I Filmed Myself Breaking My Elbow…

I Filmed Myself Breaking My Elbow…

– Hello. So yeah, this is my dumb ass after I tried to do a kick flip. A kick flip! Just a simple, little,
flat ground, kick flip. Yeah, at least I got it on camera. But, let’s rewind a little. (Montage music) I have a bad feeling about this (Explosions) You know how there is that stereotype that Asians always get good grades? And how they are super smart? I am a perfect example that that stereotype is not
always true unfortunately. As I get a little bit older
and a little bit wiser I am realizing I need
to step it back a notch. And I did, I did a whole
twelve year streak without breaking a single bone. So, yay me. If you’ve been following
the channel you know that I recently got a skate board. And I am trying to master a kick flip. And after a whole bunch of
attempts I finally landed one. It felt really great, but it
was while I was standing still. So in the next video, I thought that I could try
to do one while moving. That’d be awesome. And it ended up being really,
really, fricking hard. And after a ton of attempts, I ended up throwing in the towel. So, like nope, not happening. So I felt like a total failure and promised I’d come
back and do it next video. And it sucked. I hate giving up on stuff. More than anything else, I
absolutely hate giving up. So in the next video, it was
my time to get this kick flip. Again, after another
whole bunch of attempts, I finally sorta get one? – Ohhhh – Does that count? Does that count? Can I count that? I’m going to count that! – You’re going to count that? Ohh – Okay, in the next video, I will definitely do a perfect kick flip. Don’t you worry. I think this is good for today. See ya. And that is the point where I really should have just
called it a day and stoped, but I was really really
lucky for some weird reason, I thought, maybe I’ll do one more. And let me just see what happens. ’cause I feel like I could
land that perfect kick flip. – Ohhh – Oh (bleep). Oh (bleep) Oh (bleep), I broke my arm. I (bleep) broke my arm. Well, I definitely need
to go to the hospital. (Bleep). Ah. Oh (bleep) look at my elbow. – Oh (bleep). Oh boy – What do I do? Ah (bleep) – We gotta go to the hospital or something – I can move my fingers and everything. But, my arm is totally jacked up. I think it might just be out
of the socket or something. I don’t know. My health insurance isn’t that good. Woo! Oh god, I immediately knew it, as soon as I landed I felt it go gionk and I’m like, well, that’s not good. I’ve got some adrenaline
running right now. So, I am good right now.
But, in about twenty minutes, I am going to be like
crying like a little (bleep). (laughs) It’s been like ten years
since I broke my arm, so I’m like Oh my god did it just happen? Is this real life? Okay, don’t tell Sam, lets
see how long it takes him to notice that my arm is all jacked up. (laughs) Dude, it’s starting to hurt. It’s starting to hurt pretty bad. – Ahh – Oh god. – Help me, I’m dying here! (laughs) Somebody call the ambulance. Not the ambulance though, my insurance isn’t good enough for that. Let’s just take a gentle ride
to the nearest emergency site. I don’t know , do you think it’s broken? – I do, yes I very- – Do you think it’s broke or dislocated? – How bad does it hurt? – It hurts, pretty bad. (laughs) It’s hurting more and more. Remind me to take a thumbnail
in front of the hospital. All right? I need to get those clicks to
pay for this hospital bill. (laughs) You can tell there is
something wrong because my bone goes straight and you can see
it popping out right there. I feel like I don’t have
an elbow or something. This is really weird. I’m hoping we just go to
the hospital and their like ‘oh yeah bloop’ and
pop it back into place. Oh god, I wish I was trying to
do something cool, you know? And then broke my arm. but that was a sad, little half kick flip. And just boop. How far are we from this hospital? Thirteen minutes? There’s closer hospitals but,
I think my insurance is Kaiser. Here let me FaceTime Kari real quick. – Lets go guys, you’re almost there! – Hi there, Kari. – Hey. – So, I have some bad news. We are on the way to the hospital. – You’re on the way to the hospital? (laughs) – Yeah. – What did you do? You’re on the skateboard? (gasps) – Can you see that? – Oh my gosh! (laughs) – Why are you laughing? You’re the worst girlfriend ever! (Laughs) I’m laughing too so it’s alright – Congratulations on 300 K! – Hey, Hey, your students are watching? Can I pop it back myself, or? – No, you should go to the doctor. Maybe we should’ve got married, so your insurance would’ve been covered. – Ah dammit, yeah. If we got married, I’d have health insurance
under her school and her union, but I have to go with my crappy, like super budget insurance. – Is there like a bet on whether
it is dislocated or broken? – I don’t know should we make a bet? I would think it’s dislocated – Twenty bucks says it’s broken – Alright deal, twenty bucks. It’s starting to hurt real bad. All that adrenaline I had earlier? Gone. – Did you, Did you hear a crack? – No. Just felt like a, Bloop. (Groans) skateboarding, not for me, Dude. Just to let you know
how supportive Kari is, She is sending me gifs of how
to properly do a kick flip (laughs) Hello Uh him? Yeah, I just.. (Laughs) It was a super busy day
at the emergency room So, I did have to wait awhile in pain, but eventually they got me in and injected some morphine into me. This was me a bit earlier. But, after the morphine, I
am right back around there. So, yeah, the results from
the x-ray just came in and turns out it is dislocated and broken. So, we see that is not good. Hopefully, I don’t need
to do surgery on it ’cause that makes it a much bigger deal. Worst part about that is
that I owe Sam twenty bucks. Dumb bet to make – Sam, so he actually broke his arm – Oh (laughs) loser – Do you think I could
raise my blood pressure intentionally? – Yes. (Hospital machines beep) (laughs) Did it work? Freedom! (laughs) Oh god. Hey what is it? 8 O’clock there? So we were there for like nine hours. Feels so good to get out of there. They were like we are going to
come snap your arm into place And by that time, my arm
was hurting like crazy. So, that really freaked me out. So they gave me this stuff, Propofol. They gave that to me and I got super high for about thirty seconds. Or just a couple minutes
and when I came back to, I looked at it and its like oh, you all ready put it back in place. Afterwards, they took a CAT scan and they are going to take
a detailed look at it. Hopefully, I don’t need to
get it surgically fixed. Fingers crossed though. I’m waiting for the doctor
to call in a few days. So, we’ll see. We have to end off the day on a good note. Some Korean barbecue. I can’t hit the record
button, someone cut it for me. (Laughs) (Upbeat music) So, the results from the
CAT scan came back and unfortunately, my elbow
is pretty much shattered in five pieces. So the surgeon, who is
pretty much going to do the procedure on me called me today. And what is funny is that he was like, I know you from somewhere,
how do I know you? – Oh my gosh no he didn’t – So, I was like, Oh I do YouTube. And he was like, Oh Yeah! Hopefully, that scores me some
VIP points for the surgeon. (Laughs) – Special treatment. – It’s a little scary
because he was saying its a very complex surgery because
of how many pieces it’s in. And basically he is going to try and re-mush everything together
and put a screw though it, to hold it all together. Like he was saying, that’s right where the funny
bone is and stuff like that. And he was saying there, is
a lot of nerves in that area. And he was saying, hopefully
that would kinda set nicely but, if it doesn’t I’m going
to have to have one of those things were a bunch of pins
is coming out of my forearm. And holds it in like that for like a week – Oh no, no, no – Yeah he was saying – Around metal thing that goes through? – Yeah in my arm – So gross, oh my god. – I’m hoping after
Monday, I come back home and I just have another
one of these casts on. – So, you broke it extra good. – I broke it extra good. Peter what do you think about that? Is that your sad face? Are you sad that I’m
getting all this surgery? It’s hard for me to pet the dogs now. It’s really sad. This is as much as I can do. Another complication is
that in physical therapy, they basically need to crank your arm to get you to get full range of motion again. But, if that doesn’t work, I might need another
surgical procedure in a year. For that skateboard fall. For that little, teeny,
weeny skateboard fall. This is a lot of suckyness
that is happening All right, it is day four
of having my cast on. I may or may not have
slightly customized my cast to give me a little more finger action. The doctor actually told me to try to exercise these fingers
as much as possible. The way it was held before,
just wasn’t really giving me any motion with just my finger tips. So, I just pulled this back a little bit. That’s not recommended. Don’t do that. That’s bad advice. Do not do what I do. And check out my little
keyboard set up here. I have it propped up by this cup and it is just kinda taped onto the table. So, I can put my cast here and still access my basic premier
shortcuts right from here. And literally pulling this back inches made a huge difference. I’m editing my videos at
like half speed right now. But, you gotta do, what you gotta do. That’s the sucky part about freelance. You can’t just take a month off. And get PTO for it. So, now more than ever,
I’m trying to hustle because I got a pretty
fat medical bill coming (laughs) But, I don’t want you guys to be like ‘Oh no, let us send you money’
like don’t worry about it. I’m going to be alright. But, on Monday, the day
I upload this video, Will be the day I am going
to go get my surgery. It should be a pretty quick procedure. But, it is a little bit scary. Not gonna lie. ’cause you don’t know how
exactly it is going to go. Especially when the doctors are like ‘Yeah this is going to be more
complex than usual surgeries’ So, fingers crossed that in my next video, I don’t have all these nails
and stuff coming out of my arm, looking like a cyborg. Now if you are following me on Instagram, You already knew last
week that I broke my arm. But, on YouTube, I did a
little teaser of the fall. So, people are still
speculating if my arm is broken. But, if you are not
following me on Instagram, Totally should get on that, bro. Mikesmithphoto says if I win the gamble, I’ll put it on Ebay and
the proceeds will go to your medical bill. (laughs) that is actually a good idea. (laughs) I might actually start selling some stuff. The first thing I need to sell, is that damn skateboard that
I never plan on riding again. Ouch! Did a playback at 20% and seen a dislocated elbow if not worse. Hope you recover easy from that. Confirmed. Dislocated and worst. Good idea seeing it in slow motion though. Let’s check it out. (Laughs) ah man this is all bad. I was feeling good. Got the board rotated, but
the board landed just short. I land on the side of the board so, I am actually a foot
higher than I usually am. Since I wanted to do a moving kick flip, all my weight is moving forward. And aw man! All that energy went straight
into my hyper extended arm. Oof! Every time I watch this, it kills me. That’s crazy! I immediately knew. Like I didn’t need to look at my arm. I was like ‘yep, it’s broken’. (Laughs) Golden Souls Brigade says ‘I need a crane 3 so I can
film a kick flip tutorial for you’. (laughs) I think it’s a little bit
late for that tutorial but, I appreciate it anyways. Maybe your pants are too
tight for a kick flip. (laughs) that must have been it. Damn pants! (laughs) Slowed that crash down to quarter speed looked like he broke an arm. I hope not. (laughs) I hope not too, but, anyways, thank you for all the support
you guys have been sending me. I’ve been getting so many kind messages. And I’ll catch you guys on the next one. See yeah!


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