my time. What free time I have after work, I spend on tinkering with videos.

  • GroovyVideo2 says:

    i deleted my face book account a year ago – never looked at any of the others – do watch lots of science vids on yt

  • One of the things that helps me with Twitter specifically is limiting how many people you follow, and turning off most of those people's retweets. Follow the people you want to follow, but keep it under 100 people, and you'll quickly find that you can only check twitter for about 20 minutes a day, which in the long run is quite the time investment, but on a day-to-day it's a good step to helping you kick the habit by limiting the sheer volume of content you can consume on the platform.

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