How To Use Media Crema Canned Cream- Make Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Dip, Butter

How To Use Media Crema Canned Cream- Make Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Dip, Butter

how to use media crema canned cream recipes cooking buttermilk sour cream hi it’s AlaskaGranny I picked up bought some Media crema at the Dollar Tree for only a dollar a can which is a really good buy
I bought Media Crema before in the regular grocery store a great reason to stock up
a few cans of media crema and keep it with your food storage prepper pantry stockpile it’s a can of cream table cream use media crema to make buttermilk open a can of media crema and add one tablespoon of white vinegar and 1/3 cup of water stir it around and then measure the amount of buttermilk that you need I like to measure out the buttermilk and use it when I make
cornbread need sour cream looking for sour cream open a can of media crema stir in 1 tablespoon
of white vinegar sour cream made with media crema is terrific to make dips I like to use it to make for example
onion dip now you can reach into your pantry with the Lipton dry onion soup
mix a can of Media crema a tablespoon of white vinegar you can make a delicious
onion dip make a delicious topping for burritos or
tacos add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into a can of media crema then
take your tortilla add shredded chicken some spicy pinto beans and cheese and
drizzle your media crema mixed with lemon juice roll it up and enjoy a yummy burrito taco do you have fresh fish mix half green
salsa half media crema and pour it over your fresh fish and bake in an emergency if you have no power and have some media crema and you wanted to make butter you could make butter in a jar
with a lot of shaking the easiest way to make butter with media crema is to use a food processor it
takes about 20 minutes in a food processor finally chunks will start
forming and it will separate the liquid that is left behind is buttermilk so
you want to pour off the buttermilk and save it for another recipe then add a
little water into the butter to rinse it drain it scoop out your butter onto a
piece of plastic wrap like saran wrap and then squeeze it around and mold it
until you get the shape that you want your butter is now ready to be spread
over your favorite breads crackers pilot bread mashed potatoes just about
anything that you enjoy topping with some nice fresh butter stocked up on
media crema for your prepping long term food storage needs it works great at making butter and it’s
useful for other recipes too learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


10 thoughts on “How To Use Media Crema Canned Cream- Make Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Dip, Butter”

  • Great video!! I knew about making butter but not the rest. A couple of years ago I searched online for uses for this product but didn't find much. So happy you made this video. Happy Mother's Day! πŸ’ŸπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™

  • James Phillips says:

    I just found your channel after looking into powdered milk recipes, I love your channel keep up the amazing work

  • Happy Mother's Day Granny …..Thank you for all your wonderful informative video 's & Beautiful Spirit You Give To Us πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’œ πŸ—£ Love You !!!

  • Scott Worthington says:

    Very interesting, Granny. This is something I'm not familiar with, wouldn't know what it is much less how to use it.

    I learned a little something. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sidney Mathious says:

    Happy Mother's Day and those are great ideas for using the Crema and I will try to remember them the next time I go shopping.

  • Hi & thanks for the tips. What part of Alaska are you from? I lived in Anchorage most of my life. Have they finally gotten a Dollar Tree up there???

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