How to Transform Traditional to Digital Advertising - Daktronics

How to Transform Traditional to Digital Advertising – Daktronics

hello everyone and welcome today we're going to be walking through how to transform your traditional print advertising to digital advertising we'll go over the differences between the two and how you can turn one into the other a traditional print advertisement might look something like this this is a nice looking ad it looks like something you might see in a magazine or a newspaper when it comes to advertising on a digital display however this is going to be a bit too much information for the consumer to read in a short period of time if you use this on your display there's also a very good chance that the text will be too small to read from a distance with digital advertising we can show several messages in a series of rotations so let's take a look at the information from this print advertisement and then let's break it into four individual slides the first slide will simply say Midtown Gardens this gets your business name out there and it grabs people's attention with a large colorful image next we will create a slide for our autumn hours notice how we use large thick text and bright colors that stand out from the background again in this slide we're using large bold text and adding an image to grab the consumers attention in our last set of slides we are directing people to our website and encouraging them to search for our business on Facebook ads with smaller amounts of information are easier to see and comprehend on LED displays so by dividing up our print style ad into several slides we created a digital campaign that gives our consumers a better chance to see and comprehend the message using this video as a guide you could transform your print advertisements into digital content that will attract attention and ultimately make the most out of your Daktronics display


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