How Zillow Does Advertising

How Zillow Does Advertising

[Applause] Josh PPC for our e coming at you today with a new video for the easy agent Pro crew today I'm going to do something a little bit different previous videos we've talked a lot about specific strategies and if you haven't seen those most of them are available on the easy agent Pro YouTube channel and a lot of them are in the Facebook beat Zillow Group beat Zilla easy agent progra but today I'm gonna do something a little different a week or so ago I was examining Zillow's current ad offerings on Facebook and for those of you that don't know you can go to any business page and look in the right spot and you can see every single ad that people are running you can also see if there's split testing certain photos for certain ads and what a lot of people also don't know is you can actually see chat bot sequences to which is really interesting as well as leadpage forms so if you're if you're if you've ever run a lead ad before then it'll actually display the text in the lead ad as well so as a marketer I'm constantly trying to evaluate Facebook and Google and kind of make sure I'm on top of my game and I run into things often that I I'm not familiar with or run into certain strategies that are just super impressive I mean a lot of the stuff has been out there a while but I spent a few hours looking at Zillow's ads and I had four key takeaways that I wanted to share with you guys today so let's jump into this first by showing you exactly where you can find someone's ad ads so again we're slash Zillow right here and again this works with any of your competitors or anyone else that you want to kind of spy on here's our feed lot going on they're super active half of every adult in America goes onto Facebook every day so if you if you aren't super active on your page you're missing out but over here on the right-hand side under this shop now button you see an area that says community 2.3 million people like this page and we're gonna scroll down and this is what we're looking for page transparency this is something new Facebook did in response to whatever transpired and during the election I'm not going to get into that but what they decided was that they were going to be transparent with whenever a business was spending money they were also decided that they were gonna be transparent with what countries are managing a business page as well as it particulars that speak about politics or certain hot-button issues so what you need to do is you go right here to this section and you're gonna hit the see more button right here and that's gonna pop up a window and right here it gives you a few little notables on the page people who manage a page again this is you know the countries that they're from but page history page name has been changed you might be able to see some more right there but right here is what I'm talking about ads from this page this page is currently running ads if they're not running ads it'll say not running ads but right here we're gonna go to the ad library and it's gonna magically pop up and at the time searches Zillow is running 11,000 ads and I'm not exaggerating and that they're impressive and a couple things about this like I feel like I'm pretty good at Facebook you know we've you know teams I support we've got thousands of leads and a lot of close business millions of dollars in closed business but no one is as good as Zillow at this sort of thing they spend tons of money testing evaluating creating custom audiences they have a ton of data a constantly testing ad copy so I learned some things from what they're doing and I want to share that with you today so I'm gonna come right back to the screen but I'm gonna go key takeaway number one then what I learned from what Zillow is doing is they keep it simple and beautiful and I mark it a few other types of businesses but the one thing that I love about real estate is you can you can remain a size and fall in love with whatever area that you're in and if you do like that area then that's an easy thing to reproduce and show other people so if you love the area that you live the subdivision neighborhood whatever you your ads your photos your videos it should be they should be beautiful constantly and that's easy to do with most areas in this amazing country that we live in as well as Canada too because I know easy age improvement some Canadian clients as well so I'm gonna go over these bullet points and I'm gonna talk a little bit about it but one thing that they did that I was impressed with and I mean I looked at it had to be over a thousand Hough the eleven thousand ads and they they don't do much beyond two to three lines of text which I was kind of surprising this because I'm always feeling like I'm trying to I'm trying to come up with something clever I'm trying to create you know a little bit of fear missing out I'm trying to pitch the property that we're marketing or the area and I'm constantly trying to balance the things that I say but I it's just up and down this list one to three lines of text there's one line of text right here and I mean it doesn't stop thousands of ads one two three lines of text if you have a lot of text like this it's going to take a lot of ads like this it's going to take a second to refresh every once in a while so again you can see and after ad after ad two lines of text and they don't veer too much from a lot of the things that they say so it's far as happy they don't change it up too often that's what I'm trying to say so the other thing I noticed is a lot of large photos they are clearly optimizing for mobile because if you if you're on Facebook on your on your phone you notice that you know mobile sometimes you run across mobile ads and they fill the screen and that's because the advertiser has created a particular ratio that will fill you know fills mobile and looks better on mobile so mobile is a tall rectangle or desktop is a wide rectangle and so scrolling through these ads you can tell that some are designed for mobile I recommend that you know most studies tell you 50 here so here's a good example right here this one's clearly desktop and this one is clearly mobile right here and the mobile and so when you're doing your targeting you can say mobile only to see this ad desktop only to see this at so the other thing that I noticed in this kind of keep it simple and beautiful theme here is that they animal bounced around a little e not make it too dizzy here is even videos are a few seconds will repair you relax Zillah now buy your home as is there were tons of Zillow offer ads tons and tons and tons and don't fret we're gonna teach you a little bit of how to handle Zillow offers in a future video but as you can see most of these are 15 seconds long I mean that's Facebook's recommendation and what Zillow is doing here is they're just giving big beautiful ads that if you watch the ad they're gonna create a custom audience of people who watch this I'm sorry if you watch the video they're gonna create a custom video a custom audience of people watching the video so that's why it's best to have a shore video especially in the beginning now down the funnel longer videos can be effective but again to three lines of texts large photos optimized from mobile if you notice there's lots of blue sky green grass as I was kind of going through some of these sorry my screen got a little wonky there as I was going through some of these I couldn't help but uh sorry about that I couldn't help but notice that it's just full of blue skies I mean look at this blue sky blue sky blue sky blue sky and whenever I go out to take neighborhood videos or photos or anything – I make sure that there's a nice sky in the background I mean a few clouds are not bad I mean here's another one with some clouds but you want to make sure you know blue skies and green grass is kind of a term for feeling good so it makes sense that that's what they're doing here so again takeaway number one keep it simple and beautiful – three lines of text large photos optimism for mobile short simple videos around 15 seconds kind of straight to the point takeaway number two so I called this one speak to pain points and solve a problem so even though Zillow is only giving us one or two lines of text that the audience here they do a really good job of cramming in some kind of psychological warfare into these and I went through the ads and I created a little bit of a list here so I'm gonna read a few of these to you again every single one that I pulled this through was what we're two lines or less so here's some phrases that they use time-consuming skip the hassle don't miss out used to be a lot of work a new way fewer moving pieces a simpler way now it's easy don't miss a listing push of a button an easier way used to be stressful stressful larger photos and on and on and that larger photos one was they were clearly taken jab at other sites basically saying you know our our site has larger photos for to make it you know easy to view so again you can go and look at some of these yourself you know here you go don't miss out on your perfect home so again even with two lines of text in the ad copy they're still crammed and this psychological stuff in here thinking of selling your home there's an easier way to do it request a no obligation offer from Zillow and and they're like I said tons of ads for Zillow offers so take away number one keep it simple take away number to speak to pain points and solve a problem and you know their perfect example of you can do it in a simple way so takeaway number three and this was probably the thing I was the most shocked with Zillow runs a ton of ads that are not related to real estate and I'm gonna show you and I'm gonna show you where to find them and I'm gonna tell you a little bit about why I think they're doing it so I found a lot of ads on content including solar energy global warming domestic violence foster children homeless vets LGBTQ to name a few and again these are ads that they're paying money to run now what I think that they're doing here is they're trying they're obviously trying to build goodwill and they're trying to connect with people who feel passionate about these particular things because if you looked at previous videos that I showed you when people interact with your brand and when people interact with your Facebook page or your website there are lots of ways loss the loss to feed here there are lots we can retarget them so if you are you know if you're an agent and you're really into you know some of the things that I've listed or you know maybe it's certain things in your community your church you know could be outdoors hunting fishing whatever your in the strategy that they're doing here in a highly recommended is to connect with other like-minded people and Zillow is paying Facebook to send these ads out and to connect with like-minded people on these particular issues and here is where you can find this stuff so right here view all ads but if you click on issue electoral or political here you go and these are not to keep it simple ads you're gonna see a lot of texts you're gonna see a lot of hard string-pulling videos you're gonna see you know this particular ones still don't believe in climate change talk to residents of Miami who experience the threat of rising sea levels of their doorstep so I we'd like to think that goodwill is is or you know is on the agenda for what they're doing and I'm sure that they're that it is but being a powerful marketing company there's also sales and advertising kind of agenda in there as well so if I if they promote this climate change video here they're gonna connect with people who who appreciate that they care about climate change and I guarantee you they are building an audience of people who watch this video right here it's a large it's a long video it's eight minutes long so I'm not gonna go into it so again the takeaway here is you be yourself be genuine go out and connect with those people but then on the backend and the ad interface go ahead and create custom audiences of people who have viewed your videos of people who have you who have interacted with your page whether it's clicked on a photo or or watched a video or commented so again I believe Zillow strategies here is to promote goodwill but create a custom audience of people who are watching the video then they're gonna come back and they're gonna send those people who already have kind of a good feeling in their mind about Zillow an ad about making an offer to buy their home again cuz that was there was a ton there were a ton of videos on that so take away number 3 not everything has to be about real estate you know you have to be really careful about politics some people say stay away from it all together that's typically my advice but the interesting thing about politics and issues is even if even if your audience is split down the middle you know conservative liberal whatever you're not getting a hundred percent of the business in your market so if you decide to take a stand that you believe might push other people away yeah there's a good chance that a higher percentage of people are going to come closer to you because of your your stance on that issue so okay we're we're not getting fifty percent of the business now so okay we're gonna turn fifty percent of the people off because they're the opposite of what we're promoting but but you're connecting stronger with that group now again I recommend stay away from politics but there's certain issues that are become political unfortunately so you can take a stand on those build goodwill and connect with like-minded people then retarget them because they already have a good feeling about you after they've watched a video and interacted with your brand so takeaway number one keep it simple and beautiful takeaway number to speak to pain points and solve a problem in that simple and beautiful add and take away number three it doesn't always have to be about real estate now you can go back through that area that I showed you about with where where Zillah is doing are doing these political ads and you can see I mean they're tons of them it and it seems like every time they post something on their page they boost it to get social traction which by the way if you don't know that when you boost something instead of going through the ad platform all you're doing is you're asking facebook for social engagement so takeaway number four and this is an important one if you've ever been on there ad platform you know Facebook has a ton of interest groups and you know there's anything from you know people who like running to people who like you know healthy foods cooking or foodies in your area but one interest group is Zillow and since Zillow is spending all this money on ads and retargeting people who have gone to their site then Facebook's Zillow interest group probably has a really good understanding of that particular audience so I'm telling you we need to constantly target Zillow the Zillow interest group on Facebook in your farm or area because they are people engaging with real estate content and I can tell you as illo wouldn't be engaging with them if they didn't feel like it was profitable so keep that in mind whenever you're promoting a listing whenever you're whenever you're doing any sort of a door experiment I mean always hit that group a hundred percent of time there's another one for there's a ton of groups that I target but I'm kind of rethinking my strategy now since I've seen that there's 11,000 ads from Zillow and I'm just gonna be constantly running ads to that interest group okay so now for takeaways that we've gone over now we're gonna start targeting zilla's interest group so now what kind of ads should you run well if you take Zillow's advice kind of on my take away on my takeaways I suggest let's beat them at their own game let's create short and simple ads that speak to things that you're easy agent pro site is doing better than Zillow so one thing that I recommend people do if you have time or if you have resources add online chat people go to Zillow they look at homes and they don't have the ability to ask anyone questions or they literally have to fill out a form so I like adding chat there's company I use called talk dot too ta wk – easy agent press support can set it up on your site quickly you can set up a trigger that's after someone's been on your site for a minute then the chat window will pop up and say how you doing thanks for visiting my site do you have any questions so this is a huge advantage that we have over Zilla right now is we can give them live real real estate agent support while they're browsing homes Zillow cannot do this yet another thing and I've suggested this a million times is have more in-depth content than Zilla Zilla has listings they're starting to do kind of more clever idx stuff like homes with a pool homes with acreage they're already doing things like that but they don't have videos of your area they don't have beautiful photos during all four seasons of your area people will you know in the wintertime would would love to know how green and beautiful it looks in the summer so these are things that we can beat Zillow with just extraordinary content photos videos also what I like to do is I like to write up something about every single thing that I'm promoting through whether it's Zillow or Facebook and you know if it's 200 words 500 words or a thousand words if you're optimizing for SEO and then call it a real estate guide Zilla does not have anything that is a guide to real estate in the area and I know this because after studying so many leads that we've gotten people go to Zillow they'll see a home they like then they see it's in a neighborhood and they don't know anything about the neighborhood so then they go right back to Google and they'll Google that neighborhood and that's where you can catch people exploring more information about the area and get them off of Zillow sites and hopefully onto your site so I have a couple I just quickly put together some suggestions about that are simple that kind of are might be good thoughts starters for you on add ideas to beat Zillow so I'm going to just here there here on the screen read a couple tired of automated websites that only show listings start your home search here where you can view properties and learn more about life in Austin Texas again you're targeting Zillow's audience so there's a great chance they've been there and now we're telling them a strengths that we have of Raziel Oh next one thinking of moving to Salt Lake City but not sure where to start check out our new mover resource page with video tours of popular SLC neighborhoods and see current listings in each I absolutely love new mover resource pages new move moving to articles I've talked about it a bunch in previous videos I think that is a really good idea to get traffic on your site a third one a new way to explore Cary North Carolina real estate online search homes and chat with a local expert right from your couch so again I just kind of bit right off of what Zillow is doing there and far as you know creating a little bit of pain you don't have to pick up the phone to call an agent you can chat with a local expert right from your couch and then the last one thinking of selling but not sure about automated home valuations from corporate real estate sites get a real home valuation from a local expert based on actual trends in the Dallas area again we know that these estimates aren't perfect but people want to bash them and and they're not too bad okay some areas are worse than others I totally understand that but again we're planting a seed of doubt in their mind here that some automated valuation isn't that they probably saw on Zillow site because again we're targeting Zillow's interest group we're playing a little scene there mom that what they saw as far as the value of their home probably isn't correct so again I can share these ads with I mean these slides with Lucas and the other thing that I want to point out quickly is that everyone should be X if you're targeting the Zilla interest group you need to be excluding agents excluding agents and Inman interests and MLS interests make sure that if you target the Zillo interest group that you're doing these exclusions or you're gonna just gonna get a bunch of real estate people so again quick summary keep it simple and beautiful speak to pain points and solve a problem not everything has to be about Ari again and for this just make sure you're genuine if you if you live in the Dallas area but you you don't know much about basketball and you're strapped you try to start talking about the Mavericks you're gonna you're gonna run into a problem at some point you're gonna be exposed so keep keep genuine interests going of things that you things that you're interested in and you can speak to on a high level and then take away for myself included I'm gonna be constantly marketing to their audience interest in Facebook with better content alright guys thanks for your time hit us up and the easy agent Pro Facebook group if you have any questions you just tag Josh Keaton I am introducing a new site shortly PPC for Ari where I'm going to share a lot more about successes I've had with Google PPC and Facebook PPC so keep an eye on that after that right now it's just coming soon but I'm working on it and people have asked me for more content so that's where I'm gonna put it and thanks for the feedback appreciate everybody watching happy selling


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