How We Got Here: A Timeline On Conflict In Syria | NBC News Now


6 thoughts on “How We Got Here: A Timeline On Conflict In Syria | NBC News Now”

  • Don't call it a deal, it gives turkes easily without loosing a single blood drop what turkes exactly wants by force. This is a compromise trump used to hide his fault of withdrawal of troops from the border and I'm 100% sure it wouldn't gonna work kurds wouldn't going anywhere leaving his land to turks

  • The people in the video was doing a lot of hip firing. Either they aren't hitting the targets or they are using an aimbot. I am just glad in ain't a local server.

  • US armed terrorist "rebel" groups who were really islamists. They allowed hundreds of thousands of jihadists to infiltrate Syria to overthrow the Syrian Government.

  • To understand the conflict, you do need to read the Bible, as its history books tell of the local conflicts in great detail. They arent fighting over new grudges there, these conflicts go back thousands of years.

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