Hydration Pack Review | Park City Television Presents GEIGERRIG vs Camelbak

Hydration Pack Review | Park City Television Presents GEIGERRIG vs Camelbak

Every once in a while a product comes along
that makes you just say, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” One of those of course
is the original Camelbak which got hydration off of your bottle cage and unto
your back. You could carry more water. You would have more water easily accessible
which made you drink more. but Camelbak packs have some limitations. And
thankfully, a local company here in Utah has come up with a new solution that
makes you say, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” But what is this new idea
that folks have come up with? Well, Geigerrig Company based in Utah said, “Why
didn’t you take one of your regular hydration pack and put it under a little bit
of pressure so that you can do this.” You pump it up a few times. You can see it starts
to inflate a section right behind the water bladder. And waht that does is it puts
pressure against the water and provides the ability to spray water wherever
you need. Now you may say, “Why do I need that? I am perfectly comfortable using
a bite valve.” Well, what happens if you want to share your water with somebody
out there in the trail? Have you look at your bite valve lately? It does have a
hard sheet in the back to help keep that pressure pumping. You also have two zippered
pockets up here. You have got one for your mp3 player with a headphone cord.
And then another bogger pockets that runs away to the back. Heavy padding. This
is really firm stuff so while it feel comfortable on your back. It will also retain
its shape and keep this air channels, keeping you nice and vented throughout the
day. Nice thing about this Geigerrig Hydration Engine or a bladder from Hydropack
is this is got a really wide mouth so can drop in drink mixes if you want , plenty
of ice, you can probably even load it right up from an ice machine. Once you have
got it filled, you do not have to worry if the seal is tight, if you screwed things
on. All you do is you slide this part on and boom, you have got a bomb proof seal and all
we do is pop or connector back on, snaps on, we are good to go. All you need
to do to clean it is you can just pull it inside-out, quickly inside-out you can dry
it off in a drying air. One of the things I always dislike about the traditional hydration
packs as supposed to water bottles is, you do not want a hot and dusty ride.
You could not just pull something out, spray all over your face and keep going. You
know, get that little rinse of some of the road (2:57)___ off. Now with this Geigerrig,
not a problem. This is an in-line filter. Now normally a filter would not work
with a traditional hydration pack because there is no enough pressure pumping
the water through the filter to remove germs or the viruses or anything else
that you are worried about. But because this pack does have pressure, this
could work. This is a two ounce filter. That is all it ways. It ways virtually nothing.
You would not even notice it in addition to your pack. And all you have to
do is swap out this part, pop this on and boom, suddely we attached it to the pack down
in there and you have got the in- line filter. So you could even drink directly
out of this stream though I would not recommend but this filter will remove 99%
of cryptosporidium and giardia. So this could be your back country life-saver if you
are out, away from any sort of filtered water. So it is the hydration pack from Geigerrig.
It won the Innovation Award at the most recent Outdoor Retailer Show. Backpacker
magazine has been crowing about it as one of their Best Product of the
Year. It is even been endorsed by some Navy Seal. You know how those guys feel about
their quipment. You can get more information on this or any of the products
that we have field tested on our website PARKCITY.TV. I am going to keep myself
hydrated and get to move on and I will see you next time.


11 thoughts on “Hydration Pack Review | Park City Television Presents GEIGERRIG vs Camelbak”

  • Lance Walker says:

    I needed one of these last weekend for canyoneering in Southern Utah. I love how it acts as a hydration pack and a faucet to clean hands etc. The detachable hose is sweet too! Does Camelbak have a competing product to this?

  • Matt Gunderson says:

    As far as I know Camelbak does not have a pressurized hydration pack. I like using the inline water filter on my Geigerrig. the pressurized bladder forces water through it and you don't have to suck super hard to get a drink.

  • Matt Gunderson says:

    @ weddingzbo I hate that to, the worst is when your dog is thirsty on the trail. After a month of use I am really loving my hydration pack

  • I am an avid day hiker and backpacker in the Northern Ca mountains. I have the Geigerrig 1600 and love it. For me, the pressurized bladder is a definite advantage over normal hydration packs like a Camelbak. The 1600 pack itself is also a fantastically well designed day pack and the most comfortable one I have owned. I wish it came with an integral rain cover like other high end day packs, but other than that, I can find no fault with it.

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