How to Use iGoogle : News Gadgets in iGoogle

How to Use iGoogle : News Gadgets in iGoogle

DREW NOAH: So now I’m going to talk about
the news category of gadgets. And of course, it’s fairly obvious; these are going to be
links to all gadgets related to the news. So remember how to get here. We’ll just go
to the add stuff and then I’ll just click on news to filter it by news. And remember
I–however I sort it is how it’s going to show up. So I can sort it by most users or
the hottest category, which is the default. You probably don’t want to sort by newest
until you get more used to using iGoogle because, like I said, anybody can create a gadget,
so you probably want to look for the most popular ones first instead of looking for
just what’s the newest. So let’s see what we’ve got. Weather Forecast, Google News,
BBC News, News Front Page, World Edition. So I’m just going to add some news gadget
to show you, Breaking News from MSNBC and New York Times. See, how I can just add a
whole bunch of gadgets at once. And once I’m done adding, I’ll just click the little icon
to go back to the homepage and there you can see all my gadgets have been added. So if
you’re in to the, you know, if you’d like to keep up with the news on your iGoogle homepage,
definitely check out some of the news gadgets. Most likely, you’ll be able to find a particular
individual news sources like the New York Times or the BBC and you can pick your favorite
and add those. And then you should be able to set the number of items so if you want
to see more stories, and with this particular gadget, I can minimize and maximize the actual
story and click it. It actually go to the story on the New York Times website. Definitely,
if you’re into these news gadgets, check out the Google News. Google News is just a great
site to begin with. And this little gadget kinda gives it–kinda gives you a small little
version of Google News on your iGoogle homepage. It’s a really nice gadget. It’s very interactive
with these tabs here and just a little nicer than these kind of standard news gadgets.
So check that out. Our Breaking News, no breaking news at this time. And then the weather, of
course, is a nice gadget to have, which was–is in the news category. So that’s just some
of the different news gadgets that you can, you can add to your iGoogle homepage.


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