How Trump has talked about Jewish Americans

How Trump has talked about Jewish Americans

-I am the least anti-Semitic
person that you’ve ever seen
in your entire life. I have so many Jewish friends
that are supporting Obama, and I’m saying,
“Are you crazy? There’s never been anybody worse
to Israel than Obama. You’re not gonna support me
because I don’t want your money. Isn’t it crazy? [laughter] No, it’s true. Maybe you could explain that
to some of your people that say, “Oh, we don’t like tariffs.” And I think any Jewish people
that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either
a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. In my opinion,
you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal
to Jewish people and you’re being
very disloyal to Israel. -Isn’t that anti-Semitic,
what you said? -No.
No. No.
It’s only in your head. It’s only anti-Semitic
in your head. -I can’t believe — ’cause
I could always spot a Yid. -Right.
-I’m going “This guy’s in country clubs.
He’s fooling everybody.” -Well —
-He just slipped right under the radar.
-And then, we did some research. We found out you’re about
the furthest thing from a Jew. -Well, actually, you know,
I’m in a very Jewish business, okay?
-Right. -I like to have fun
on the course. And that means sort of razzing
the partner a little bit. Enjoy it. You got some place here,
I’ll tell ya. -It’s beautiful. -Even these spoiled rich
Jewish guys, they can’t believe
how good this is, you know? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so. That’s good. You don’t miss those little
3-and-a-half footers.


100 thoughts on “How Trump has talked about Jewish Americans”

  • Tamerlan Kuzgov says:

    Trump has jewish origin like Putin..)) and in the white house of the United States and Russia there are lot of people with jewish origin. He knows why he talks about jewish people..)

  • I may be wrong or missed it but I didn’t see them post a video stating, “What Ilhan has said about Jewish people”

  • Charles Chreptak says:

    The gig is up W.P. Legacy media is dying a slow death, and to be honest you guys desere it for the ridiculous pieces you put out as "news". such as this hot garbage post RIP W.P. That s all she wrote!

  • subscribe subscribe says:

    Come on Trump you are a Jewish!.
    All your kids married to a Jewish!.
    I do give President Trump credit because he said America first then he replace America with Israel first!.
    We living in a such of ignorant societies no brainer.

  • And- Goliath-Falls says:

    "I am the least anti-Semitic person I know"…. Where have we heard this before? least racist..etc etc etc. and then others: Obama, Hillary, etc etc are the worst. This broke record needs to go in the trash bin.

  • Brandon Sikkila says:

    This isn’t news though.. but what Trump just did today for disabled veterans who have student loans is newsworthy.

  • Cadet Spanky McBonespurs does nothing but embarrass our country…
    and although he is too stupid to realize it…

  • What's wrong with this? I would assume they were trying to attack the president in some way but I just done see how it's bad.

  • Aren't Trumpists, Republicans, and conservatives generally supposed to be against "identity politics," i.e., voting only because of your personal group loyalties and not for the general principles of democracy and the human good, quite irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, etc.?…Oh wait, you mean that's just a debating point people use when the identities involved aren't useful for them and their party?…..Never mind.

  • Trump is referring to the fact that Thalib and Ohmar are openly anti-semetic and there have been even more in the democratic partu

  • I don’t get it, he told the truth…they have a definite lack of knowledge to support the very political group that wants to ban them.

  • Kevin Loncosky says:

    Trump is right though and you cant even capture him saying anything wrong in a video where thats your intention lol

  • He is loosing it, Obama is a smart, educate and kind , nothing compare to this so called " nouveau rich who made his money out of extortion and cheating the system. Bullying has no place in our society , not even in school, let alone the president of this "used to be good" nation that we call USA. He will shoot himself when finding out that he lost. Go have a fufu fish and die in peace with the remaining pride that you have left, that is if you ever have one…

  • What is this? Why is this a thing? What is the point? Just some of the questions a journalist should ask themselves before deciding whether something is a story or not…

  • Just look at the number of likes and dislikes … trolls and bots making overtime each and every time CNN or WP exposes undeniable facts about the orange imbecile criminal.

  • Republicans: billions of dollars for Israel so they can have free healthcare.

    Also republicans: no money for healthcare in America!

  • Don’t kid yourself. Trump would deport Israelis just as fast as he would Mexicans and people from South America because they aren’t white and speak Hebrew and Arabic.

  • Aaron Brandenburg says:

    Great “news” Washington post! Don’t think I could have survived without seeing little snippets of something someone said that you are trying to use out of context.

  • TheBlueComet832 says:

    The difference between Trump and an onion is that one makes you cry when you take off the skin one makes you cry when you see them everyday.


  • You won't find any of that toxic masculinity in the new Republican party.its kippah time sandals and prayer shawls from now on.oy vey.

  • Liberals hate this because they think he’s racist. Republicans love him because they love Israel more than America. And libertarians hate all of you.

  • must be strange to have all these wrong and politically polluted expectations that not only cant be called news but also can never damage the president his priorities or even his style of communication. whats so much worse for any attempt to attach the definition of democracy to the posts pathetic propaganda and clinton scam consensus blunders is how they dont even respect americans interests political perspectives questions or even opinions, instead angrily trying to force a ford flopped narrative and ignore the nations concerns, trying to ultimatum them instead. lol.

  • Javier Vergara says:

    the USA has let trump exercise is rights: egomaniac, racism,xenophobia, white privileged, sell loathing, ,hate,indifference, lies… just name a few.

  • Custom Adventurist says:

    Wow ya, uncle Donald is talking about jews… was this supposed to try to make us hate him? If so it didn’t work

  • Jews know what your doing, who's married to the Trumps , who owns all media,all banks, look for a Jewish janitor, garbage man , ain't none.

  • Mortem Praecepta says:

    Hey Washington Poot here's Breaking News for you about Trump's Antisemitism. Trump's daughter is married to Jared Kushner an Orthodox Jew, she has converted to Orthodox Judaism, they are raising their children as Orthodox Jews. Trump has marched at the Head of the Israeli Day Parade. Trump has moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Prime Minister of Israel adores Pres. Trump quite unlike how he felt about Obama. Well, we could go on and on but hey, you're the Washington Poot. We've run out of Russian Dressing, so let's move on to another R – Racist! Racist! Racist! Clear thinking rational American Jews are waking up to the truth about Pres. Trump, no thanks to you. We see exactly who the Anti-Semites' are: United States Democrat Congresswomen Omar and Tlalib. To all you Dumbotards, what are you going to do if the China Deal is successful, igniting the Economy further, if North Korea does denuclearize and Trump gets a Nobel Prize…and lastly, when Trump is re elected? Run through the streets naked whipping yourselves?

  • Kristopher Roth says:

    So the first President in history to keep his promise to the Jews and move our embassy to Jerusalem, has an Orthodox Jewish son in law and 2 Jewish grandchildren is " Antisemitic " Bwhahahahs Trump2020

  • Hey WP, did you ever stop to think that Trump might not be the problem? Maybe it's the nonstop dishonest smearing MSM machine that has to create "outrage pieces" just to get a response from your views and the more outrage their is the more views and clicks you get and thats not a problem with your advertisers. Is it? Do you honestly know what kind of damage you are doing? Did you ever stop to think that the outrage pieces that you create on a nonstop day-to-day attacks on our President that you will one day cause so much commotion that a nut case will do something so destructive that something terrible will happen all because you needed to get that traffic to your website, YouTube channel, and sell more papers all for more outrage trick pieces. All because of you wanting to get more money whether that be from paying customers or paying advertisers. You push your agenda. Its a complete win for you. I mean could you “journalists" actually follow your ethics code that you learned in college instead of being worse than a tabloid like The Enquirer? As for the "journalist" could you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say with a straight face that "I'm not a ACTIVIST I'm a journalist and I have ethical standards."? I don't think you can. You're so dead inside that you have to take a hand full of antidepressants every single day just to get through the day because you suffer from TDS and its so blatantly obvious.

  • Damn Youtube just does not care for the meaning of TRENDING NEWS!!
    All kind of bloody useless rubbish clog up the trending list, sometimes sitting there for days.

  • Also if you vote Democratic you are against Israel because they are! And Israel is the only little tiny Jewish nation in the world!

  • NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    the USA have a deranged "Messiah" for a president. Please bear us no ill will. Hopefully this insanity will be over in 14 months.

  • Oletta Wisemon says:

    What a intresting President we have, never a full moment!, We must be the envy of all other nations!!, Eat your heart out,!!, I wouldn't trade Pres.Trump for a million dollars!!. Luv you POTUS!!!.2020.8/24/19.

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