21 thoughts on “How & Why Would You MAKE YOUR OWN INTERNET?”

  • Internet is meant to be not personal. Only the personal cloud data should be protected with privacy agreement. Rest should be a meme everybody should have access too.

  • David Mclean says:

    From a Caribbean Island and let me tell you, getting 200kb internet speed where I live is a blessing. And the special moment which is very short where I see 1.2 Mb is LITERALLY HEAVEN on earth.
    I no longer live there, but I think about making a company that could solve this issue.

  • exstinguishify says:

    this is totally to discourage anyone most likely paid by internet companies currently on the market like AT&T

  • There is a way and you can do it right now assuming what the title was meant to be "MAKE UR OWN INTERNET" and not "SUPPLY YOUR OWN INTERNET" there are plenty of programs out there to start a network.

  • Master Chief 00117 says:

    Sure you can start your own Internet. Go buy a Class A, B, C, D IP Address. If someone is selling one. So you have to go Super Subnetting route. Just to get enough IP to give out…Then lay all the lines. Put in all the hardware. Then hire a team of experts to run it…

  • Why would someone do it? Because the big companies won't. The cable company wants $50/foot to install their coax cable along the street and up to the house – they must want to make a profit from installing the cable instead of from selling internet. When you are on 5 acre lots that's expensive. Some have 1800 foot driveways, so $90,000 to do just the driveway. The DSL is only giving users 2.5Mbps. and it can stop for 10 seconds a hundred times a day and is likely to die every 2 weeks. They have an infrastructure fee – that they use that on installing fiber in another state.

  • Chutiya hai sala channel
    What fuck are you talking in name of provide internet. You are also similar to my internet provider feedup with this 💩💩💩

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