How To Write Native Ad Headlines For Affiliate Offers

How To Write Native Ad Headlines For Affiliate Offers

hey guys how’s it going it’s Karl here
from and this video is all about aggressive headlines
and if you’re running native then the more aggressive the better
and I’ll just show you here this is a Adplexity
it’s just brought up some adverts just a quick search just to give you an example
of an aggressive headline we’ve got this one here York Gran shocks doctors
forget Botox do this once daily a few other ones that are similar,
then we’ve got our Poole mum reveals Eye bag remedy, forget surgery do
this once before bad. okay so you get the idea and a while back I created a
formula, after really native for a while I thought you know there must be some
formula that we can use here to create really good aggressive headlines
and I shared that with the members of my forum on ElitePromoter and in a
few Facebook groups and if you’ve not seen this yet I think you’re gonna
really like this one so it’s completely free
and I’ll share this as I said on Google Docs, and this is what it looks
like. So this is the native headline formula and the whole point is as I’ve said
right here, you select one of the formulas below, so there’s nine formulas in total
there’s more but these are the nine that I’ve identified and had the
most success with, and the idea is is that you replace the power words with
the lists provided at the bottom of the page. okay so the number headline, this is
formula number one so five (obviously the number) kick-ass (which is the adjective)
kick-ass tips that’s the noun to fix wrinkles that’s
the call to action or the fix okay in 30 seconds that’s time related okay so this
this formula can be broken down like this and all you need to do is scroll to
the bottom of this list and here’s your objectives so we could have had if we
remember it was number so we could have had like five absolute awesome tips five
amazing tips five astonishing tips you get the idea okay and instead of tips
you can have secrets five astonishing secrets how to fix wrinkles within 30
seconds so the time-related is a let is the last thing at the end
so now tonight in the next 30 60 90 seconds immediately instantly and these
are the you know these are the words I’ve identified the that word the best
in headlines could be a few more so you might want to make your own you know
your own list here but this should give you the framework that you need so
that’s the number headline we’ve got the negative headline as well so negative
word don’t do or avoid the market leader in this case Botox or viagra
call-to-action that’s the fix again so eliminate wrinkles fix erectile
dysfunction in a time-related manner 60 seconds or instantly I never got this
positive thing is so these are these go in brackets do this try this tonight but
how to headline how to get rid of wrinkles without the bad thing okay so
how to how to fix the bad thing that you want to avoid so nobody really wants to
do Botox if they can help it nobody really wants to do dieting if they can
help it okay so it’s how to fix this problem without this bad thing and then
time-related will do that you know do this tonight try this before bed we’ve
got the average Joe or Authority headline the average Joe being a grandma
housewife whatever it is somebody who’s not an authority the ends up shocking
the authority or stunning the authority with this crazy simple astonishing
amazing trick or method or secret to fix the problem within time-related so
within 60 seconds overnight sure you get the idea of this and there’s a different
variation on this the reveal headline so he reveals how to do this this is I mean
it’s just basically clickbait this is out of write a really good clickbait
headline that’s going to intrigue you and make you want to click through and
see what the landing page is all about this is a good one to say or wave
goodbye so wave goodbye to whatever the pain
point is so it could be acne or belly fat wrinkles whatever it is with this
number brilliant trait proven method okay
better than so better than the market leader so better than Botox better than
steroids this will erase your wrinkles in two minutes this will be all muscle
overnight you get the idea okay so there’s nine formulas there that
you can use and you’ll be able to come up with your own really powerful
headlines using this so I’m gonna leave a link at the end of the video please
leave a comment give me a like subscribe if you want more tips and I hope to see
you in another video thanks for listening guys


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