100 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey: Widespread Devastation in One Texas Town | NBC Nightly News”

  • This is the kind of storms we get down in the caribbean, DOM.REP., aka hurrricane alley, so we know excactly what you are in for. May GOD bless and keep you all SAFE. This is just TERRIBLE !!! We are raying for all of TEXAS, NEW ORLEANS and all affected areas. GOD SPEED.

  • Went through hurricane Hugo in 1989……the noise from the winds is something I'll never forget. Mother Nature is not to be played with.

  • I feel for all the people affected by this, but was wondering about all the Republican climate deniers down in Texas. How's that working out for you?

  • Consequences of climate change. Affecting millions of people, so few people benefit from getting out of the climate change agreement.


  • Justin Crawford says:

    "The strongest storm in thirteen years"? Is that what the reporter said? Really so thirteen years ago this happened. And Texas had thirteen years to prepair….hhhmmm

  • Two men on horseback rescuing a horse trapped in rising floodwaters in Cleveland, Texas.

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    I prayed those who are missing ,died to the hurricane in Texas will be found alive,and those who didn't,may they all RIP.
    i have family in Texas,I pray you all our safe.may everyone pull together and help those in need in Texas,I hope to see you all soon.
    i love you all !!.

  • People just don't have money! I've been there for like 6 years working full time making 10$ an hour! That's just not enough. I lived paycheck to paycheck and no savings.
    15 is ok, now I make 20$ and the difference is amazing. I have bought so many things I couldn't afford before, pay all my bills, pay for health insurance, and I've been able to save 5k.

  • Some people seriously attribute this to an imaginary angry cartoon character. The amount of low IQ in the world is astonishing…

  • Searcher123456789 says:

    Getting out of the global warming treaty is not the most intelligent thing that these politician-smartasses have done. And there is plenty of money, their military budjet is an evidence of it. Maybe when they have finished to fight the rest of the world (they think they will win), maybe then they will see other realities.

  • For those of you who are commenting just to be hateful, please remember that people lost their homes and some lost their lives. I'm from Corpus Christi and while I did evacuate to Beeville, I can understand why some people did not leave. This was expected to just be a category one. While damage was expected, no one thought it was going to do this much. It grew into a category four within a day. By then, evacuating would of become increasingly hard to do, do to roads being filled with traffic, hotels becoming booked up completely and the chance to request government help running out. If you don't have the means to get out, you have no choice but to stay and hope for the best.

  • Searcher123456789 says:

    The last become the first(the first the last), the poor the rich (and the rich the poor), the true the false(and the false the truth), the love hate (and the hate love),…. the christianist, at least theirs is the most hypocrite I have ever seen, and I have seen plenty of them.

  • I swear. I thought Hurricane Matthew was bad, it flooded half of my home state of North Carolina, and now we are having Harvey. I was in my dorm for 3 hours before we were all encouraged to evacuate (later we were forced to evacuate).

  • I'm really curious how the weather people could tell 5 days IN ADVANCE EXACTLY what Hurricane Harvey was going to do yet they never predict the weather right otherwise… They knew it would hit then exactly 2 days later it would back up into the Ocean and they hit Houston a second time. It had to be done through weather modification. Watch the video on the secureteam video channel about UFOs and they have a very interesting video. "What came out of Hurricane Harvey" where the Hurricane CAT 2 at that time gets seeded and instantly blooms into a CAT 4. Check it out (don't have the ;link) and form your own opinion.

  • God's wrath on the USA. More super hurricanes to come as God's punishment and more Americans will die as a fitting punishment for killing millions across the world.

  • Chihiro Fujisaki says:

    God punishment to Donald trump supporters for being ignorants now the new hurricane Irma coming from Florida is going to the east coast north South Carolina good! I hope those racist people died! White supremacist must die!

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House says:

    It's nice to see whites, blacks, mexicans and asians helping one another after this kind of catastrophe, especially when the current President and Trump voters are openly supporting racism: "The neo-nazis/white nationalists/KKK are very fine people."

  • Watchman Ministries says:

    September World Events (2017-2018) Behind Texas Hurricane Harvey

  • Instead of waging war against the enemies of Israel or panicking over some insane fabricated Russian conspiracy we should be mobilizing to fix our own collapsing country's problems. We are trying to subjugate the entire world yet we can't take care of our own people.

  • Accommodation is avaliable for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Please check out the group Texas Welcome You In on FB. Many people want to open their homes to help those in need.

  • this should have happened when people cut down forest 🔥 its all coz of we humans its all simple we destroy nature the nature destroys us..

  • Heartbreaking to see such devastation from across the pond. Stay safe, Texas, as well as other states affected! Much love from the UK. 💓

  • I will pray for Houston Texas . they have everything on the internet saying help them help them but when Hurricane Katrina came no one helped us people in New Orleans what understand what I'm saying other people won't

  • May God bless all the victims in Texas. I have friends and family there too and haven't heard from them yet. God, I hope they are safe!!!

  • Elizabeth Di Francesca says:

    Yes, I question areas known for floods and tornados/high winds and will still not prepare and each home built with wood and materials not for this weather. Nor having each county always prepared for their own county needs

  • The solar eclipse was on aug 21. Harvey hit on the 25th. Read Luke 21:25

    “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭21:25‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • Just a Tiger thing says:

    I don't mean to be "that guy" but praying that you'll make it past a storm that your god sent himself is pretty ridiculous. It's completely illogical to hope that God saves you from a storm he sent there himself.

  • Please help my friend who's car is totaled and cannot get to work. And while you are on the GoFundMe site, please help others in need as well. Thank you. #Texasstrong


  • 21st the eclipse
    25th hurricane Harvey
    26th the flood
    21. 25 . 26

    Luke 21:25-26New International Version (NIV)

    25 “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.


  • So all you history smart folks on here tell me this. Tell me where in north America is there actually a spot that has never been hit by any mass destructive bad weather? hum?

  • No money? I thought usa is the richest country in the world. Dang… the devastation… karma for killing so many innocent families around the world I guess. Feel the wrath of God! No mercy for the devil.

  • Its so heartbreaking to see your entire city flooded and destroyed and here in Houston we were so luck to come out not flooded

  • I woke up at 4AM Thursday and packed up to leave. We monitored this storm and it was an easy decision to leave. Left at 2PM same day. Estimated to be 40 to 60% of the residents stayed in Rockport.
    On a side note, the linemen are all supermen.

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