How We Made Our Own Media Company • Making Watcher

How We Made Our Own Media Company • Making Watcher

– Hey gang, welcome to “Making Watcher”. Quick note before we get into the episode. This first episode will
be free on YouTube, but all subsequent episodes
will be exclusive to Patreon as well as a bunch of other fun stuff so head on over there to check that out, but for now, enjoy “Making Watcher”. (bright music) Hi, I’m Ryan Bergara. I’m one of the co-founders
of Watcher Entertainment. – My name is Steven Lim. I am one of the co-founders
here at Watcher Entertainment. – Hi, I’m Shane Madej. I’m a co-founder of Watcher Entertainment. I make some things here, and I, ah. Is that good? – Hi, I’m Ryan Bergara, and
welcome to “Making Watcher”; a series that takes an honest
look at how the three of us decided to venture out into the wild and make our own company. Now, this won’t be a regular series, but rather a series that
we’ll produce occasionally as we celebrate successes,
learn from failures, and ultimately, and hopefully, grow. But first, how this series came about. I’ve been doing, like, personal vlogs through most of this process, and I mean honestly they were
just for my own mental health, but it just occurred to me that you know, it would be nice
if we could bring you guys in on that process. Today I’m gonna ask Shane
and Steven if we should do like a behind the scenes kinda thing. I’m going to hide my phone in this discreetly pitching them this idea. All right, looks okay. (suspenseful music) – To catch you up to
speed, version two is out – [Ryan] What’s happening right now is Steven is talking me through
a cut of one of our shows that isn’t quite working. So, my incognito pitch of “Making Watcher” will have to wait. – Yeah, it could come out, and just be like a bad version of it, and then I would just be, like, sad, and then be like, why
did we make this company? – It just doesn’t work, just cutting out of the taste test. – [Ryan] So that right there is Anthony, our creative director of post-production. We’ll talk about him more later. I really think we should make a, like, a “Making Watcher” series. Like, or at least, not like a regular series, but just like– – I pitched this show – [Ryan] I know. – Six months ago.
– I know, I know. – I’m so mad right now, don’t say this. I said this. – I think, here’s the thing.
– Oh, my god. – [Ryan] No, I wanna
explain to you why I think, Shane, could you take
your headphones off, too? – [Shane] What just happened
when I had my headphones on? – [Ryan] I said we
should make a show called “Making Watcher”. How and why we did this. Do we all agree? – [Shane] Sure? – [Ryan] We just shoot
the interviews next week, I’m just gonna go to town
on the weekend and cut it. – [Shane] Sure. – [Anthony] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Ryan] Now, that being said, I did record this conversation. – [Shane] Way to go. – [Anthony] Wonderful. – [Shane] This how you are now? – [Ryan] (chuckling) I was just curious. Because I was like, we need
some idea of this got formed. And Steven’s reaction
was actually way better than I ever could have
imagined it would be. Yeah, so we decided to
cobble this series together a month before launch. Speaking of cobbled, let’s
ungracefully segue into some additional context. The three of us met at a
media company called BuzzFeed where we worked and
hosted slash created shows for almost five years. Between the three of us, we
created two of their top shows; “Worth It”, and “Buzzfeed Unsolved”. And they were a lot of fun. Personally, some of the
best years of my life. But eventually, it was time to move on. So we left. And joining forces to make shows seemed like the natural
and horrifying decision. And thus, a little company
called “Watcher” was born. What are you most excited
about for “Watcher”? – What am I most excited
about for “Watcher”? – Yeah, I’ve never really
been afforded the opportunity to really go in on
something with my friends. – What I really enjoy about
“Watcher” is building a team, and working with people
that you care about and being able to, you
know, share this experience of making creative
projects with other people. – Right now, we’re making a bunch of shows with just the three of us to
get this whole party started, but the goal and the thing
I’m most excited about is all the new faces
that we could bring in; The new perspectives and
interesting show ideas that couldn’t have possible came
from our points of view. – So if we can create a company where people can be fulfilled creatively, I think I’ve done my job. – Partnering with you guys
and creating this company was the most exciting thing
I could possibly imagine my career trajectory heading toward. Um, obviously it was very terrifying. Now I feel a little less terrified. A little. (Ryan laughs) But still a month away from launch here. – Though all the truly
heartfelt sentiment was nice, Shane was right. This was still super scary. Especially in the beginning. I mean, everything in the early
days seemed very conceptual. When you’re talking about
things that you wanna do in an office which is
your own living room, it doesn’t seem that feasible or real. And that was tough, because it required an
insane, almost delusional, bit of self belief. – [Steven] Shane? – I think we got it. (Steven laughs) – This is a clip of us
shortly after incorporating. We navigated all the paper
work, we have a bank account, there’s us at our bank, our company was official. And then, reality set in. – On a Wednesday, I’d be like, “You know what? “I think we got this licked. “I think we’re gonna nail this.” And on a Thursday, I’d be like, “What are we doing? “What are we, what are we doing?” All the things that I
had gotten accustomed to you know, working for a
media giant like BuzzFeed, were things that I now
personally would have to provide, not only for myself, but for all of my
employees and colleagues, and that was stressful. – I feel blessed to have this opportunity. So, you know, if we fail, like if this whole thing
caused bankruptcy one day, it’s still not the end of the world. Like, I am very happy with
how we spent our time. – So we all put personal
investment in this. – Yes. – For an undisclosed amount, but let’s just say it was a lot. – Yes. – How did you feel when
you finally had put in that capital of your own? – Um, I felt nothing. I made myself feel nothing. It’s a nerve-wracking thing. – I guess this a note to future Ryan. How’s it goin’? Today I finally put in the last bit of my own personal
investment into this company. It’s weird to put that
much money into something that is basically just I guess me betting on myself, and also on Shane and Steven, and that, you know, that we
could make this thing work. It’s, um, It’s crazy. I just, ah. I mean, I’m not really those
most eloquent right now. I don’t think I have to be. But, I guess it’s just real now. It’s all happening, and. At risk of being melodramatic, looking at this clip
recalls all the stress, and just mental fatigue of figuring out all these new challenges. And what I didn’t know at this time, was that we were going to need more money. And it couldn’t be more of ours. – Plan was to bootstrap
from the jump by ourselves. I don’t know what this would’ve looked like if we’d done that. We’d still be in Ryan’s kitchen. This may have all just been torn asunder. I don’t know that we would’ve survived. – Well, here’s the thing. We could bootstrap it. We could still have done that. And that’s just a different business. And I think when we realized and defined what we wanted to do with this company, we wanted to be something
bigger than ourselves, bring on other people, create a culture. You know, not just make a
bunch of videos and shows. We wanted to build a company of people. And that’s when we were like, “Okay, if we do that, then
we need to raise money.” – First off, could you also even describe what a round is, like
what raising money is? – Raising money is when
you go out to investors and you have a vision. And in order to execute
that vision, you need cash. So you bring some investors
together, pitch them your vision and if they wanna be on board, they send you cash in
exchange for the equity, and then you use that to execute to get to the next stage
of where you wanna be. – We met with this guy
named Patrick at cafe. He had started Rotten Tomatoes
as well as bunch of other successful ventures, and he was
giving us advice, basically, on how we could approach Watcher. – We were like, “Yeah, we’re doin’ this
ourselves, isn’t that crazy?” And he was like, “What’re you, stupid?” – Why are you doing that, you could easily between the three of you
raise all of the capital, all of the money you need. – The tough thing about doing that is that suddenly now you
have to spend a lot of time focusing on meeting with people, and. – [Ryan] Yeah. – But thankfully, Steven Lim, oh he loves that stuff. – When we decided we’re to
do that, at that moment, how much business experience
do you have to that point? – None, like, I don’t know, I don’t know. But I do like watching “Shark Tank”, and I like listening to podcasts
about “How I Built This” you know, with Guy Raz. – And so, the three of us, all with little, or in
the case of Shane And I, no business experience decided to throw our respective hats into the investment ring. Hitting parties to network, going to pitch meetings, you know, things we’ve never done. The first pitch meeting
we ever had was with Neuro – Hi, my name is Ryan, and I’m one of the co-founders of Neuro. – And I’m Kent, and I’m the
other co-founder of Neuro. – So we met with them at a coffee shop, just kinda walked them through our, ah, PowerPoint slide that we put together. – Our pitch deck was garbage. (laughs) Our pitch deck being, what’s a pitch deck? Steven Lim could probably
explain that better. We’ll cut to his bite, there. – A pitch deck is just a very easy guide to what your company’s vision is. And it’s for investors
to be able to evaluate if they wanna invest in,
like, a minute or two, or if they wanna even
take a meeting with you. – [Brittney] What’re you doing? (dramatic music) – Sending our very first pitch deck to our very first potential investor. Ready? Ah! – [Brittney] Done. Wait, did it actually send though? – Yes. Submission sent. Okay, now we wait for all
the money to start coming in. Just kidding. – We stumbled and bumbled our
entire way through the pitch. – We didn’t know what
we were talking about. – It’s not a good sign
when you get stumped by the first question which is, “What is your company?” (laughs) What were you thinking
when we were pitching it, were you like, “Wow, I
feel sorry for these guys?” (laughs) Or was it just like, “They clearly aren’t that
experienced, but they have gusto”? The honest part is I remember
it wasn’t fully fleshed out, but you guys had an idea of how you wanted to structure it, and then it got into I think we brought up conversations like, okay, so how is revenue gonna work? How are you gonna scale? How are you gonna build your
multiple on your business? And it was like, “yeah”,
sipping coffee and, (laughing) There were some aspects that were so cliche first pitch deck. (laughs) Yeah, Venn diagram. This what exists. This is also what exists. – (both) This is what we can do. (laughing) – And you know what
funniest part of that is? Most of that pitch deck was, like, Steven the aggregate of Steven talking
to a lot of other people in, like, the tech sector. – Right. – My one contribution
to that first pitch deck was the Venn diagram. (laughing) – But you, granted, in
a week or something, you guys fleshed that deck out, and it – Oh, that deck was amazing.
– Looked really good. – Then we went back, we really formulated what we wanted to do, we brought on a good friend
who’d help design our deck. – We designed that, we revisit with Neuro, how do you think that meeting went? – The second one went a lot better ’cause they committed on the spot. – I think it’s just, you three, being the creatives that you are, um, and then you guys have, you know, have already proven to be super successful at, like, bringing ideas to life, and we just wanted to be a part of it anyway we could. – I think also, in the meetings, like there was a very obvious
motivation to wanna succeed. Like, on your own. And although you know maybe
the business side of things wasn’t as robust, or wasn’t as built out, based on experience, but, the questions that you
guys would ask, to be like, “Okay, well, what do I need
to do to get the business side up and running, what do I need
to do to reach more people” like, that. – I mean, well you guys have
been, like, super instrumental and not just, obviously you
also invested in the company, but the knowledge you’ve instilled in us has been, I mean, I don’t
think we could have done it in the early stages without you. – It’s just like an
honest conversation, too. ‘Cause, like, we’ve gone
through the same thing. We’ve had mentors and advisors
help us through, like, the beginning stages, so. – So we had our first investors, but after momentary
celebration, we stagnated. (dramatic piano music) I remember thinking, okay
you get that first investor I had also heard you
get the first investor it’s like a snowball, baby. Just goes right down the
hill, starts growing. And, ah, we got that first investor, we threw the snowball down the hill, and, ah, it was just dirt (laughs) Just a dirt hill. – We were going on these
meetings, a lot of them were like, “Well, we don’t know if they’re
gonna invest; we’ll see.” – And then on top of that, we’re also trying to
shoot out all the content for the channel. We’re trying to shoot out
all seven of our shows before launch and have them edited. – The confluence of all the
things that were going on mixed with the fact that I had to create a little puppet theater, and finish the scripts,
and write music for it, I don’t know that I’ve
ever been as stressed as I was that weekend before we shot. And then someone who was meant
to be a guest on the show canceled the night before, and I cried (laughs) I cried tears. I’m actually, I’m a little
emotional about it right now ’cause I was like, the amount of stress that had
rocketed up within an hour was almost too much to bear. I think that’s indicative of the stress of trying to do all of
those things at once. – I will say that, of the three of us, you were the one that
has the business mind. We wouldn’t have been able
to do this without you. – Steven had been the driving force behind getting investment in the first place. And then at some point, he was like, “You know what guys? “‘I’m gonna be tapped out for a little bit “’cause I’m just gonna lock into this “and focus on this exclusively.” – I know that Ryan and Shane
are incredible content people. And so, I had to make a
decision at some point. Which was, okay, my job is to make content in addition to doing the business side. But if we don’t raise
money, the business dies. So I have to actually put aside
my job as a content creator for now, and go raise money. – Steven Lim just went nuts. – Listening to every podcast you can that teaches you how to do this. Watching every video you can. Stanford posts lectures
from other founders that spoke about starting up companies. I listened to every one of them. I read, like, every article
I possibly could, you know. I reached out to every person I, it was just a lot of
stuff that is very boring, and that’s kind of any kind of work is, it’s like really caring
about the small things. – It takes a person who
doesn’t find that boring, who finds that exciting,
to make a company work. – I do really enjoy
thinking of creative ways to build a sustainable business. – Thank god, thank god. – Long story short, it’s not easy, okay? And you really have to have a
strong vision, a strong team, and a lot of will to just push through moments of tough darkness, you know? – [Ryan] Long story even
shorter, Steven did it. We did it. We successfully raised the
funding for the company. Steven snapped a photo of us after our last investment meeting. And shortly after dropping the two off, I took this bizarre reaction video. (laughs) I think we might be okay. You would think when you get financed you would feel a sense
of pride, pure happiness. What I felt, overwhelmingly, was relief. – I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be. And that’s kind of, like,
the beauty of being naive is you just jump into stuff, and you’re stupid, and you do it, and it works out because
you, like, committed to it. And I think maybe if we
knew how hard it would be, we probably wouldn’t do it. – Other than just, like, the
relief of the pitch process, that whole investment
period being done finally, the money was also nice because then that money
allowed us to get an office, it allowed us to hire
more freelance editors. – When we actually were able
to bring on talented people who were also doing
great work, we were like, “Oh, okay, this is fun, we’re a company. “We’re doing it.” – [Ryan] Speaking of full-time employees, we were finally able to hire our first; an editor I’d worked with on
“BuzzFeed Unsolved” for years, Anthony Frederick. – My name is Anthony Frederick, and I’m the creative
director of post-production here at Watcher Entertainment. – We’d been freelancing
with you for months when we were creating all of these shows. – Yeah. – And we had told you, like, okay we fully intend to bring
you on full-time eventually. What were your thoughts, like how did you feel when that happened? – Great, like, I don’t know how, also, this is how I talk. (laughs) This is how I generally
express myself physically. So, I don’t know what the read
on, like, my excitement was, but I was very excited. – You’re very sphinx like, yeah. ‘Cause like, I will say on the
other side of those meetings, I was very much, like, “This is the most talented
editor I’ve ever worked with. “We need this guy. “Please be interested;
I can’t read his face, “I don’t know if he’s interested.” Our second full-time hire was
a recommendation of Steven. She freelanced with us
as a production assistant throughout the summer, impressing
everybody she worked with, Brittney Lee. – My name’s Brittney Lee and I’m the production
coordinator at Watcher. – When you were working
part-time for Watcher, what else were doing? – Including Watcher’s part-time, I was doing three part-time jobs. I was a utility at Sony Digital
Motion Production Center, and also a PA at CBS’s “The Talk”. – And you’re 22. – And I’m 22. – I’m actually curious, and please be as brutally
honest as you possibly can, how did Steven pitch “Watcher” to you? – Producing unscripted, quality content that, like, he wanted diversity, like those things. Or I think, just like, little
things that I’ve observed from Steven, and after
meeting Shane and Ryan, observing them, and like
when I sit in some of the unofficial creative meetings, it’s crazy how much thought
goes into y’all’s decision. Clashing opinions, but,
like, in a good way. We’re trying to cover all our
options, like all our bases, and then y’all try to,
like, pick the best choice of those options, and not
just like a short-cut. Like you guys are trying to do this right. – Which is, like, actually
why we wanted you on board. If you’re gonna distill media
into what it’s purest form is, it’s basically just the
aggregate of people’s opinions. – Mm. – And if the only opinions
that are going into it are three adult men, it’s not gonna always end up
being the best piece of content which is why it’s so
important to have, like, diverse opinions, younger opinions, and of course, like, opinions that are not just not male. (laughing) That’s why we always do
encourage you to speak up, and this is a very strange thing
that’s happening right now. You’re being asked
essentially by your boss to be very transparent and honest to talk about your other boss. – Ah, yeah. – And it’s a, it’s a (laughing) I just want to point out the stakes here. After seven long months
of working in secret, announce day was upon us. Here we are the night before making final adjustments to the trailer that would finally tell the
world what we’d been working on. We just re-uploaded the
video for the second time to get the end card right. – And Shane is making the thumbnail. – Vectors, baby. Well, I’m making, people don’t use this pen tool, and you know, they gotta, I’m not using it masterfully right now. Don’t go in too tight. – [Steven] Why is it public? Just kidding. – Jesus christ, Steven. (laughs) Why would you do that? Okay, should we watch it? To make sure it’s good? Did you already watch it, Steven? We’re done, right? – Send it in?
– There it is. – [Ryan] Shall we send it? – [Steven] Let’s send it over. – Choo choo, he he. – [Ryan] Nothing else, right? I can’t think of anything else. – Like these little pretzel ones ’cause they look like
pretzels but, they’re sweet. – One last look at the video details. Oh, I’m okay, I’m about
to go get some tacos. – Should we cap it off
with a subscribe now? Okay. (laughs) It just feels like
there’s no ending to it. – [Steven] Should we put socials on there? – Seven new series, one weekly talk show. – [Steven] Should we add, like, – I think, actually, he’s right, though. Seven new series, one weekly talk show, and then it should say launching January 10th 2020 on YouTube – [Shane] Set this to music
from “The Social Network”, and it’ll be like a nail-biter. (laughing) Us making these changes. “I think he’s right”. – Shane’s montage jokes aside, later that night after
successfully uploading the trailer, we went home ready for the
next morning’s announcement of the company. I had trouble sleeping, so
I recorded some thoughts. Apologies for the lack of shirt, I didn’t know anybody would see this. I’ve been a nervous
wreck this whole weekend. I don’t know how it’s gonna go tomorrow. Tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Um, you know, I think I vacillate between thinking this is gonna be a huge success, everyone’s
gonna love the trailer, everyone’s gonna love
what we’re trying to do, and then there’s another part of my brain that feels like no one’s gonna care. (wistful music) And I’ve pretty much bet my whole career on something that nobody cares about. But it’s all good because I think no matter what happens tomorrow, I know I did my best. I, you know, I’m working
with my best friends. We assembled the best team we
could have possibly assembled. We made the best content
we could have made. And we did everything the right way. I believe in this. I believe in the concept,
I believe in the team. And I believe in what I’m able to do. Whether or not anyone else
actually likes it is on them, but I know what we’re doing is working. All the shows, I’m extremely proud of, and if Watcher’s gonna fail,
then we’re gonna fail together. But, I mean, who knows, maybe I’ll look a this a year from now and be like, “Wow, I can’t believe
I actually had doubts”, and “I can’t believe I was actually
that anxious, and fearful.” But maybe a year from now
I’ll look back and be like, “Yeah, he kinda saw the
writing on the wall.” (laughs) Well, I guess we’ll
just find out tomorrow. Past Ryan would be happy to know that the announcement was a success. “Variety” helped us announce, and response online was
overwhelmingly positive. And at the time of this recording, we’re on track for 100,000 subscribers before we officially launch. So, if you haven’t
subscribed yet, please do. And help us keep building. – [Steven] All righty, it’s live. The channel’s up, we have 917 subscribers, Ryan accidentally
archived his posts already – I, the button is really
close to Edit Caption, and I feel like there should be a are you sure you want to
archive this Instagram post, but ah, apparently not. – [Steven] Shane, how do you feel? Mr. No Feelings? (Ryan laughs) – I feel very good. I feel relieved. – How ’bout you, Ryan, Mr. Feeler? – I don’t know what I feel right now. My head’s buzzing. It’s really good tape you’re
getting right now (laughs) – [Steven] Right, all right! Let’s see if we have more subscribers. Refresh. 1000! We hit a thousand! (Anthony chuckles) Cool. – [Ryan] Cool (laughs) – Cool, dude. – [Steven] All right, that’s it, okay. And that is “Watcher”. – It’s December 13th, 2019, or today it’s – Yeah it’s December 13th 2019
– December 13thFriday the 13th – Friday the 13th
– Good luck. – Good luck for us.
– To shoot this on this day. – Exactly. It’s been four days since
we announced “Watcher”. How do you feel right now? – Monday, when we announced
was I realized, I think, the most excited I’ve been in
our, in my professional life. – I’m super excited for the world to see everything that we’ve been working on. I mean, we’ve truly put
everything we have into it. – I’m just generally excited Yeah. ‘Cause this might still bomb. Who knows? But, at the very least, I have no regrets. We built an amazing team,
like the best possible team we possibly could. We built it. We have amazing shows. We have all the support
in the world, you know? And now that we’ve
announced, what, Monday? – Yeah. – Jeez
– That’s four days ago. – Like, it’s been really,
really, really nice to just have it out there. So, we’ll see. – What do you want this
company to be, in the future? – Um. I never pause before giving an answer, so that felt weighty. – It did until you said that, yeah. (laughs) – Um, I want it to really
mean something to people and give people the chance
to communicate things that they can’t communicate elsewhere, yeah? – I want it to be something more than I could conceive of as
a possibility right now. – I want “Watcher” to be a
place full of good people that enjoy each other. I want it to be a place where people are happy to go to work. And to know that I helped start that, that would fill me with
an immense sense of pride. – To create something that’s not a waste of somebody’s time. (laughing) I keep saying excited, like stoked, because that’s all I
feel, and I know like, greater things are gonna come. – Okay, so this is a loaded question. I think I could answer it
with many different hats. Like, is this pitching Steven coming out, you know, to investors,
what I want it to be? Is this, like, Steven, journaling
Steven, wanna come out? – I would say, pretend you
jumped into a time machine. You jump into the future. The first person you
see is your future self. And you asked future Steven
where the company is at, what do you want future
Steven to say back to you? – The company has a
rock-solid business model, sustainable, we’ve hired amazing people, and we’ve invested in those people. That is probably how I’ll
know we’ve been successful. The company runs on integrity, we constantly try to do the right thing, we try to represent people really well of all cultures and backgrounds. Particularly for me, Asian Americans, but also want to bring
on more perspectives. And that, you know, the
people of this company care about each other as people, and not as tools or, you
know, as like machines, right? Like we are a company of people, and that is number one here. So whether or not your
show has a billion views, or 10 views, success to me is defined by the culture that we’ve built here, and the fact that people can
say “I proudly work at Watcher” and I would recommend it
to anybody else, so, yeah. – [Ryan] I think that’s. – [Steven] You nailed it. – I think that’s that, right? Is there anything else? I’m trying to think if
there’s anything else. No, I think that’s it. I think hopefully the next
time we do one of these “Making Watchers”, because
we are gonna be doing these periodically, it’s not gonna
be a regular show here, but we will update you and
try and be as transparent as we can be, at least, on you know, the behind the scenes process
of making this company, where we wanna go, where
we’re at, where we were. ‘Till next time, that’s
my sign off move now. Double guns. – Cut! (jubilant music) – [Ryan] Yeah, here we go. – [Steven] All right. – I gotta get the proper height so that it doesn’t roll into his mouth with too much velocity. Is Anthony gonna put it on top? – Are we leaving space,
or am I hitching this onto my lower lip? – [Steven] It’s more fun if it drops in. Yeah. – Oh my god, I’m actually
nervous, can you? – Okay, I’m not quite. – [Steven] Okay, send it down. – I think it can down this way, I– – [Steven] Whoa! (laughing) – All right, here we go. (laughing) – Hey, Anthony’s here! This is an office! What we got, a bag of peanuts
over there, what’s that noise? – Anthony keeps coming in
with various crinkly objects. (laughs) He came in earlier with
a baguette (wheezes). – Hey, my tambourine got here! – Oh hell yeah, dude. My harmonica just got in. – You guys like rain sticks? (laughing)


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  • I am so here for this! I've been such a huge fan of all of your work as individuals, and as members of a team! Y'all are gonna rock it!

  • i’m just so proud of everyone involved in watcher and i know i’m just a random viewer but this content makes me so genuinely happy in a way that not many online creators can replicate and it’s such a special and inspiring thing to see! buzzfeed unsolved means so much to me and i already know that every watcher show is gonna be the same way

  • Ahh I love you guys and hope the best for you! This video was so heartfelt and gave us insight on how hard it was fou you to make this. Behind all the laughter, there are hard-working, good people that poured their heart and soul to make this and it’s turned out to be amazing so far (and we’re barely at the beginning). All the support from me and many more people!

  • The only thing is I wish they had all the equity to themselves because it really is all them but I understand they needed to raise money to fund the company but either way so proud of you guys!

  • I LOVE behind the scenes stuff, and just knowing that this kind of thing exists for The Watcher/these guys, it may end up making me a Patreon user/subscriber. I can't wait. I literally love watching these behind the scenes.

  • it's truly amazing to hear this side of the story. it's nice to hear the story of a start up and it's … not all just heartfelt hopes if that makes sense. it's also all the doubt and worry and stress. it inspires even more hope this way i feel; that you guys jumped in with eyes wide open to the anxiety and exhaustion and questions, and still came out with something amazing to show for it.

    i do hope we get to see more of making watcher for those who don't have/can't afford a patreon like myself? like a delayed release? if that's not possible though, that's fine! im still gonna watch these videos and support them all the same.

    also @ steven lim: someone from malaysia here, wanting to say i am super proud of you and to see more southeast asians on mainstream YouTube. thank you for what you're doing, and what you'll continue to do.

  • The Stress Cry is real. I know it well. 2 jobs. a two year old, and a husband who is really messy. Before that, full time University, Full Time School, and drama with my living situation. The best thing about it is, to let it happen, and move on and forward. " This too shall pass" kind of a thing. I am Older than these guys so I feel like my advice is not condescending I could be wrong..

  • from the interview you can see how steven really is he the driving force for watcher;; also glad that you guys decide to make this making watcher this way instead of the "yea we cool kids and we know what to do" way, it feels so close to viewer as if we work for the channel's grow too

  • Boys, we are proud of you. Thank you for sharing your doubts and your vulnerability. You are building a platform and space that allows for more diverse opinions and experiences to be shared, and that's not only a vision but a legacy for the community you are supporting. Have faith in yourselves; all of your previous experiences and opportunities have led you to this point, and have led you guys to be in the most optimal position to make this move. It's understandable to be a bit scared since you're just starting out, so until you guys are able to feel 100% confident in this, please allow us (your fans) to be confident enough in you guys for all of us. You got this.

  • Andrei Sevastian Kibanoff says:

    I now this is a dumb question but does this mean their done doin ghost stuff? Hate me if u want cus I no this question sounds dumb

  • Jordyn Linkenback says:

    I'm so incredibly proud of each of you, this video made me cry! Thank you for providing us with quality content and caring so much! You guys are incredibly creative and fundamentally good, I have no doubt that your business will continue to grow into what you hope for. You will always have my support!

  • I came here for Shane and Ryan, but Steven's hard work and integrity stole my heart. I'm staying. Staying and saving to be a patreon!! Xoxo

  • Natalie Hawkins says:

    I’m sure they’ve answered this but have they fully left buzzfeed, and if so will buzzfeed unsolved continue as watcher unsolved?

  • my brain has VERY little knowledge on business and all that but it is tough starting your company and to think you guys endured so many things to be able to pursue what you guys want and doing it for your fans is truly inspiring, i have so much respect for you, shane, steven and everyone working behind the scenes to give us such great content. I hope youtube knows how valuable your company is to them. kudos to all of you

  • I see Katie Leblanc’s name on your list of people in the description. Did she leave as well? She’s badass show running the top shows!

  • wonder how bad it was in the B-word company that all of them say "I want this company to be a place where people love to work" 🙁 I hope this channel's success exceeds their wildest dreams!

  • Beautiful Gudrun says:

    Definitely didn't come here from the BUN community post with comments that exclusively consist of "all hail the watcher" lol.
    Nice to see you naming a company after that little joke. If we don't get merch…

    Anyway, I'll miss Unsolved, but I'm glad you guys are continuing on the path that felt right for you, even if others may not like that choice. I'm excited to see where you guys go with this! Good luck to the Watcher Bro's!

    All Hail The Watcher!

  • Very ironic that the ghoul boys were having a fued with Steven but later on, he will be the reason that their buisness will start 😂😂

  • I have been a huge fan of Steven, Shane and most of all Ryan. Honestly, I relate to Ryan most out of all three. However, my message to you three is yes, this could blow up in your face but you need to take a step back and reflect at all your accomplishments. You should be tremendously proud of what you have done, and where you are going. It takes a astronomical amount of courage and perseverance to build your own production company while navigating in the dark. Congrats Sirs and keep moving forward!

  • This might be waaaaay out of context, but you know what? I miss Unsolved, but more than that, I miss the dynamic you two had when facing the cryptic/supernatural. Have you considered doing something else with those themes in mind? More cryptid hunting, or maybe making cryptid profiles? Hell, maybe a cooking show but all the food is based on cryptids or ghosts, like that video when you made "ghost requested" apple fritters. I just love you guys, and I hope you can make more things like that in the future. Even if you don't, I'll still support your channel 🙂

  • You guys inspire me so much. Love hearing about how you guys bet on yourselves and made it happen. You guys are awesome and keep kicking ass.

  • I never hit the bell button for anyone, but damn I wanna get a notification when new content from Watcher comes out, so I'm breaking my rule here. I'm really proud of you guys. Wish you a lot of success!

  • So happy for you guys and so proud that you put yourselves out there and made something so big and so exciting! I can’t wait to see all Watcher has in store for us. 🙂

  • They Call Me Goose says:

    Ryan talking about his worries in bed, and Steven talking about what he hoped for the future of Watcher, both made me tear up. You guys want it to be a company of people, and it already feels like that. Sharing your fears, your aspirations, the dark and light moments; you show so much vulnerability and realness, in a way that many content creators do not. It's incredible to see just how much work you've all put into it. We'll all be supporting you, every step of the way!

  • Kayla Fesperman says:

    So I never watch "making of" videos but had to click on this one. This was a very insightful video and honestly didn't realize all the hard work yall were doing in the background. Im proud of yall! I have enjoyed everyone from Buzzfeed and I'm glad that you realized your dreams and made it happen! I think one of the things i like the most about yall is that you are real people and show the good bad and the ugly of things and just be honest and real with your viewers. I will be a fan till the end! love the shows so far keep em coming

  • Excited to see what else you have in store 🙂 Love that you guys really stress you want to build a good working culture and a company run on integrity who will always try to do the right thing. I can def see the trauma of working at Buzzfeed coming through a little LOL. So proud of you guys!!

  • This is honestly so amazing. Even if you didn't say it was a passion project, it's super clear that it is. It's so cool that you guys branched out and made your own company and took all the risks that came with it to make your dream come to life. Kudos to you all for that! It's actually pretty inspiring to see the process and how you overcame obstacles and doubts that came along. Great job guys! Can't wait to see everything Watcher has to offer!

  • I am so proud of you guys, I’ve loved every bit of content you guys have put out… including the Hot Daga. You have me and my family’s support!

  • The only problem I have with this is there's not enough stuff for me to watch now LOL. I want to see everything you guys make! So proud of y'all for venturing out on your own. You have to know you guys were what made BuzzFeed popular. You have a huge fan base and we love the ghoul boys so much. Excited to see The Watcher grow!

  • I’m curious with all these popular youtubers striking out to make production companies how many (if any) spoke to/consulted with the OG YouTube company Mythical Entertainment (Rhett and Link)? Would be interesting to know if and how the internal community supports such endeavours.

  • Alexiss Eastman-Edmonds says:

    This is so incredibly inspiring you guys have no clue! I teared up every time they did!!! Is it crazy saying some day I hope to work for them? Is that crazy that I now dream of working for this company???? 😂

  • i’ve never been a patron of anything before this but i just joined your patreon cuz i wanna support the frick out of u guyz!

  • I’m so disappointed in myself that I’m just finding out about your new company now lol. I need to pay closer attention apparently lol. Now I can ditch buzzfeed all together because all my favs are free to create the content we love and they love to make!!! Congrats on the new business venture boys! Excited to tag along!!

  • “Success to me is defined by the culture that we’ve built here.” Steven you touched many hearts with that truth. The people you will work with directly will know your integrity and be proud to work with you all, but those of us who watch you are also inspired. Work culture directly impacts quality of life and it is clear Watcher has the chance to change lives. Thank you for taking content and business seriously so many can live better lives.

  • shane: i felt nothing. i made myself feel nothing
    also shane: im human you guys dont worry
    im pretty sure those cant both be true shane

  • I believe in all 3 of you. I absolutely enjoy watching your guys’ content. Much love from the Heir Apparent. STAY STRONG AND FIGHT ON! #TurnOnYourNotifications

  • Me and my friends created a YouTube channel like 3 weeks ago, and I remember feeling so anxious and nervous when we launched our first video! This show is really motivating, and makes me want to continue to create 🙂

    Ps. We got like 8 views lol but that’s okay 🙂 (TheLateNightTea if u wanna subscribe)

  • So proud of y'all. People will follow you anywhere because you're great, all seem down to earth, genuine, entertaining, etc etc etc. BUN would NOT have been as successful without you. It just would not and I think that energy will help make the new company successful. <3

    Now to go off and watch the other video you guys have put up and go like them 😀

  • My family owns a small little motel in a rural area and I mean even though I'm the kid in this I can tell that it's stressful especially sence we need to worry about heat in the winter so pipes don't explode and stuff. I can't imagine how stressful it would be to start a company especially in a big city.

  • I am so proud of you guys!!! I feel Ryan so much. You think you will be relief and proud but you take some time to get it to your conscious and actually feel it, you don"t believe it for so much time. But know that we are following you and supporting you. Best wishes and hope for the best.
    P.S.:Sorry English is not my first language but hope I show my support

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