HOW TO WIN NEW EVENT 3X3 Pro Crew invitational ON NBA 2K19!! 98 OVERALL EXPOSED

HOW TO WIN NEW EVENT 3X3 Pro Crew invitational ON NBA 2K19!! 98 OVERALL EXPOSED

one judicial boy who got it bring it back another but hanger before I start this video I won't try to go follow what subscribe to my boy wavy Jaime my thumbnail make a link in the description I already know it tell them who sent you right let's get right to this y'all can see y'all we're on the last game first that one to win is you must have two shooters and you must have a glass cleaner you must have a glass cleaner in the paint my boy like without a glasses in the paint you gonna lose cuz I gonna get rebound from and the shooter gotta know how to show you feel me you see you said my shooter miss that if he get to me you know what I do right stop me telling y'all I got some scrap on me see my bug taking the ball out look at them they get it bro mr. Lance can I see y'all they try to skunk them they say bitch he missed the shot they get to me see I'm trying to finally get open I pulled a shot right y'all ready know what it is man y'all see me with the crazy clamps he shoots it got opened brick now see my GG badge on you know in that badge on you know something to go wrong if n when that badge on something to go wrong I'm trying to get behind the screens you feed me oh do I make it fine you know I make it if animation like that gold on I mean it's a green you see they played forcing then a day on the press you are going with a shine bright somebody need to guard him y'all could write oh no how put oh it ain't right y'all got a car young brother this baby's going crazy breath in his bag Karuppu got it y'all Timmy on if women be their owner without the yeah I thought we got the latest on like that like man we're gonna lay this on Pauly I know I'm trippin yeah I see Tina zero let's go Tina zero we got no clamps Steve he got a wide-open layup all right come on okay I think a was dead she's gonna have had green in his face you got the best booty sharp on the game okay y'all see we back on that defense I got the steer to go I pulled it up I'm breaking my boogie rebound wait he got worst over a bad owner will just happen but anyway my boy throw it back to me Jimmy I found a shot green 14 to 3 y'all are in no light in Miami yeah we won this game Jim we got a sweat no mo we wanted gang where we got about 214 3 we gotta say tonight was good but I hide behind it again but boy give me the ball I pulled a shot breath like if you see me I'm fine i legit pull the shot hey go get to my boy shake oh my god I get the ball shot and you know it go z its kitty 16 316 the three that's beautiful yeah I don't know how they made it to the end with this bear but that's beautiful like see my book uh Powell again I put it plain but who think I'm a bitch I'm like that is open to me it's that contested but it's open you see trying to find a shot I pass to my boy he pass it up to my boy Zig Ziglar look for the OB shot he miss it oh my god how are you the ruffle widow missing open shots something right something right two cases show Kangas something right my ruffle winner is missing his shots you see they found an easy shot he missed again it got rebound he dunked on my team I saw he disrespect them bro we gotta turn up green the badge on again the badge on the game but you know I'll play when that badge get on tell you when their Bad's get on some gone wrong do you see me Oh cream green telling y'all up front like we we don't play down with the last man you gotta win four in a row it was the last match I don't want for the rowboats win if you lose if you even went three and then you lose or mainstay can quit the match or your teammate leave you got to start over so you're gonna win four in a row right yeah open this guilty party I'll be back with a lot of the commentary I can go to the part when I'm walking around when I actually put the clothes only stuff I'll be back out yeah as y'all can see oh boy a bag I'm going into the park man all right know what's happening man time blacks on the road you get a t-shirt you get some VC isn't my point no one time for talking to give me that icon you know I'm saying give me what I deserve what I work for yeah I can see that I can open show you how this bitch Club is both a 98 overall they think I'm gonna shoot all the points cuz I be doing some goat shit on his team that he's containing a game so Peabody buddy tells how much I'm gee Tom botany I've been shining stop care they pick up good pains eggs and stuff a new cashew poke you of their own shooters oh wait what if I do I'm sure yeah why we can cream all day [Applause] three-second pain perdu Quebec that you burn their pain wait wait wait wait wait wait do it Green another white you don't post you come on pick up pick up pick up Oh get the bottle once you do that go back badge on you got a card me do a bit it pops you of your post you Charlie oh you shot that though it's a lockdown bro right what Eddie heilige let me take over hand I'm said it's going in the meadow we need to obey / yes well I didn't recon got any reason to get pulled me in the community okay get in stop poster to go hey Peggy lagging burr bacon yeah he's a lay-in I know right a little bit is it mr. brahmaiah speech vacation well said how do you got ability boozing can't shoot like me bruh oh they're heavily contested me my nigga oh my god this music they can't hit them chakra bitch I saw you before in shot some pussy bitch but ho yo man easy ones go out at a point I'm gonna push this shit yo you see why I'm you know oblong nobody playing oh those sick Bee Gees wait you can't get the ball all-you-can-eat don't get that let me get them kids I'm gonna cut back they got a past it I feel like you should baby kidding you shot that imagine on the ground good I gotta my god paint paint it they can't win just take two wait me first price is the okay for here won't be one type clear breath that's how you play


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