how to use Google’s automatic subtitles to subtitle your EN videos (with subtitles)

how to use Google’s automatic subtitles to subtitle your EN videos (with subtitles)

Greetings! Dennis Daniels here. This is a quick demonstration how to put captions or
subtitles on your videos. Google already has an automatic captioning system so when
you click on it it will supply you with what it thinks is the correct English. Now, I won’t
bother you I won’t bore you with the whole thing in
terms of what it or how did do it but I’ll give you a
quick demonstration how to edit. So you play. Click play. Okay. So, first word was “hi” and next one is I wanted to and I don’t know what the rest is “to share with you” K alright now it’s not, it’s not moving along with text, so if I go back here ok okay and now this is, this is where it is
now when I play it back uh its its now at the correct part of the caption so what does it say? Let me roll it back again share with you okay so here is here’s what I said handy recycling trick not truck and now save a copy. And I’ll assume that I’ve done
all that and now I will modify caption track added updated successfully so this is the one that I have and it’s not truck actually it saved a copy. You can see it
saved a copy but it didn’t actually save the one I want. There it is. Here’s the first one. So this is V one and I’m going to rename it add track name and I’ll say CC V one because here it is I want to share with you a handy recycling
trick. Now, when I play it I should have the current and correct
version [indistinct] it doesn’t jump to the part of the video where I say that which is kind of
a bummer ok maybe is does! You have to click on the
time… okay All right! So, it does work. tip tip for some of your old plastic bowls. Alright save changes and since this is still on the automatic I don’t wanna use that, I need to go back to mine which is which is located where tracklist and now it is so we’ll click play and actually I’ll just click where on where the audio starts and I click on the next part alright so, this is not correct. Right here this goes here. try it again and I’m giving far more details than I probably should should. Alright, next one. [indistinct] Okay… that looks good. [indistinct] alright that may be lying around the house try again [indistinct] of this case so that’s how you do it. It takes a little time it’s not perfect. But Google provides a
pretty good first brush with the with the initial transcription it’s perfect but that’s not the end of the world. What I don’t like it doesn’t matter. What I do like is that it
works Hope it helps you. It certainly has been
useful for me Thank you for your time and happy computing.


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