I Made Strangers Delete Their Most Valuable Social Media Account

I Made Strangers Delete Their Most Valuable Social Media Account

– [Fin] Okay, so the question
that we’re asking people is, what would it take to get
you to delete Instagram? Like how valuable is it to you? – He’s shaking.
– Okay, put in your password. – [Fin] This is the iPhone XS, brand new. – Gram account? – [Fin] You have to
delete your account, yeah. – I’m scared, I’m actually shaking, like I’m scared. (upbeat music) – All right friends, I got two questions for you today. Question number one. What is your favorite
social media platform? Is it Twitter, is it Instagram? Is it Snapchat, Is it Facebook? – What’s your favorite, David? – [David] I don’t know
if I have a favorite, maybe Instagram.
– They’re all good. Maybe Instagram. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite
social media platform is. – [David] follow us on Instagram. – Also, yeah, follow us on Instagram @techkaboom. I’m gonna ask you a second question. What would it take you to delete that social media platform off your phone? Delete your account. You’re not going on it anymore. Well, today we’re gonna go out, find some strangers on the street, ask them that question. And then, we’re gonna try and do it. We’re gonna try and get them to delete their social media platform. It’s gonna be interesting to see what we have to do in order to make them delete their social media, and if they will do it. Also, we keep getting tons and tons of messages and comments
all over the place asking for a free phone. So we’re gonna give away
a brand new iPhone XS in this video. So if you wanna win this, wait ’til the end, and we’ll show you how. All right, let’s do it! – [David] Woo! ♪ I’m fresh, I’m flossy, ♪ ♪ I’m blessed, I’m glossy ♪ ♪ I’m too hot to handle ♪ ♪ ‘Cause they don’t got handles ♪ ♪ I’m living, I’m winning ♪ ♪ Not timid, they giving ♪ ♪ Me a standing ovation ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I am amazing ♪ (stomping)
– Step on this. – [David] Imagine the weight of Fin actually bringing this bridge down. – Imagine the weight of
Fin breaking anything, I’d be impressed. ♪ Yeah, amazing. ♪ – Yeah, we’re actually asking
a pretty simple question. We’re trying to see what social media platform people will use the most. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, like, what do you guys use? – Definitely Instagram. – [Fin] What about you? – Yeah, same. – [Fin] Instagram, okay. Do you go on Instagram mostly, Snapchat? What do you use? – Just YouTube. – [Fin] Just YouTube, you
don’t use anything else? You use Instagram the most, okay? – [Fin] It’s your favorite?
– Yeah. – [Fin] How much time do
you think you spend on it? Do you use it a lot, a little? – A lot. – [Fin] Yeah, you use it a lot? What social media platform
do you use the most? – Oh, Twitter, a hundred percent. – [David] Twitter?
– [Fin] Twitter? That’s interesting, what about you? – Snapchat. – Instagram, I usually just use it to look at memes. – [Fin] Just to look at memes. – Instagram. – [Fin] Instagram? – Yeah. – [Fin] Okay, are you on there
like a lot or a little bit? – A lot. – [Fin] A lot? What’s your guys favorite
social media platform? What do you guys use the most? – Snapchat. Snapchat?
– Instagram. Instagram, okay what about you? – Instagram. – [Fin] Instagram, okay, awesome. Facebook, Instagram,
what do you use the most? – Instagram, definitely Instagram. – [Fin] Instagram? Okay, what about you? – Probably
– [Fin] Instagram. – We use the most Instagram. – [Fin] Instagram, okay. – We’re students from Italy. – [Fin] Oh, awesome.
– [David] Oh. – We came here for 10 days
to make a language travel. – [Fin] Oh, sweet. So Instagram would be
your favorite you think? – Yeah. – [Fin] Okay, so the question
that we’re asking people is what would it take to
get you to delete Instagram? Like, how valuable is it to you? – [Fin] Like, how much do you
care about your Instagram? Like, is it a big deal to you? Is it not really? Like, if someone were to
pay you money to delete it, would you be like, nah? – I think I’d take like, even 50 bucks – [David] What’s your price? – 50 bucks over here, what about you? – Think 50 sounds reasonable. – I don’t know.
– [Fin] You don’t know? – 500 bucks. – [Fin] 500 bucks,
– [David] 500 dollars? – [Fin] You’d do it? – I don’t know, like, 100 bucks? – [David] 100 bucks? – [Fin] 100 bucks, you’d do it yeah? And never go on it again. – Never go on it again, a lot of money, maybe?
(laughing) – [Fin] Like how much? – It’d have to be like in the thousands or like really high ’cause it would have to have enough money to like give me something
to occupy myself. (laughter) – [Fin] Put a number on
it, what do you think? – 100,000
(laughs) – [Fin] $100,000? – Yeah. – [David] Wow. – I was thinking like $500. – [David] 100,000, 500. – Yeah, yeah. – [Fin] What would it take
you to delete that account? How much would someone have to pay you? Would you just delete it for nothing? What would it take for you to– – Actually, that’s a good question. My account right now
is not really important ’cause I don’t really care about followers or anything but memes.
– [Fin] Memes are important. – So, you tell me to delete an account, I would just delete it and make a new one. – [Fin] Do you have a lot of following? Or do you just follow other people? – I have a lot of following, I have– – [Fin] Yeah, so you
have a lot, okay cool. – A thousand and a hundred, I think? – [Fin] Awesome.
– [David] Wow. – [Fin] What would someone have to do to get you to delete your Instagram? – I’d delete it right now if I had– – [Fin] You would?
– [David] Really? – Yeah. – [David] What about those
1000 followers though? – They’re just followers. – [Fin] Do you have like
a following on Instagram? Or do you just use it
to follow other people? – A bit of both. – Yeah, a bit of both. – [Fin] A little bit of both? Okay cool. – I got, 606? – I have 702. – [Fin] What would it take
to delete your Instagram? – I don’t think it’d take
much for me to delete it. – [Fin] No? – Honestly.
– Yeah, okay. – I think I could just
get rid of it one day. – I’d be okay with like 100 bucks. – [Fin] 100 bucks you’d delete it? Okay. – Yeah. – [Fin] Okay, what about you for Snapchat? – Why just 100?
That’s so cheap. (laughter) – I mean, Snapchat doesn’t matter that much either, but if someone is paying me to do it, it’s gotta be more than 100, man, you’re kidding. – [Fin] What would it be for you? What would your price be? – I wanna see how far they’ll go. – [David] What if the
farthest someone will go is like 50 bucks? – Aww, I mean– – [David] Would you do it? – I’d still do it.
– I’d still delete it. – [Fin] You’d still do it for 50 bucks? – For 50 bucks? Free 50 bucks right there. – [Fin] But then you can’t talk to any of your friends on Snapchat anymore. Like what are you gonna do? Like you lose all the people. – And there’s Instagram, Facebook. Like, I deleted only Snapchat so. – It’s not very valuable. – [Fin] Not very valuable?
Okay. – No. – [Fin] So if someone were to give you like five bucks you’d delete it? – Oh, proba- Oh probably, maybe a little more than $5. – [Fin] 50 bucks? – 50 bucks, probably. – [Fin] What would it take to get you to delete your Instagram? Would you take $1000 to delete it? – Yes, I would take $1000 to delete it. – [Fin] Okay, okay, okay. What about $5? – With $5, not. – So we already started having this debate of how much we would actually take to get rid of our Instagram. – Okay, so my thing is like, I am like a brand on Instagram – [Fin] Yeah exactly yeah. – So it’s like in the long run, – It might make you more
money than a couple grand. – Yeah it could make me more– – So like right now,you might be like, “Oh, it’d be great to take a couple grand” But then eventually, that’s not gonna pay out. – Yeah, exactly. – You would’ve made more
in the future, hopefully. – Yeah.
– That’s the goal. – Fingers crossed.
– Yeah, fingers crossed, yeah. – I post quite a bit actually. – [Fin] Okay, okay, do you have a lot of followers? – Not really. – [Fin] Not really, no? – Over a thousand? – [Fin] Okay, that’s pretty good, – It’s like, don’t mean
to flex on you guys. – [Fin] My question then is how valuable to you, what would it take for you to delete it? – Not much.
– [Fin] Not much. – Yeah, I’ll just delete it. – [Fin] You can just delete it? You think so? – Honestly, probably quite a bit. Like, I like going on Instagram. Probably like at least 200. – [Fin] At least 200 bucks?
(laughs) So if I were to offer
you 200 bucks right now, you would definitely delete your account? – Yeah.
– [Fin] You think so? – I think so. – [Fin] Would you be worried
about losing your followers? You have over 1000 followers. – Yeah
– Okay, maybe a little more. – I have 200, so it’s fine for me. – Yeah, maybe a little more
and I might think about it – [Fin] Well okay, I have
an offer for you, okay? – I use it a lot. I don’t think it’d be such a bad thing to stop using it. Like I use it all the
time and I like using it, but it wouldn’t be that bad to stop. – It wouldn’t be that
bad if you stop using it? We all love social
media but honestly like, life without it would be– – [David] Not that bad, yeah. – [Fin] Imagine never going on YouTube again for 500 bucks, would it be worth it for you? – Yeah.
– [Fin] Yeah, you’d take it? No more YouTube? – Yeah, done. – [Fin] Cool, that’s all
we were trying to see What social media’s worth to people. But then you’d be missing out on all the Instagram that
you’re looking at everyday. You’d be fine with that? You’re like,
“Yeah”, you’ll be fine? – Oh well, I don’t care. – [Fin] If you couldn’t even
make a new account again, like never talk to any
of your Snapchat friends, you’d be fine with it? – Yeah, yeah. – Any money would work. I have other social platforms I could use. – [Fin] You don’t mind. Okay, okay so what would you– – I’ve already deleted
Instagram once this month. – [Fin] Okay! If we actually were to
have given you 50 bucks right now you think you would’ve done it like for real, if we had given you money? – Yeah, it’s money! – [David] But here’s the thing, you were asking for hundreds of dollars, but then you settle for 50 bucks. – It’s fine. – [David] Oh my God, what is this? – Can you tell me when to stop please? – Stop. – [Fin] There’s a whole
different video all of a sudden. – Okay, we got it, got it? – [David] Got it, got it. – So, that’s your card? – Yeah. – Okay, so here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna spiral these cards like this. Can you tell me when to stop? – [Fin] Okay, stop. – Okay, and just push the card in. – [Fin] Okay, holy. There you go. (snaps fingers) – Look up. – [Fin] Whoa!
– [David] What?! – [Fin] Oh my goodness! – Dude, are you like freakin’, a magician?
What the? – [Fin] That was so sick.
– Yeah. – [Fin] You gotta plug your Instagram. – So J-A-Y underscore
Rodriguez underscore 52 (bell dinging) – [Fin] So then you
wouldn’t be able to like you know talk to friends on Instagram, follow people, is that important to you really? Or not really?
– No. Not really valuable.
– Yeah, you’d be pretty fine with that? – I’d be fine, yeah. – [Fin] Okay, cool. What number would you say? How valuable is it to you? – I would have to think about it. – [Fin] Yeah? – [David] What about other
social media platforms? Do you use– – Oh, Facebook.
– [David] Facebook? – You can find everyone you want. (laughter) – [Fin] Yeah? It’d be harder to delete Facebook than Instagram? – Yes, harder would be Facebook. – [Fin] Yeah, okay. What would it take do you think? – 2000. – [Fin] 2000? You would do it for 2000, yeah? What about 1000? – 1000. I think not. Because if you see a person, and you ask them what’s their name, you can find them on Facebook immediately. – [Fin] You have a big network there too of people like you know
now that you can talk to. – [David] Maybe you could do another one. – Yes, it is a lot of work to, that’s 2000 friends- – [David] How many friends do you have? – A thousand two hundred. – [David] Wow.
– [Fin] Okay. So I’m gonna offer you
something right now. We have a brand new pair of
Apple AirPods, new AirPods. If I give you these AirPods, would you delete your Facebook account? It’s a brand new pair of Apple AirPods. – [David] I know you said
$1000 but this is like real– – I have a Samsung mobile phone. Do they work? – [Fin] They will do, they do, yeah. – Okay, then I would delete. – You will do it?
– You would actually do it? You would delete your Facebook? – I think so. – [Fin] Do you wanna do it? Do you wanna delete your Facebook? – [David] Do you wanna do it right now? – [Fin] If you show us you deleting your Facebook account,
we’ll give you the AirPods. – No, no, no, no. (speaking foreign language) – They said I have to give them too. – [Fin] They want it. So would you delete your
Facebook account for this? If you show us you’ve deleted
it, we’ll give it to you. Don’t do it for them,
don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to what they’re saying. – [David] This will be your AirPods. – [Fin] They will be your AirPods. They will work with your phone, yup. – [David] They’re like, a lot. – Okay, I will do it I think. – [Fin] You wanna do it, yeah? – [David] You’d do it? Then we’ll give it to you. Actually, we’ll give it to you right now, – Okay. – [David] And you just have to delete your Facebook right now. – Okay. – [Fin] So you can take those and show us your phone deleting it and you can keep ’em, yeah. – [David] What do you
guys think about all this? – [Fin] Would you do it? Would you delete your Facebook? – Probably. – You probably would for AirPods? Yeah, okay. – You should post it on Facebook. (laughs) – Let’s see. There you go, 1300 friends. – [David] 1300 friends. – For just some AirPods, 1300 friends, they’re gonna be gone. – [David] Are you sure you wanna do this? That’s a lot of contacts. (speaking in foreign language) – [David] We have no
idea what they’re saying. – [Female Voice] Got a
little Google Translator up in here. – [Fin] Yeah, yeah, yeah. (speaking in foreign language) – [Fin] Are you guys tryna convince him? Yes or no? – Yes. – [David] As long as you
guys are not cursing, we should be fine. We’re trying to keep it family friendly. So you’re saying yes, he’s saying no? Is that what’s going on here? – Can we get a quick
translation of what’s happening? (speaking in foreign language) – I have no idea what’s happening, this is so tense. – [David] This is so tense. Oh my god, oh boy, oh boy. He’s shaking, he’s shaking. – I’m watching to verify this. It’s all in German, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I get the gist. – I think it’s Italian, right? – This is German. – It’s German, yeah I can tell. – [David] Oh, okay, okay. Wait, where are you guys from, Germany? – Italian. – [David] Italy? But that’s in German. – But we speak German. – We speak at home, German, and at school, Italian. In Germany. – [David] Interesting. Oh, okay. – Oh my God. – [Female Voice] He did it. – It’s deleted. – [David] Wait, wait. – [Fin] You did it, you just deleted it? Oh my goodness. Dude, I’m proud of you.
– Oh my God. Congratulations. – Congratulations, here’s
your Apple AirPods. – I will find another 1300 friends. – You can find some more friends, you can add me on Facebook if you want. – Are they working? – They’re brand new, unopened. – [David] They’re brand new from BestBuy. You can open them right now if you want. I mean, you already
deleted your Facebook so. How do you feel after
deleting your Facebook? Your Facebook is gone now. – Yes, now I have to find my ten, two, my thousand three hundred friends. – [David] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – More tags, and start
making new friends again. – [Fin] What if I gave you these brand new Apple AirPods? To delete your Instagram. If you delete your Instagram right now, would you do it for these? – No, I don’t think I would. – [Fin] What kind of phone
do you have, an iPhone? – I have a broken iPhone 6. – [Fin] And you wouldn’t
take these brand new AirPods – [David] These are more than $200. They’re like 250-270. – I know. – You really wanna do it? – [David] Oh, so you were lying? – [Fin] You wouldn’t delete your account? – Okay, maybe I was lying a little bit. – [Fin] Okay, okay. – Really? – [Fin] So you wouldn’t
delete it for AirPods? – I just posted a picture, it’s a really good one too.
– Yeah, you did. – [Fin] All right,
that’s fair, that’s fair. – I think I would, I think, yeah. – [Fin] Do you wanna up the offer more? Do you wanna up the offer? – Oh no, this is really stressful. – [Fin] We have a brand new phone. – Oh my God. – [Fin] This is an iPhone XS Brand new 64 gigabytes iPhone XS. – Wait, so my Instagram account? – [Fin] You have to
delete your account, yeah. – Which one? – Yeah no, my thousand follower one? – [Fin] Yeah, has to be. You have to show us your account, we have to look at it, we have to watch you delete it. And you get a brand new phone. Your phone’s cracked! Can you please show your phone right now? Your phone is like iPhone 7– – 5, 6? – No, it’s 6.
– It’s 6. – [Fin] This is a brand new iPhone XS. – I’m gonna do it. – [Fin] You’re gonna do it? – I’m gonna do it. – [David] Okay, okay. You’re shaking, oh my God. – I’m scared! I have. Okay, no. – She’s actually gonna do it. – I’m actually gonna do it. How do I delete it? – Just press delete? – [Fin] Okay, so you
have to go your account. – This is stressful, oh my gosh. I’m gonna like these pics. – [Fin] Like the last thing on your phone – [David] We don’t wanna force you if you don’t wanna do it. You have to think through this very well. – I want to. This is, it’s a fresh start. I’m actually shaking, like I’m scared. – I don’t understand how
it means so much to you. What is this? – Look how cute these pictures are. I guess you can’t see the likes anymore so it’s kind of irrelevant. – [David] If you can’t see likes, what is the point? – If you can’t tell how popular you are, then like hmmph. Delete your account, blah blah blah, why are you deleting your account? – There’s no I’m getting
a brand new phone option. – Okay. Permanently delete my account. – All right, there you go. – [Girl] Okay. – Oh my God. – Aaaaahhhh! – Oh my God, it’s done. Here you go, brand new iPhone XS for deleting your account. – Oh my God, that’s dope. We came here at the right time. – [Fin] That’s perfect. – [David] How do you feel right now? Do you feel like you’ve had a fair trade? – I feel like the weight
is lifted off my shoulders. You know, I’m still– – [Fin] What are you
gonna tell your followers? – On my new account. – [David] What’s gonna
happen to your audience now? – Honestly, they’re probably gonna be a little disappointed that I’m gone but it’s showbiz, baby. – If you guys just would’ve asked, I would’ve done it for nothing. – [Fin] All right, you
got a brand new phone. Thanks for speaking with
us, we appreciate it. – Yeah, thank you so
much, I appreciate it. – Three, Two, One. Guys, I got a new phone finally! We’ve been giving away so many free phones that I finally got a phone – Nobody cares, David. Nobody cares about your new phone. – All right, so there you go. Apparently people don’t
value their social media as much as we thought they did? – Not as much as I do, that’s for sure. – Yeah, only a select few people actually value their social media. I value it, Fin values
it, Ebony values it. – Apparently we’re in the minority. – Yeah, apparently. – But, it could just be
that we talked to ’em. We’re curious to see what you guys think. Let us know in the comments how much you value your social media. Would you, would delete
your social media account? – What’s your price? Tell us your price in the comments. – Let us know how many followers you have, and what would it take to delete it? In the comments below. But, we eventually did
find a couple people who value their social media enough and we made them delete it in exchange for a brand new free phone – And some AirPods. – Yeah, and some AirPods. But today, we’re doing
something extra special because you guys kept asking for it. – You guys keep asking– – DMs on Instagram, all these emails, people keep asking for
us to give away a phone. – So, today’s your chance. We’re doing it! – It’s your lucky day! We’re giving you a brand new iPhone XS. – Here’s the thing, Fin and I, we’re not huge believers in giveaways. We believe that when you do a giveaway, you get one very happy person and a whole bunch of disappointed persons. But if you want, if you
would, this is your chance. – This is your chance. The happy person could be you. It’s just a very small chance. But if you wanna bump up that chance, sorry, you can follow us
on multiple platforms. So all you have to do to enter is just follow us on one of our platforms whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, blah blah blah And the more places you follow, the more entries that’ll get you. – And every follow is an
entry to the giveaway. All the qualifying accounts
will be in the description. – Yup, we’re picking from one of those, they’ll go in the description and go follow-up on all those accounts. We’ll be announcing the
winner live on our Instagram, so definitely follow us there to see it. The winner, we’ll put the date that we’re gonna post it up here, as well as the time so you know when to be
checking for the winner of this brand new phone. It could be you! – It could be you! – It could be. But also, it could not be. – It probably won’t be. – It probably won’t be. But you know what? Give it a shot. Follow our accounts. – We’re trying to be honest here. – But here’s the thing, you know you wanna follow
us on these accounts anyway. Like, they’re great. – They’re great accounts. – Our Instagram’s bumping, David’s Instagram’s sweet, my Instagram, I’m working on it, we got the TechKaboom Instagram, we’ve both got Twitters. It’s all kind of fun
content you could follow and you can also, might be entered to win this bad boy. Okay, we’re rambling. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Tune in next time when we will be, oh, you won’t believe this. We actually still don’t know
what we’re gonna do next. But, it’s gonna be crazy like every time, so be sure to subscribe, hit the bell to be notified the moment it goes up. – I don’t know what we’re posting next but I know you’re gonna like it. So subscribe and hit the bell and definitely enter to win the giveaway and we’ll see you all– – Next time. – On the next one. Peace. (upbeat music)


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