34 thoughts on “How we take back the internet | Edward Snowden”

  • Michael Seymour says:

    He, Snowden, I would give a medal to though he probably would not want it. I have the utmost respect for this man and I do consider him a Patriot.

  • ken thomas
    2 years ago

    "If you've done nothing wrong, why should you care if someone spies on you?" Because the spies determine what is right and wrong—-you don't.

    I never knew I had anything to hide until I found out they wanted to look.

  • Denise Gangnier says:

    We should all be like Snowden….he is a hero and should be respected as such all the cowards that do the dirty work they know is Wrong so they keep a high paying job are the criminals we have to stand up for one another in truth and faith of humanity we should wake up and listen and do the right thing individually for a collective movement towards having a world with high tech where it isn't being used to control the citizens to its detriment but to free them from the hypocrisies we have experience under the Secret Society Cult of the Cabal. Thanking Snowden for everything he has contributed to the movement that millions are looking at today and clarifying it even better I like his more positive note of confidence we can make the right changes now!


  • On this chart, it's left out all the "All" the phone carrier companies that also doing this, and have been given all calls & texting transcripts of everyone across the amurica.

  • SNOWDEN will go down in HISTORY as an AMERICAN PATRIOT….ANYONE who thinks the Government in Washington represents "US" is delusional. Adolph Hitler would be so proud of our Fascist Government.

  • Ahmed Youssef says:

    gutless audience – who would want to kill anyone or even thinks that's a good idea. I thought TED audience would be smarter than that. Robots!

  • kodi android says:

    this video is a sham that it makes snowden look small in his small screen,making it out to be a bot doesnt do it,,it still makes snowden look small in a small screen and box,snowden should have said take a run and jump and dont patronise me with youre small screen,,,little eddie,,i support this guy,he has showed the american people how free they are not,atb from scotland

  • michael beardmore says:

    id fetch him home tommorow and make put ed in charge of the n.s.a.. amazing how dum and easily fooled by the secret governments.people are.

  • Again; Ed carries the blame & shame for the dereliction-of-duty of his superiors! Proper leadership would not ever do that to his like, to compromise Rights! Ed had no choice, but to jump the entire Chain-of-command, to warn "we"! … To become "We"!
    Ed wants YOU to have your complete privacy, throughout your experience on the net – always!
    Ed simply showed us, "We" are being betrayed, by traitors who weren't doing their jobs, as they had given an oath to do!
    Ed did that job!
    He showed "We", our "domestic enemies"; many who would take time to tune in, to listen in, or to watch you undress… And to… ??!!
    Ed wants that Ended!
    He wants you surfing the net, privately!
    Ed did what he was ordered to do… "defend against enemies, foreign and domestic!"
    Define: "domestic enemy"; and, "illegal search… "!

    "I pledge allegiance, to… "!

  • sybil lumpkin says:

    YOU ARE MY HERO. I PRAY FOR YOU, JULIAN and Rick Wiles laying down your lives for the truth. Millions maybe billions are praying for you guys.

  • Open Government/private lives yes! The world powers must do what WE THE PEOPLE want otherwise they will have a blood bath on their hands as mankind and even the rocks revolt!! Great work Edward

  • Funny him saying using SSL prevent snooping. First the webpage addresses are known so recorded access known. Then if you ever look at what your computer allows when going into a secure socket webpage connection you'll realize your computer drops it's guard figuring the page is safe opening your computer as an easy target.

  • Unfortunately, it appears the situation has gotten worse since 2014. Secrecy as well as censorship in a democracy can kill it, or rather are a sign, that the democracy is crumbling. .

  • Encrypted by default. That's how we take back the internet? But, the phone camera app is always feeding google. Do I need all these apps? Does Google own my intellectual property? Will Google defy my motives of photo documentation and edit my photo gallery?

  • Cristina McKinnon says:

    Who did Snowden work for before the n_s_a?
    Does anyone ever really leave the c_i_a?
    What country did he stay in last?
    Was it Russia?
    What are the shadow broker hacks?
    Were they coming from Russia?
    What would it benefit one agency to expose the other?
    Total control?
    Which agency is frought with exnazi personnel from project paperclip?
    In these questions you will find answers.
    It gets worse the more you dig.
    Research for yourself.
    Think for yourself.
    Theres a reason its called TV PROGRAMMING.

  • wow

    as in wow

    what a fucking…………well if you don't love Julian Assange for a fault, this guy can be your hero
    cause he fuckin lived it and lives it

    i love this man and he is one of mine

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