I quit social media for 30 days

I quit social media for 30 days


36 thoughts on “I quit social media for 30 days”

  • The Weekly Try says:

    Love this video and your dedication!
    I just tried something similar by deleting my social media apps off my phone, and I felt a lot less stressed and on edge.
    I think I checked social media about 3 times in total, which is crazy to think about, considering how often we pick up our phones to check our feeds.

  • It’s liberating that I don’t use ig,twitter,snap, and very rarely Facebook. Couldn’t stand swallowing all the bullshit I see.

  • Social media=Procrastination and stress.
    I already have enough of procrastination and stress in my life I don’t need more.

  • Thank you. Next sunday i'll complete two weeks without social media.
    The first two days was crazy. But now l feel more calm and my level of anxiety is low

  • Chanel Jordaan says:

    Your channel is seriously underrated. So glad I came across it 😌 super insightful and actually helpful content!

  • Pramodya samarasinghe says:

    This was an eye-opener.

    I already uninstalled all the social media i had. mostly cause my grandmother passed away last week. This made me realise how we have a limited amount of time with the people in our life. I regret the time i put on social media. Now that she's gone i would constantly think about the fact that the time i wasted on social media could of been time i spent with her. Maybe i could have gotten her to smile one more time. With the hours i spent texting people barely know me, i could of made a billion more memories. I could of loved her more, her love and affection had always been by me as i grew up, i always had her shoulder to cry on. She would shower me with love on the darkest of days. And cause of social media my love and affection failed to be with her as she grew old. Putting the time on social media i have gained nothing out of it. I made this mistake cause i didn't realise how fast you could lose the people near and dear to you.

    I don't want to chase after people's likes and comments while i am given all the love in the world by the people beside me. The people who were there by me as i faced all the hardships i have gone through. The hardships that no follower on social media would have ever known about. Don't leave room for regret, give all your love to the people who show an effort to be a part of your life. Cause one day you'd lose them, and that day you would wish to turn back time so you could have given them the time you spent scrolling through your Instagram or FB or so on… NEVER CHASE AFTER PEOPLES LOVE AND ATTENTION, BECAUSE WHILE YOU ARE BUSY DOING THAT YOU MIGHT LOOSE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARED.

    Honestly, you might have a thousand followers on social media, but just put up a story with a crying emoji, barely ten per cent of the viewers would check up on you. While the slightest change in your mood would get your family worried sick, they would do anything and everything to make you smile again…….

    Our time is limited and yes we should all invest it on the people who actually care…. Be with the people who are their beside you as you dine instead of sharing posts about the food.

    Love the people who love you for you, not for the posts you share. Give your affection to the people who stood by you on your journey to success, instead of those who congratulated you at the end…..

    I would do anything to turn back the clock so i could of spent one less second on social media, and told her that i loved her one last time……

  • Ultimate respect for the fact that your channel does not have any ads! (honestly makes me feel a tad bad cause you deserve the money from it)

  • That's really inspiring, everything in vedieo is just perfect, I Love the idea and the way u explained it .
    I've quit Instagram, and when I decided to come back to it ,it was really boring and self remorse was following me so I deleted it again.
    It's just as u said 8:10

    Only whatsapp is disturbing me and I wish I can delete it for a while, I miss the fact that when work or school hours finish it's just finished and will not follow u to home.

  • Matilde Studies says:

    I want to delete all of my socials medias but the thing is : I can’t delete because I have friends that are from other country so I just have contact with them because of Instagram…

  • I’m sick of social media because I hate my generation of the fakes, posers, conceded , egotistical and basic people. Politicians act like children on Twitter, people spread hate and go to extreme over everything and people are always bitching and complaining. Which I’m doing hahaha. Besides YouTube, I’m done ✌🏾

  • Back2Back Gaming says:

    Me and my fiance quit social media 2 years ago at first it was weird but I realized nobody had real conversation anymore. People sit at restaurants everywhere on social media once you eradicate social media you realize who your real friends are

  • David Romero Arenas says:

    Isn’t it weird you make me wanna see less of YouTube videos (even yours) and start doing more of my own?

  • Andrew Brady says:

    I dont even use social media, i just use it to message people, I get tired of all these posts, either political, whos been killed, no wonder why people are so depressed, they are wasting time wondering how many likes you get. I just use the messaging part

  • Good day sunshine says:

    I quit social media and finally feel like a human!

    I walked to a local Starbucks with my 7 month old daughter and literally everyone even the baristas, were on their phone. I felt like a spaceman observing the future and started giggling. The future looks boring AF! Now my daughter doesn’t compete with “the bright light box” and I have the time to actually learn. I don’t need to know what everyone is doing every second of the day, I don’t need to compare, I don’t need to be fake and post content just to feel content. I feel free ♥️

  • 3 and a half hours!!! RLY IM a teenager and i can have my phone last battery last over a week and not use it at all for a month easy i cant believe im one of the few people that dont need to use social media to keep my self bissy.

  • I quit social media in 2014. It’s now 2019 and I lost all of my “friends” and only have a small group of 5 people that actually care and love me. They even go out of their way to send me a message to check up on me. I genuinely feel more relaxed and am no longer depressed with keeping up with the drama my friends would put on my back. When something amazing happens all of my friends are quick to grab their phone and record it and I’m the only one who enjoys every second of the moment. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live without social media but now I can’t imagine myself having it.

  • Syahirah Izzati says:

    I uninstall my ig because I wanted to focus on my final exam. But I don't feel like installing it back now. I have ig acc but it's been 3 weeks since I've using it. Well it's crazy but I start to focus on what I am doing rather than feeling bad seeing the "good" time they posted on story while I'm at home . But nahhhhh I'm good now. Oh yeah

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