I Met A Guy Who Ate Humans

I Met A Guy Who Ate Humans

this happened when I was in college I was 20 at the time studying for an upcoming exam in biology that is until my roommate busted in my room she wasn't yelling but I could see she was drunk by her excitement I rolled my eyes inside I completely lost focus now but it was okay I kind of gotten used to her behavior she was a party girl while I was well huh nerd I tried to get back on my reading tracks again but she patted me on the back and drunkenly giggles before speaking come on jasmine every time I see you you're always reading a book I sighed before speaking and every time I see you you smell of alcohol and vomit she frowned at me how about this I'll be quiet all week if you come to this party tomorrow at 8:00 I wanted to say no but then I thought about it I mean I do always work really hard besides she won't barge in like this for the whole week sounds too good I thought to myself so I nodded and continued to read we got ready I hadn't dressed up in ages so I was kind of excited the party was loud filled with drunk people making out bumping and dancing the party was hosted in a basement like setting only it was much bigger and had a lot of space I'm not going to lie I did have a few drinks I wasn't drunk but I was definitely tipsy so as my view became tilted this guy comes out of nowhere and has small talk with me it was fairly attractive he didn't seem drunk we met and exchanged names from what I remember he had red dyed hair and blue eyes he was white and about six feet his name was Luke we laughed and talked about topics like studying and books and that kind of thing the talking went on for about a half an hour he then said hey I'm going to get another drink want anything and I said why not mean I'm having fun so later on he came back with drinks and the next thing I remember we were making out in the corner of the party room it was so quick and then he asked me want to go back to my place which I politely declined I already know what he wants besides I needed to be on campus in the morning come on I promise it'll be fun I remember that he kept on trying to get me to go but he gave up after I made it clear I wasn't interested in going to his place he rolled his eyes angrily and gave me a paper with a number on it fine have you changed your mind give me a call he leaned close to me and whispered against my ear then he walked out and the rest of the night was a complete blank the next day I woke up inside my college bedroom on my bed next to my roommate snoring on her bed as well as I got up to shower a paper fell out of my pocket it was the number which made me remember that guy but I had more important things now I showered then and went to study I remember reading my book when all of a sudden I felt dizzy then I woke up in the bed with police officers and nurses talking next to me turns out I have this dangerous allergic reaction that can only be caused from saliva or any bodily fluids that had come from decaying or rotting flesh which to my surprise was weird I hadn't been kissing anyone let alone ate anything raw then I remembered the guy I told the police about the guy at the party and gave him the number he gave me a few weeks passed and my allergies went down so I could live my life normally I just finished my test when my phone rang I answered it and it was the police turns out the guy from the party had two dead decaying women's bodies inside his apartment that he ate they must have been there for months my heart dropped the thought that I made out with someone who ate human flesh or even worse was what if I had agreed to come to his place may have been those bodies


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