Huge Lukaku for Perisic Bid! Man Utd Transfer News

Huge Lukaku for Perisic Bid! Man Utd Transfer News

hello and welcome to of the United stands this is your latest Manchester I transfer news where we talk about all the latest United transfer news and give it that real fan opinion we're going to talk about Romelu Lukaku to start off with we've got dibala alder virile racket it's a little bit about Bruno and McGuire as usual be little bit about Longstaff little about pepe as well but let's start from the core kook was Italian report last night we're talking about a new bid for Romelu Lukaku involving a vamper sh now the what I read and there's a bit of contrast here but why I read was that United can have 55 million euros plus Paris each or around 70 million pounds outright which will include add-ons now this to me is a bit of a concern because the Cork who clearly wants to go to inter milan but inter milan clearly don't have the money that manchester united want for Lukaku united apparently one around 70 million pounds in pocket not including atom add-ons in their pocket which inter man clearly don't have which is why they're having to chop players forward that they think Manchester I'd might go hmm so would you take 55 million euros plus Paris each which is about 50 million pounds plus Paris H or would you take instead around 70 million pounds sterling which is probably involving add-ons so unfortunately not Raheem so the reality is with that Paris which is a good player I thought even looked quite good when he came on in the second off against this in the preseason game at the weekend but he's 30 he's 30 years of age and Paris it should have come to this club I remember two years ago when we were talking about Paris age and some people were like he's too old at 28 what are they gonna say about him in 30 and I must agree that is not what Manchester United am meant to be about and Darla's good a soldier were meant to be about rebuilding what would Paris each mean with Sanchez already there for the likes of Vera likes of a Chong Nora Greenwood it's not it's not the right winger to bring in and I just I just wouldn't do the deal if I was United so it's a short-term fix it spade bring the cracks he's a he's just not the sort of player that you know I should look at as much as he's good and if only besides that's what he wants to do I will back it but I don't think Paris each at his age unfortunately is what we need having said that you know what I said the other day I take bail over nobody so and if it means getting rid convincing myself live on air now I come into the show thinking no but then I'm thinking if it's Paris H in and the car coupe outs and fifty million pounds or we keep the car ku I probably would just done it I've just bloody done it live on the show right if you're telling me we don't sell the car ku or we sell in for 50 million in Paris H do a deal there we go I'm going to be decisive of course out if you're telling me we either keep the car ku or we take Paris hitch and 50 million I'll take 50 million in Paris hitch definitely yeah cuz you got 50 million you can use and you've got a decent player yeah I'll do it I'll do the deal despite what I just said I'd do the deal if it's a choice between getting 70 million and then going for Pepe though obviously I'd prefer that just to quantify so but look we know I think the car key needs to go is what I'm trying to say staying in Italy and interestingly that I think it was correct Coryell Adela Sport are basically saying that you're not United are looking to do that they want the money from the car coup to go and get nicola pepe which is what we were talking about yesterday about napoli wanting pepe and you know it being a main rival to them according to sources in italy well they're there now saying that you know you know i'd want to sell the car coup to fund that deal week and i would prefer that we got the money to get nicola pet babe in the paris each one but let's keep an eye on that the main thing is that we get rid of the car key now let's start off with the man in the middle de barra now the ball is an interesting one because the ball is a player that we have been linked to a lot throughout the summer he's also a player that you're Ventus are looking to sell so you've got to take note of that also pop when debar are very good friends so he's pumped we're gonna stay could we bring the ball Rin what I would say is I like the baller as a footballer but the reason he's not a success at you know the Aventis anymore because they've got Ronaldo there is because consistently he can't be the star player in that team he has got issues with consistency he doesn't always start for Argentina he doesn't always start the Aventis now he surpassed the requirements in the Avensis and at 25 that's a bit you know he shouldn't be he should be but the ball or a couple of years ago was being spoken about as being one of the worlds players he's fallen off that shelf some people some United fans think bring him to United and we'll get we'll make him that player he could have been I'm not so sure I'm not so sure that his game actually suits the Premier League and what what people think he is he's got a very odd style on the ball almost a little bit slow at times he's a good player and on his days a very good player but I'm not convinced he's what United need because he's not super fast he's you know he's sort of like if you've got matter the ball is better than matter but why would you keep mare and then bring the ball or just this it doesn't make sense to me he's not the sort of player I think you know I'd need at the moment as much as I like him I just don't think here's the sort of player that we need and maybe we're being mentioned constantly because we do get mentioned because PSG have also been mentioned by to toe sport but I bring it to your attention because we are being linked with dibala again but interestingly enough I think if you mentis wanted to sell as the Bala they probably want Pogba anyway which I don't think Pablo wants to go there and sport from Spain are talking about even racket itch and he there is a quote from even racket each as well basically saying that he wants to say stay at Barcelona but if that's not going to happen he's open to and he's open to offers and apparently about forty million quid and again he is a player that we have been consistently linked with probably for the last two years to be honest but certainly quite a lot over the last six months and look racket itch I will be adamant on this I do not want racket in Manchester United he's 31 years of age yes he's a midfielder and I'll come to whether I'd rather have racket teach to nobody in the moment because that's sort of the situation we're in at the moment as United fans every deal we almost have to look at it and go well we're not looking at it with the same eyes as May anymore in May nobody wanted bail now with two weeks to go people are thinking well it might be bail or nobody I'd rather have that and that's the set that's the precarious situation we're in but with racket äj– I just don't see what what racket itch would bring why why would that deal be good for us all for him 31 years of age very very good midfielder but playing in a league that's a lot slower than ours with a lot more easier games than ours coming to England the fast-paced Premier League you know combative pressed all the time saw what happened to rocket each and field for Liverpool he got absolutely swamped and is that what United need do you want a midfielder that's gonna be a little bit you know swamps and a bit out of his depth and he's 31 and more importantly do you want a thirty one-year-old what's the future of a thirty one-year-old maybe an eye to thinking well we've got Pereira and hominid an old head for a year or two would be good I don't agree I think that there are midfielders out there that we all know are out there that would be far better signings that would be here for five or six years Bruno Fernandez Thomas parte you know there are options out there for United and I think they need to be looking at those not the racket each sort of signing would I sign racket itch if it was him or nobody would you would you sign if it was note him or nobody I'll ask you again would you take would you rather keep Lukaku or would you rather take fifty five million in Paris each if you've only got those two choices and in the midfield if it's no midfielders or racket itch would you take the deal and to be honest with you again I think I would have to say yes because we're so short in the midfield I think I would take racket ish and that isn't being flippant I don't want racket ish to come to unite and I don't think he's a very good signing but we are in that bad situation now where you're almost thinking well if it's him or nobody I'd rather have something you know at the end of the day it's like walking a lot it's a like it's like walking across you know broken glass firm for a mile isn't it would you rather walk across it in a nice pair of Adidas trainers or do you want to walk across it in bloody paper flip-flops well you're gonna pick if it's a choice between the paper flip-flops or nothing you're gonna wear the paper flip-flops because it offers you some protection albeit not the protection you really want then I studied ass once so it's better than bare feet is what I'm trying to say but you know it shouldn't be about that they you know it shouldn't be about that and Tokyo love erode is on there as well and I saw I think there's any Goldstein from talkSPORT put a tweet out obviously on the call in last night somebody said that they would take Toby out of erode over Harry McGuire my stance on this is and I suppose it fits in with racket ish and Paris each and bail as well is that this is not what we're meant to be doing this is not the rebuild we're being sold the players that will meant to be looking at ah the Wamba soccers the Daniel James the Bruno Fernandes they're short long staff the player that's not quite there yet but it's gonna come here being all of the club and grow with us that's what we're looking at and Harry McGuire for a centre-back because you're not really gonna pick up a 21 year old centre-back who's you know at the top of their game till it was a consideration but obviously we couldn't do that deal so you know Harry McGuire in relation to cents backs is still young at 26 and he's got plenty of years left in the clock but alder V Road is going to be 31 this season he's a papering the clap crack Center back you could say well you know what he could come in for two years 20 B comes in then you got 20 B and Linden off you could do that for 25 million you could do that and maybe that's what you're thinking for me Harry McGuire's more long-term there's there's more stability in it and and it's better for what United trying to achieve in the rebuild so look I would take McGuire overall Devere owed a lot of people would take out of erode but interestingly there's a quote from him as well because everyone's talking at the moment cuz they're on the tolerance that farthing so Toby Oliveira has basically said where my head is I'll be at Spurs next season and my theory on elder veer would have said it a few times is a lot of fans thought what he's available for 25 million just offered the money and it'll go you're forgetting the most important thing there's a release clause and the Spurs can't stop it happening the only person who stops it happening is Toby out of erode do you think there isn't a club in the world that hasn't offered that 25 million release clause for Toby alderweireld come on somebody will have done it it's an absolute bargain whether it's Bournemouth Everton somebody will have done it may be more than one club he just will have said no because for him to do it it's got to be the project that he wants to do but the most important consideration in that is this in a year's time Toby elder Road will still be playing high level football 31 look what God in just gone from Athletico Madrid's into mana 33 for a very good wage holder virile it's only gonna be 31 in a year's time but more importantly how Devere would we'll be out of contracts in a year's time so instead of Spurs getting 25 million they'll get nothing and out devera will be in the money he'll get massive wages and a signing on fee that's massive if he goes now Spurs get 25 million and his wages won't be anywhere near from the Club that he goes to because they've got to give 25 million to Spurs I think I'll de vere would stay in it Spurs not signing a new contract and then he's off next summer for the doh-doh rate me that's why I think he's gonna do I do and say yeah I spoke about Pat pay as well but get your comments in below on everything I do feel that we are at that point now where we almost are any bit of transfer news you initially look at the play like Rockets you just go no no no but then you've almost got to have it in your head because it's only like two weeks the day after tomorrow left of the transfer window two weeks on Thursday closes – bloody weeks so you are sort of thinking now well I would rather have that than nothing Bruno Fernandez obviously over in America at the moment he's going to be playing Liverpool tomorrow night and no you can guarantee there'll be stories about Liverpool signing Bruno Fernandez because that's how the press work I still believe we're going to get him but if we don't get him it's on the board Harry Maguire I still think we're gonna get him but then as I said last night the reason they're taking the deals are taking so long now there is this Harry Maguire wants to come to United Leicester will sail to United brunet Fernandez wants to come to United Sporting Lisbon will sail to United soldier wants those players why are they not here because Manchester and people who are in charge of transfers which isn't Ollie gonna soldier won't pay the going rate they're trying to work deals out cheaply they won't pay the game rate and we heard only say this on the press conference a couple of a couple of press conferences ago we won't be held to ransom we're not gonna we're not gonna pay over the odds the problem at Manchester United is they think they're being held for ransom because the people doing the deals aren't football people brunelfran when Sporting Lisbon say they want 60 million pounds they're not holding you to ransom he's worth 60 million pounds and if you were football people you'd know that you're not being mugged off Harry Maguire the reason they want 75 to 80 million pounds is because in the current market and all the factors of bat him being England's best centre-back playing in the Premier League proven Van Dyck went for 75 million 18 months ago they're right he's worth that money but I think you know I'd have got people in charge you think oh they're not because they don't think it's they're worth that money because they don't understand the world of football because I'll tell you now Bruno Fernandez and Harry McGuire if we sign Bruno Fernandez for 60 million and we sign Harry McGuire for 80 million I'm gonna be sat there thinking why did we take six weeks to barter that deal that's what they were worth six weeks ago why don't we just bloody pay it but we don't do it it's like one buy soccer we spent 50 million pounds on Mamba soccer we spent all of June negotiating the deal I could have told you on June the 1st he was worth 50 million and that's the evidence there for you United are bartering deals below what the players worth and yet what meant to be trying to make ground upon Liverpool in City were meant to be having a rebuild but we've got people in charge who are bartering deals below their value of these players just uh you know if sporting Lizabeth once at 150 million I'd say right try and get Bruno Fernandez but don't pay hundred fifty million get him down to 60 but don't be going below 60 and trying to barter it down there when he's worth 60 pay what they're bloody worth you're not being mugged off and we could have had these players did a long time ago that's what's irritating me these deals are there to be done if they're not done it's because of the plonkers it was you were involved in this deals thanks everyone for watching I still think we're getting do I awake please do smash a like on the video make sure you subscribe if you know obviously we will have a vlog from China today the first job vlog from China's going up so I'm looking forward to that because I've never been to China and I want to see what it's all about and looking forward to that from flex and blog flex and Josh and we will go live if there's any breaking news of course if not 8 o'clock tonight thanks for watching I'll speak to you soon


23 thoughts on “Huge Lukaku for Perisic Bid! Man Utd Transfer News”

  • Ayyub Chowdhury says:

    We need to sell lukaku asap. Otherwise his value will drop heavily next season, because he's obviously not in OGS plans for moving forward.

  • I think lukaku should stay he would be a solid plan b for ole if plan a isn't going the way he would like it why not switch it around last 30 mins off a game crossing balls into the box to lukaku have him as a target man if things are not working out no matter how could the top 3 will be doing you will always need a plan b and lukaku would be perfect for that

  • If Inter can’t pay the price , just get the hell out as you did for Perisic last couple years , and bench Lukaku

  • So what would be the game plan then if we brang in perisic??? He was ment to come in 2 years ago, to feed lukaku and fellaini… well fellaini is gone and lukaku is going our plan is to work it on the ground up the pitch and press high… so no need for the high crosses as there isn't anyone to get on the end of them….

    So take the poxy money, buy someone good with it like pepe and forget about perisic, he got owned by us the other day

  • Too old at 28! so most players don't reach their prime until 24-25. so you only ever get 2-3 years out of a player! so we should have got rid of Giggs in 2001? Perisic would be a great signing and MUCH better than buying Pepe

  • Micah Carruthers says:

    Get them signed Maguire and Fernandez 60 million if he's half the player at the theater of dreams he's well worth it

  • The PiratePeteShow says:

    Seems the clubs is being tight!!! Cause they feel they can with Chelsea being banned and Arsenal being broke. we have only bought a RB and a kid in. And have lost 2 midfielders and the club don’t seem convinced to spend to replace them. If they did we would have Bruno Fernandes by now

  • What Aload Of Tosh.😎 Your Programme Is Full Of False Information. You Got Everybody Linked To Utd But The Kitchen Sink .

  • 30 million and skriniar or De Vrij. job done.

    Perisic at 30 would only hold up the young players coming through and aint the player of 3-4 yrs ago.

  • Geraldine Murphy says:


  • Dean da feen from ballinadreen says:

    get rid of lukaku and take perisic till we get sancho as I don't see us getting anyone else till we get CL.short term I know but we need reinforcements fast.

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