How to Tap into Sponsored Content on Facebook – Social Media Minute

How to Tap into Sponsored Content on Facebook – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Facebook has been slowly rolling
out more features to support both media and celebrity pages. It’s obviously rolled out
Instant Articles for the media companies, it’s rolled out mid-roll videos as a way to monetize
some of these bigger communities both for the media
companies and celebrities. Now, I wanna talk
about these sort of sponsored posts. Facebook has rolled out a function where you can tag a post and make it sponsored. So, if, I don’t know,
Rihanna goes and publishes a post, she can have it sponsored
by, I don’t know, a brand, right? The two main verticals that are
getting these sponsorships are media pages and celebrity pages. Which is pretty obvious. But the sponsoring parties
are typically beauty companies, food companies, fashion
companies, that’s the top 3 categories and there’s a lot
of e-commerce floating in there as well. There’s a lot
of under-utilized categories, a lot of industries
that are not utilizing sponsored posts basically at all
or in a very, very limited way. So there’s a lot
of potential in these sponsored stories. Also, when you do
a sponsored story with a celebrity it outperforms a media
story by a long shot, typically. Why is that? Because
there is a lot of smaller media pages or midsize media pages
where you might do a sponsorship but when you’re going for a celebrity,
you’re going for a very big celebrity. So you have a massive impact there. What’s the main
takeaway here for marketers? Obviously, go and sponsor
posts both on the media pages and the celebrity pages. The great benefit is
once that page tags you as a sponsor, you can see the insights directly
in your Facebook insights numbers. So, go do it, try it. Measure the real differences
between reach and engagement and what’s the value
for you based on your goals. Good luck
and see you next Monday morning.


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  • Marley Baird Media says:

    That's a great tip, Jan! Yes, I would have to agree that there's a lot of under-utilized categories out there. We just have to learn how to tap it!

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