I Prevail – Breaking Down (Official Music Video)

I Prevail – Breaking Down (Official Music Video)

I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking down Hate, every single second, minute, hour every
day Person in the mirror, they won’t let me feel
a thing Keep me focused on my problems, I’m addicted
to the pain (everybody’s out to get you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless They give me medicine They give me medicine (They give me medicine) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down Lies, every time they ask me, I just tell
em that I’m fine Try to hide my demons but they only multiply Keep me runnin from the voices on repeat inside my mind (everybody fucking hates you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless But no one’s listenin But no one’s listenin (But no one’s listenin) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood (my blood) Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I think I’m breaking down


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  • This song touched me to the core. When my mom died I thought that was all I could take. But I am pulling myself back slowly thank you for this song.

  • I can definaltely relate to this song I think too much aswell and break down! I related to the ''I don't really like myself.'' way too much until I started fighting to actually have hope into loving myself.

  • Damn… that's some hard hitting shit right there. I've never been depressed a day in my life but I can empathize how shitty that could be. Hope for the best for all that suffering from it.

  • Christopher Sandoval says:

    I can't bump this any harder I'm going threw it and just on edge and its ligit the only song keeping me from being stupid

  • I can relate to this all too much. I'm in congestive heart failure, and stage 4 kidney failure. My famiky just calls me lazy when all I can do some days is just sleep. They wont leave me alone. They act like I wa t to be sick and depressed.

  • Daveishification says:

    What do I do Brian? I am a Marine. I am angry. I want to do my Job. I am broken! they hear bull shit and believe it. Should I pick up my Rifle and show these fucks what they have to live for? or should I pick up that Barrette and keep defending? this is coming from an active Marine… MOS, 0317. airborne 37869. enemy or Ignorance. that is the real question?

  • I feel like I'm alone here but when depression first starts setting in I like the feeling. Normally I'm an outgoing person but when "it" sets in I like the feeling of just wanting to be isolated and just wanting to be left alone.

  • So what happens when you've got SOOOO Much Frickin Anger in ya , you can't filter & you just want to bash someone's face in for lookin @ ya the wrong way ? On top of the depression ? More meds?cause its the Only shit that keeps it at bay.

  • Sammy Boydston says:

    This is prolly gonna get me tagged for being "spammy" but the only reason is I've been struggling with depression since I was a little kid and I've found a way or 3 to deal with it. https://savagehealthsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/cropped-savage-2.jpg I'm devoting my life to helping people get back to feeling better. I've been hearing this song on the radio a lot, so I looked it up on YouTube. Thanks for this. I turn your shit up every time it comes on when I'm out delivering Chinese food. This ain't no link to my site but it's just a link to my company logo. No spam, no foul. Just appreciate the art. Peace!

  • Marcus Calvert says:

    People kept telling me to listen to I Prevail, but, like most prominent procrastinators, I didn't. Then my local radio station started to play this song, I dug it. And I know I'll get some flack about what I'm going to type next, but, I didn't know both singers were guys. I thought it was a duet with a woman. I'm sorry really.

  • Back in the old days "we got over it"……..and if we couldn't? We'd go drink and have a good time. I'm 44 now and doin' just fine. Get over kids! You're over thinking it……. great song by the way.

  • It's sad, I relate therefore i keep listening even tho its not uplifting its a amazing song.. Stay strong eveyone we'll get through it.

  • What do you do when talking, prescription meds, alcohol or street drugs don’t help only thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger is my daughter

  • here ya go, another Detroit band made it, Congratulations… ICP, Kid Rock, Sponge, Verve Pipe, Uncle Kracker, slim shady, factory 81, I Prevail, Greta Van Fleet. And anyone who is reading this who doesn't know who factory 81, they were a numetal Hard Rock band so check out their cd mankind, which was recorded in the late 1990's…

  • TheDepressingBanana says:

    my mom thinks that n order for something to be true it has to be made obvious. like something cant be hidden.
    i hide my problems.
    im not even good at it.
    thats just how little the people around me care.

  • I'm depressed..in the UK iv tried to get help and it's just not working…just hope others get what they need and don't end up like me and turn to alcohol…

  • Dealt with major depression for a long time without getting help because no one listened as well as a lot of other mental disorders and even though I healed, I always have to stay on top of my mental health because it does creep back. Just gotta keep fighting every day and stay strong

  • Depression sucks. Its music like this that helps me put the gun down and realize I'm not flawed and alone. Thank you so much

  • I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression (i know, double the fun). Even medicated, there are days I still can not function as a productive member of society. My anxiety stops me seeing my friends in fear of what they think of me, then the depression kicks in and tells me I'm worthless because i won't see my friends. They feed on each other, and my bad days are horrible.

    We live in a world where mental health is stigmatized, we get told to take a magic pill (or in my case pills) to make our problems go away, yet when people find out we are diagnosed with a legitimate imbalance or trauma has caused a change in how our brain works, suddenly we are what's wrong with society.

    Mental health is just as important as physical health. Please help end the stigma, so people like me will not feel judged or ashamed that we need help.

  • I've been admitted to 5 psych wards in a matter of one and a half years. I'm 16 years old. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression, Major Depressive Disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. I have no social life anymore and I prefer to isolate myself as much as possible. I've been on numerous meds, some made no change while some made it worse. I'd say I'm doing fine if you asked me how I've been lately but I'm a pessimist and I'm no stranger to thinking negatively about everything. I can relate a lot to this song on so many levels. I still pretend to be happy for my family's sake but it's never gonna change unless I have the motivation to do so. I've experienced many stages of depression these past few years, whether it was disconnecting from reality or feeling as if someone/something took control of me. So whatever you do, speak up. I told myself constantly I would tell someone about it but I waited too long and it was too late. Once you get to a certain point, you can't just turn back. It's like sinking down in the ocean. You know there's a point where eventually you need to swim to the surface or you'll end up descending further and further down in the depths. Don't put on a mask and say you're fine, let someone know before it gets to the point where you don't want help anymore.

  • Shane Tressler says:

    It is amazing how this video reflects on how it all actually works and feels. And this video caused my anxiety to skyrocket and I love it.

  • Stage 4 depression right here. And I had my best friend tell me he thought depression was laying in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself haha

  • The end of this video is the perfect visualization of the cycle of depression. Genuinely feels happy again for a small period of time, then the doubt slowly seeps back as you try to keep a brave face on, then one thing drags you back into that hole.

  • Thank you for showing how you can be triggered by a heavy headline and how it effects your day to day. Thank you for showing at the end of the video sometimes it comes back and that it’s ok. Thank you for not making this video just about suicide because depression isn’t just suicide. Thank you for letting me feel for a moment that someone understands how I feel.

  • Omg this song just hit my core. I struggle everyday with depression but it’s what we power through that makes us who we are.

  • Love it guys. Keep up the good work. Been with you since the beginning and you're going far in life. You've helped so many people. I can definitely relate to this. And for anyone struggling, it's OKAY to take medication. It's okay to not feel okay, it's not your fault. Do what you need to do to feel better. I'm on antidepressants and anxiety medication. Until you experience these feelings, you don't really understand what it's like to get up for the day and get motivation. It's okay to get the help you need.

  • I relate to this so much! i feel alone and empty like no one is their of listening to me so hearing this song is so relatable

  • Uh I'm just a kid so I know so little about my condition but I have minor depression while I lose a rank on r6 sooo yea

  • This is one of those songs where you listen from beggining to end in my case the ending is a big relation to me yet so is the whole song, im so glad i seen them live

  • Just wanted to real quick count how many people posted sob stories on here about depression. As of 10/11 I counted 1,243– this world's messed up

  • Depression?….try living with what plagues me every second minute hour,… Till I die. Bipolar 1 that can turn into deep psychosis within a couple missed dosages. It's real bad, but I'm not going to write a depressing song that offers no insight into mental illness recovery. Thanks.

  • I can relate to this song alot and i just hate when ppl think im happy bc of the meds i take but deep inside i know i am not.

  • I hate my depression because it's to the point where I don't trust anyone not even my own myself anymore it's to the point where I've lied sometimes because all I want people to know is my good side and I can't stop thinking about my own future and what the hell I'm supposed to do with it I don't really remember a time when I could PROUDLY say that I was happy anymore me and my girlfriends relationship is crumbling and tumbling like a rock going down a steep hill and I feel like it's my fault everything is my fault oh yeah that's another thing I can't do anything right I can't keep a good friend for more than a day I cant help it when I mess up but I wish I didn't because I hate getting yelled at I honestly have lost all hope in the future
    I'm sorry for the long stupid story

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