I have news! – Zak

I have news! – Zak

yo what up sexy people it’s your boy
um I have come to deliver some news today oh yeah the Sun is like really
freaking bright today so anyways I’ve got some news um this is gonna be like a
thanks for 150 subscribers but also I have news I come bearing news
so um yeah I’ll get straight to it let’s just let’s just be blunt a couple of
months ago we took part in some filming yes filming with a production team and
we are going to be in a documentary which is on the 29th of March which is I
believe very very soon I think its thursday coming up but yeah it’s the 29th of
March it’s on at 9:00 p.m. on channel 5 star which is available on free view in
the UK so um you can watch it um the documentary has got four people in
it with D I D it’s got us in it it’s got our friend from making sense of the fuzz
that you might know with Sarah and James and everybody and then theres Franz and
Kai who are in it they’ve both got Poly fragmented D I D so
they’ve got like loads of alters in their system and they’re together in a
relationship so they’re in it – yeah and it’s gonna be really cool it’s not a
like like really heavily factual documentary or anything like that it’s
not like seriously going into the huge deep facts about D I D or anything
like that but it’s just like a documentary into daily life with living
with DID so it’d be really cool if people supported us and watched it and that
you might have seen the commercial already on five star because it’s been showing
since the other day yeah Im in it ha that’s more reason to watch it just be
great to have the support of people and we’re hoping that this documentary will
help tackle the stigma behind DID and show people that actually we are quite
normal we do live pretty normal ish lives it’s just you never know who’s uh
who’s leading and actually doing the stuff so yeah be really cool if people
support us and watch it so that’s five star
9 p.m. on the 29th of March that is UK GMT time London whatevs as far as for
showing in other countries I don’t know it might be showing on other channels at
some point but we are not aware of anything further other than that at the
moment we will try and see if there’s a way that our friends in other countries
can see it we will keep pressing and asking the production team if there’s a
way you guys can see it because we really really want to share this story
with you guys oh stay in touch and we’ll get back to you in other countries and
and we’ll find a way we will find a way and we’ll sort something so yeah you can
join in so now I’m like a celebrity um I’m gonna be bigger than Jake Babel
or babble mate I don’t know how to say your surname autographs I’m cool with you know, girls
that’s fine we can you know just one at a time please. Three at a time maximum yeah
support us and I’ll support you. Im trying to think if there’s any other news I need
to give you guys but I don’t think there is that’s that’s pretty much it so I’ve
got a advert which I’m gonna pop here um it does say that it’s on tonight
ignore that that’s because it’s the one that’s gonna be played on the day it’s
actually due to come out at the 29th so yeah I’ll share that with you guys so
you guys can see it I’m gonna be doing some more videos and stuff oh yeah yeah
I’m going down to see see the boys and I’m going down and I’m
gonna be seeing a bunch of other people with DID soon which is gonna be
really cool we’re having like a little mini meetup thing so I’ll try and get
some videos and stuff once were there if people are comfortable being filmed yeah
it’s gonna be really cool to meet all these new systems that i’ve not met
before so I’m just trying to share the experience with you guys so you guys can
join in on some of the fun some talk of going to Nando’s and stuff but Jamie’s
like **I don’t like Nandos** so that’s my impression of Jamie might not happen but we’ll see
we’re gonna go somewhere we’re gonna go it’s gonna be fun like yeah I just need
to show you guys like we’ve got two new rats because we adopted them from
someone who couldn’t take care of them anymore and we’ve named them
damo and grey after polyphonics system and look! oh my
god hello we bought them some tissues like a box of tissues and they’ve
decided we’re just gonna pull them all out and just dump them all here
hello I think this is gray hello what you doing you little stinker hello
hello I can see another bum there
hello look at your little teeths. That is attractive mate look at that sexy rat ass so yeah I’m
gonna leave it at that guys that’s all I wanted to say today and I will see you
guys soon and we’ve been teaching Aleu loads of really cool stuff which I’m sure
stacey will share were you guys at some point she’s been posting it on like
social media but hasn’t loaded it to YouTube yet so I’ll get on her butt to upload that stuff and yeah take care of yourselves I hope you’re all
well I love you mwah take care and all that don’t miss me too much
see you soon love you bye.
— I’m Zach I’m 14. — I’m seven. –Im 6ft 2″, blonde. Experience what
it’s really like living with multiple personalities
my multiple personalities and me tonight at 9:00 on
five star


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