Howard Stern Gives Ellen an Unforgettable Kiss

Howard Stern Gives Ellen an Unforgettable Kiss

They love you wherever you go. This is the pinnacle
of my career. I’ve been at this for,
like, almost 40 years. But to one day be on the
Ellen DeGeneres Show– I mean, this was what
it was all about. I’m building, building,
building slowly. That’s why it took you so long. That’s what it is. This is very exciting. Daytime television and
me– perfect pairing. Yeah. It’s unbelievable. At one point in your
career, it would not have been a perfect pairing. But you’ve mellowed in your– I’ve mellowed. I’ve become an elder statesman
of radio, of television, of media. Look at me. I’m so relaxed. [SNORES] You know, by the way, I am
very thrilled to be here. Ellen is in my book. We will be talking about that. I have a whole
agenda, of course. Good. Good. We want to sell–
it’s a great book. Thank you. But you know, listen, I was
thinking about you backstage. And I don’t know if
you’re following this. I’ve been out here
in Los Angeles. I haven’t been
following the news. But people are giving you grief
about this George Bush picture, right? Right. But listen, you know
I’m always with you. I’m on your side. The problem is– and this is a
brilliant booking on your part, having me on the show. People have this
picture in their mind of you and George Bush. What you need to
do, in my opinion, is take a picture with
me, making out with me. Oh. Now, just hear me out. I know it’s hard. Your wife is here. I know, I know. I know. Honey, I was just thinking,
once people see me with you, no one’s going to be
thinking about George Bush. I see. Oh, that’s true. That’s my thought. I see. You know, in that picture,
I was holding my phone. At that time, I was showing
him a picture of one of your watercolors. Because you know,
he paints also. And I was showing him
one of the pictures that you sent me of the
sand dunes in the grass. Yeah, I like to
paint watercolor. I had no idea that’s
what got you in trouble. That’s what got me in trouble. I get everybody in trouble. I don’t know how
that all worked out. But it did. Yeah. I was showing him your– Kiss me, Ellen. You’re in– Kissing a guy– wait. Get the picture. OK. Now, you put this out there. All right. You’re OK with this? Nothing worse can
happen to me now. When is the last time
you kissed a guy? Like this, I mean. Like– Romantically. Wait, wait. How are we going to kiss? Well, you want to erase
the George Bush picture. No, we’re not going to make out. Well, I don’t mean tongue. No tongue. No tongue. No tongue. Because you know,
listen, I don’t want to make you
throw up or anything. No. Listen, just brace yourself. OK. When is the last time? Not that long ago. Oh, really? I kiss men on the lips. On the lips? Yes. Who did you kiss on the lips? Probably Colin Farrell. Really? Yeah. No kidding? Leo DiCaprio. Oh, those ugly guys? Yeah. Well, now you’re going
to kiss a hot guy. All right. Are you ready? I am. This is the picture
that is going to make America forget
that you were sitting next to George W. Bush. You’re so smart to do this. OK. Here we go. Hold it. Wait a second. There was– I think
there was tongue. There was no tongue. There was no tongue. I felt you pushing a little bit. No, no. There was no tongue. I’m a married man. I’m a married woman. I know. I know. You know, that’s the
great thing about fame. I always say it. People say, do you
like being famous? I love it. Because you know, as a young guy
growing up, believe it or not, I was very invisible. Nobody paid attention to me. But when I got famous,
actually, women who are way out of my league — Beth — would start dating me. So that’s the great thing. No. I think you sell yourself short. You’re super smart, super
charming, super talented in many ways. So don’t sell yourself short. But here’s the thing. I was scared of you for years. I mean, years. We saw each other at, like, the
Upfront, the television thing when I was starting to do– I don’t even know what
shows I was doing. Was that when we first met? Yeah. Well, we didn’t really meet. I avoided you. I was scared to death of you. Oh, that’s right. I do remember that. Really? Yeah. At like Tavern on the Green. Well, Ellen said to me, when I
interviewed Ellen on my show– and this was the
point of my book– I felt that when I went to
satellite radio, you know, I was on regular radio. It was such a drag
because the government was after me every minute. Right. And this invention of
satellite radio saved my life. Because when I
went over there, we were free to do
whatever we wanted. Right. And as a result, things
started to change in my life, where
I said, you know, this is a great opportunity
to really have conversation with people, to sit there and
talk to them, to ask questions I never– in my wildest dreams, when
I started out in radio, I never would have
thought that I’d be sitting with you, or
with David Letterman, or with Madonna. I mean, you know, Paul
McCartney, my hero, you know. There is just no
way that I couldn’t have imagined that my career
would blossom that way. And being on satellite radio,
I got to ask people questions, and really be inquisitive,
and really get down to it. And I really do
mean this, Ellen– and I’m not saying
it because I’m here– it was so important for me to do
this show, to promote the book, because you– really, out of all of the
interviews in this book, yours was the most sensitive,
and I learned so much about you. And it really moved me. And I think if you’ve
never heard the interview or you haven’t read it, it
is really quite remarkable that with your life
and what you had to overcome, to
become a success, and with all the garbage you
had to put up with in your life, I think it’s just an amazing
inspirational interview that you gave me. Thank you. Thank you. It was a great interview. I loved it so much. And what did I learn? What did you learn? When I interviewed you, that you
and I had more in common than I knew. And I mean, we’ve got
to get back to the fact that you were afraid of me. Yeah, we have to take
a break, because I was very afraid of you. And then– yeah. This is not satellite. I have finite time. I wish I had more time. Because that’s what is
great about the interview, because we really had a
long, wonderful conversation, which is in this book. We are back in a minute with the
wonderful kisser, Howard Stern, after this. Yeah, that was so romantic.


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