How To Train Troops For Events [Training Events] | Rise of Kingdoms

How To Train Troops For Events [Training Events] | Rise of Kingdoms

so guys do you guys know what type of troops to train for events where you need to train troops in exchange of rewards sometimes majority of the people would train higher tier troops which would cost them the whole day and then they would miss out on the rewards because they've trained so much troops or what they would do is is train the higher tier troops and then they would have to use speed ups because then they won't complete that task for that specific day so in this video we're going to tell you guys how to actually participate in this event efficiently and to succeed by collecting all the rewards so there's this event called victorious heart where you have to Train specific type of troops in a certain amount of those troops now the minimum requirement here is going to be training tier two units so there is also another event called mighty army which is slightly different than this there is no specific type of units to be trained rather you just need to train a lot of troops and then you will get rewards plus on that event you get to defeat barbarians for rewards now if you're looking for more guides about events in the game I suggest you to go to the rise of kingdoms comm there is a tab there and events and you can read through it and there is tremendous amount of information that you guys can find in that website and that could really answer a lot of your questions or you can just search on YouTube in my channel anything that you guys are looking for I have probably created them already and if I have not made sure to drop that down in the comment section below so we can tackle that task and challenge and if I have not introduced myself I am Shinji 42 and I create rise of kingdoms content and if you guys want to follow me and you guys want to see more guides about rising kingdoms make sure that you guys click that subscribe button and turn it on the vacations on and don't forget guys when you guys are enjoying the content when you guys feel like I've helped you guys out make sure to give that thumbs up button there give this video a like or any videos that I've helped you guys to be successful in the game so I'll see you guys I'm seeing we need to train 3000 units in here guys but I've already trained a few I have 2,000 already but we're gonna imagine that this is zero and we need to train three thousand troops that what we're going to be doing is we're going to start off by just training t2 troops now I know when you click this and you're already on t4 it's always gonna prompt your c4 and has a habit you would always click train right away and they're like oh god I messed up right because like now I have to wait a whole day and if you want to lessen the trip training time you need to get a rune or ask the general title from the kingdom so that your trip training time will be reduced now here's the thing and don't worry about me not farming right now because it's kill event I don't want to farm in my troops will just get killed okay so here in the archery right now I'm looking at it I need to train 3,000 troops that is my goal right we're thinking about zero troops right zero in the event zero points now if I train 2,000 troops of t4 it's gonna about one day in four hours I would not make it with the event what's going to happen with the event is I'm going to be using my speed ups and then now it's not worth it what I have to use speed ups to train my troops for the event for me to get rewards it's not worth it I'm going to be using more speed ups than gaining speed ups and I know the value there is that I'm getting those troops but no it's not it's not worth it I won't even use speed ups I would just like let it go right but here's what you can do you can click the tier two units you can see it's going only going to be ten hours now I can already do this twice in a day so that's going to be about 20 hours less than 24 right but what we're gonna do is we have a tile tile march in here and I'm going to be collecting hopefully I don't get killed while I'm walking into the lost temple and gathering this room and hopefully we get to get it super quick I don't know if they're killing um Gruen gatherers I don't know I mean this is only one troop they'll be super funny if I do get smashed over here but yeah we're going to gather this troop training speed by 10% and then once we've gathered that we're going to request for the general title now we're going to dramatically reduce the time to Train this T two units and what's going to happen I start collecting these t2 units is that I'm going to be achieving my event goal and then I can rip off the rewards see you're getting all these bunch of rewards you're getting resources plus speed ups so that's what we're going to do here now like I said it's a bad habit sometimes that you guys can you know train t4 right away and I'm gonna let you guys know I have done it I am guilty of it I'm not gonna tell you guys that I am all perfect and stuff because that's not the reality the reality is we make mistakes and we're humans and it happens so just bear in mind as soon as you click into the archery range or any troop training building it will go to the highest here right away and if you don't switch it you're going to mess up so imagine this also you're spending less resources to get those rewards so it's a pretty good deal right if you're at e3 I would still suggest a 22 just do the bare minimum and then later on after the event you can upgrade there's gonna be an upgrade button here you can upgrade the tier 2 to whatever you want either to tier 3 or tier 4 or tier 5 it doesn't matter right your goal for this event is to get the rewards of the event and that's what we're going to be doing right oh okay this is just somebody gathering rooms as well I guess but or no no yeah why are you getting with whole troops oh you must be going to be defeating kerouac event so it is also the camera can vent and I still need to do my kerouac event because I've been super lazy I did work today so there's that I am 68 right now I need to make sure that I finish this nightmare mode come on Shinji I think you can do it you just need to grind okay oh let's go and collect this real quick since I'm already here 650 gems okay so the next thing that I'm going to do now see this take a look now it's dropped down to 10 hours and 6 minutes honestly I forgot how many hours is already earlier how many more minutes was knocked out but we got only the 10% room alright so what we're going to do we're going to request for a title so what we're gonna do now is we're going to share our location into the tiles chat because that we have that in this kingdom and we're going to request for general title title please I am not so sure who is the king at the moment let's take a look so for you to check who is the king at the moment you can zoom out and then you can click the lost temple and then you can click the gear icon here and click title and you can see that miku hatsune it it's the current king as of right now and there is nobody in the general so the general title allows you to have +10 training speed and I want that I want to get that because I want to train those troops fast so that I can start training other troops you know quickly ok let's take a look if we're getting any responses in here nope so we're gonna have to kind of wait a little bit here guys before we can start our training but honestly does it really matter it is going to be about 10 hours I mean listen actually since we're you know actually at the 2000 mark already the only thing that I need to train is about a thousand units so let's take a look a thousand units would only have you know five hours trooper training time so maybe that's the only thing I need to train you know right I don't need to train 2k troops because I've already trained to K already and now I only need one K so that's what we're going to do instead we're not even gonna wait for the general title because yeah I don't have it yet it's gonna be a while I know that so we're gonna go ahead and just train 1000 troops in here and that should be enough for me to finish my event there we go so remember guys that is T two units make you make sure that you're switching and then there we go Butterbean bada-boom 1,000 troops in here we're gonna reap those rewards after five hours all right all right so even for the seeds units we're gonna put 1,000 in here and then we're going to collect that after all right so let's take a look again toria's heart there we go so guys make sure also that you guys are paying attention for the deadlines of the events right so it's going to reset at zero UTC so you want to actually make sure you get all that troop train before zero UTC so just pay attention on the events it will also tell you on this side for more information on how long the events going to last some of the things that I'm doing in here as well you see this Byzantium coronation this is where you you know do some activity and then you can collect this crown or it's going to be similar to other events but then you're going to transfer this item that you get your convert that's probably the right word into something else so what I've been doing since I am in the late stage of the game and I have decent commanders and I'm trying to rush for t5 you know when I'm when I'm ready I'm gonna be using a lot of speed up so everything I've converted into speed ups and then I convert them into golden key and then the rest I don't know what I'm gonna do probably either sculpture or I think I have my Belisarius or you completed expertise so I'm probably just going to go get I have a lot of a tower and hasn't gathering probably just going to get some resources most likely is going to be either wood or stone just because I am a Archer build and those are the things that I need so yeah another thing that I do right now is I you know I've been really cheap with my gems and my spending so what I do is I looked at the shop and then I do purchase this eight hour speed ups but I only use resources now if it's not a resource cost base I'm not going to bite actually let's just go ahead and buy everything in here guys those are very helpful I'm not gonna buy any of these gems cost even though it's 70% no I refuse right now let's go ahead and you know refresh it oh look see 480 K wood for 60 minute speed ups definitely taking that that's a bargain because I can just farm that and look how much I have farmed so far a lot grinding a lot of farming in this home Kingdom after K BK definitely I'm enjoying the break time and then when war comes or the Osiris League is coming so we're also going to talk about this at some point could be a live stream or could be another vid so who knows just make sure you guys are tuning in like I said if you guys are interested with rights of kingdoms content and you guys want to get helped or want to just you know here's some advice and they're nifty tricks make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel turning the notification on really helps out and also guys if you guys enjoy the content don't forget to give the videos a thumbs up anyway guys I hope you guys have enjoyed the content here I'll plead that I have helped you guys out maybe you guys were you know wondering on this how to approach this type of events and if I have helped you guys in here make sure that you guys let me know in the comment section below so I know how to create my contents to cater to you guys anyway guys I will see you guys again next time thank you for watching [Applause] you


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