44 thoughts on “How Trump Manipulates The Media”

  • Richard Mitchell says:

    Mueller report was the biggest manipulation he ever pulled on the MSM. And it was brilliant because it was long game manipulation.

  • Trump is awesome. He trolls like a crop duster….you see him coming, he sprays you in the face and by the time you taste it and make a sour face, he's moved on to something else. If you're lucky he might look back and laugh at you.

  • Aaron Greenberg says:

    Trump's presidency is a product of our media/democracy, it isn't him "gaming" the system. He's doing what he's always done, it's just how we react to it that puts him in his position.

  • Donald Trump 2020, I'm sure he will the winner only for he's more
    charismatic than others. I think in USA people doesn't care, about
    politics topics and both parties are the same = we're the best country
    in the world and we must rule the world.

  • I used to wonder. How did the media turn a multi-billionaire, the most powerful man in the World, the President of the World's only remaining super power into the under dog?

    And why would they do it considering that most people instinctively root for the under dog?

    Now I realize that they (the media) didn't…. HE did.

  • BamBam Bigelow says:

    Joseph Goebbels is grandfather of simple, effective messages in modern media….I’m not a supporter of nazi’s but look at his legacy…..still effective.

  • BlankCanvas88 says:

    I've been binging these videos. I have rarely seen someone with such understanding, not clouded by personal bias. Bravo!

  • BlankCanvas88 says:

    I predict Bernie will win the democratic primary bc he has the best chance of beating Trump. He uses the same tactics Trump does. I think he could have beat Trump before, but Hillary pulled strings to make sure she got the nomination. Whether he beats Trump is gonna be a close call, but I think Trump will win.

  • This video is kinda old and you probably won't see this but thank you for saying : do not blame the media. Thank you for saying : start with yourself. Every video you do are as well thought as this one, but honestly, I was not expecting this to end this way. Thank you.
    Finaly a brain

  • He plays the media like a violin, and predictably – they react exactly how he wants them to – as do the liberals.

  • Only 939 dislikes? I won't lie, I'm kind of amazed lol. Its not bad or anything. I just figured people would instantly dislike. Great video.

  • Please do more videos like this!!! Seriously just do a trump debunking video. You straight up told the truth without any bias. All it takes is to watch the full clip of what all these sources say…. But people want to hate so badly they refuse to accept the truth.

  • Martin Goldfreed says:

    I'm surprised that someone who knows so much about psychology isn't aware of grandious narcissistic personality disorder. Trump doesn't intend to do what he does, it's innate to the disorder.

  • Electro Magnetic says:

    Your an anti American Russian plant. Yeah the USA are flying drones and killing at random. Since you hate the USA, how about u go live in MX since u feel for them so much u anti American.

  • Sarahi Sarabia says:

    I hate everything Trump stands for but I have to admit he has done what he has done to get attention to himself well.

  • Charisma on Command, friend; you are a genius I must say, when it comes to genuine and novel insights on the human condition. You actually provide a fresh point of view which is rather rare amongst content creators these days. I wish you all success in the growth of your channel. Regards.

  • Tomato Sydney says:

    Media Manipulate people Americans. They sre not professional media. They are money hunter. They want money from Trump that why they never stop fake news of US. They Media are tryingbto destroyed their own country called Smetican. I from Asia can see how bad your news are. stop bully Americans people.

  • Left: Hey we gotta mock Trump on our commercials and media, ao America can see through his good deeds and join our Reich!
    Random victim: watches media or commercial Wait wasnt that part proven wrong? Begins to see through the BS and researches their claims
    Also victim: Damn… i need to go MAGA for 2020 now… Know wobder he won the election!
    Left Supervisor: How's it going?
    Left marketing team/media: Great! They are already turning against him!

  • Sometimes, you can become your worst enemy in your campaign against another- and you wont even realize it.

    This is the epiphany of the left.

  • Matthias Cerebri says:

    Actually, there are two problems: Trump might bore people out or stirr them up. And if he has to repeat his old arguments for three years now, in how far are those new?

  • Are you willing to bet another $1000 that Trump was doing everything you said in this video while at the same time being totally unaware that he was doing it.

  • BigErn_Mccraken says:

    It’s easy to own the media when they’re all just corporate puppets pushing the same tired agenda and people are already privy to their propaganda.

  • Theodore Boone says:

    I actually wonder whether Trump is doing this intentionally or it just happens to occur. Though, the fact that I (and certainly other people) am doubting the motives behind this strategy might be part of the strategy itself. Take Trump’s tweets. His grammar and writing abilities are strikingly low, but that might simply be a tactic to infuriate his opponents. While they complain about it and get triggered, many sane people start to move away from them since they’re getting mad at something petty. In addition, he makes logically sound assertions which become controversial if taken out of context, like calling the MS-13 animals, but extends the sentence and adds fillers to encourage the media to take him out of context. This way, he can lower its credibility by pointing out the obvious truth. Once again, he makes sane people move away from that opposing media.

  • cristian luna says:

    The left is what got donald trump elected,not the right.whether they chose to admit to it or not and it will happen again looking at what the left is doing now.

  • maxdecphoenix says:

    His name isn't 'Donald', Nor 'Trump'. He's the President of the United States. I've noticed you never refer to him by his proper (and earned) title in these videos. I suppose it's too much to ask that you start doing this, while you claim to be 'unbiased', you certainly act biased.

  • Cassadanielle Picasso says:

    @Charisma on Command
    Dont blame the media?
    I dont think so…
    Media creates sensational headlines…
    Media communicates info…
    people absorb and believe what media communicates…
    false info – false belief…
    just like education…we were told this and that…no education no future…
    but the millionaires I know are expelled students, undergrads and some never went to school…
    It is the media who makes the repetition…
    watch them media outlets saying same script all together at once in a given time…
    It's just that President Trump knows the MSM dirty work so very well…and besides President Trump as a businessman knows how to apply strategic marketing as regards Branding…

  • The media went too far though! Atleast this video tells the truth , I watch all videos from left n right n theres a big difference. I dont want open borders, or abortion til birth n alot of other things.

  • I would rather watch hour long conversations about why policies are introduced n why our cities are crumbling n there was no jobs 4 years ago but now theres jobs everywhere. I want to know why we buy crappy Chinese products n let other countries take advantage of our country

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