How to SETUP your home internet

How to SETUP your home internet

hello and welcome to hindsight 101 where youll learn about things that will help you in everyday life do you want to know the many different ways to set up your home internet i have all the details for you and if you like my content hit subscribe if you liked this video make sure to hit that like button thanks a lot now let's get to it oh I'm there let's talk about how we can set up your home internet there are many different ways and I know what can be confusing i'm going to walk you through all the different devices that you can use to set it up and then you can choose which one will be best for your situation so let's get started first we're going to talk about the modem to modem is pretty much connection between your IST internet service provider in your home there are many different ones you can get yourself your needs you can get one like this where it's just a modem or you get a combo unit that has router and modem functions built in together so let's talk about the connections so as you can see here there are only a few connection that you have to worry about first to either an ethernet connection which you would use an ethernet cable it looks something like this it just looks kind of like a big telephone cord but it's not and you would plug this into this Jack right here and then the other end of that you would use that to plug into one device maybe a laptop or computer but if you wanted to go to multiple devices that's when you need that's when you're going to need a router and we'll talk about that next but once you have this all set up this next someone may have this sunday not this is more just for diagnostic purposes so you don't really use this and then here to collect connection you're gonna hook this up from the collects line that's coming out of the wall and this should be the coax line that's linked directly to the outside box installed by your cable provider so you can hook this up to just any collect line your house you have to make sure it's the main one and this is just a regular coax cable you've all seen them before you this is what you would use to plug into the back of this as i said before would be coming straight out of the wall and then finally this is just the power plug your power cord into right here I one thing to note if you are installing your own modem and not having the cable technician to install it for you they're going to need to know your mac address and usually that's at the bottom or the back of your modem and you just give them those numbers on the back and they can put into their system so your modem talks with their system next we'll talk about the router the writers function is to give internet either wirelessly or wired to every device in your home i like to use the analogy of an apartment an apartment building has an address but each apartment has their own apartment number and that's what a robber does it assigns every device in your home and apartment number so you have your main IP address at your home all the other different IP addresses for all the devices in your home and that's essentially what the router does for you now there's many different types of routers you can get you can get ones that have antennas on them like so you can get one without i prefer ones with antennas because that's will give you the most range you can get the ones that have internal antennas but it may or may not be as good depending on the brand that you get so they may look ugly but it will be more reliable as you can see on the back it has a lot of different connections so here you can see this is where you plug in your power and then next it has a on/off switch so you can turn it on and off not all of them have it but the majority do also you have a USB option with this you can plug in a printer but then others is mostly used for storage you can have your own little cloud storage within your home next you have the reset button for some reason need to reset and then here is blue one right here you always have a single and then a couple of ethernet ports to the side the usual one that's a single that's the one that you're going to connect from that single Ethernet jack it's in the modem you connect that into here if you plug it into here it won't work correctly if Jack's over here are so you can provide a wired connection to say a TV streaming device a printer whatever you want and then you also have the function of having a wireless connection most router so today we'll have a 2.4 and a 5g wireless signal every device now will will support the 2.4 you may have some legacy device device don't support 5g but that's fine it's not really a problem know that you have those two options available depending on what type of setup you have in your home so now we'll talk about a switch and once which does a switch will pretty much give you extra port that you're a router does not have so we saw before the router only had four ports once you use up those four ports you're kind of out of luck so this is where a switch comes in it will give you more ports to share more hard wire connections in your home this is different from a router where I told you you have that one point that you have to put the the connection and the other ones are thus pairs well with the switch it doesn't matter you can put the cable coming from the router and any one of these ports and it'll work just the same but they're very simple you just the power on and off and then you have your plug with these you have lights on the front that kind of tells you the activity they will blink when things are plugged in and it's sending and receiving information this is what they call an unmanaged switch you can get a managed switch as well which basically if you don't know what to get get the unmanaged switch if you like to do a lot of tinkering and you're doing a lot of different things where you have to know what's going on with each one of these ports or a lot of other advanced features then i would get a managed switch but no they're also more expensive as well so free if you just want a simple setup you just need more ports from the back then just get a unmanaged switch and if you don't know the difference between the two if it doesn't say managed it probably isn't now let's talk about extenders and what extenders are will give you a wireless signal where maybe you wouldn't be able to get with just your normal router and how that works is say you have the router at one end of the house and then you want to get this other room that's on the other end the house a wireless connection or wired connection you can use this and how it works is you would just simply plug this into the wall and normal and then you have to take an ethernet cord plug it into here and then the other end you would plug into a computer laptop whatever and you have to go into the configuration and set it up so connect to your wireless network and once you've done that you have a wireless extender and what it will do is it will extend the signal to that part of the house the bad part about this is you're extending a wireless signal you lose half of your speed so whatever speed that you're getting from your router cut that in half but the other thing is if you're getting a bad connection you're just going to extend another bad connection so what you want to do is make sure this is placed in kind of the middleman between your router and the bad connection so somewhere in the middle here you don't want to put it close to that bad to that that area where you want because and then you'll just be extending a bad connection and that defeats the purpose and then also once you're done configuring it you can also use this port as a hardwired connection as well and that aspect you won't lose any on speed this is also an extender i just wanted to show you the different options this one has a touch screen so it worked a little bit better for you where is some of the other ones you have to plug in and you have to configure with the configurations and this one you can just tap it and go to where you want that's always a plus they also make routers like this as well they're a little more expensive but you don't like going into the actual settings or say you were somewhere where you didn't have access to a laptop or computer to hook up to this then you can actually just go through the touchscreen and configure it just like that so you have a couple different options next we're going to talk about mocha media over coax Alliance and they see what this does use your existing coax hookups throughout your house to transmit an internet signal which is great because many of us already have flex cable running throughout our homes it's pretty basic so what you would do you have to have two of these and how it works is you would take the coax from the wall the one that's going to your TV and you plug it in here and you plug this other one out to the TV so you can still get a table signal to your TV but then in one of these ports you would hook up to your router you can use any one of them would hook up the ethernet cord to your router that would give it a signal now the second one would be in a bedroom or wherever area that you want this hardwired connection to go and then you would do the same thing if you still want you to use your TV you take the cable out of the wall put into here and then you would put this TV out you don't need to hook it up to a TV then this TV out is useless and you can just plug it straight into the cable in and at that point you have two connections and then now this is active and you can just use the ethernet ports to have a hardwired connection to whatever you want course you have to have power not to mention that and then here on the front the lights will light up to tell you that there's activity is power they work really well so now you have power line and what power line does is it uses your existing electrical wiring to transmit internet signal and how these work are one you have to plug it directly into the wall you cannot plug it into a surge protector or an extension cord it will mess up with the connection but once you do that you have to plug into the wall you plug the ethernet cord into here and then the other end goes into your router and then you take the second unit and you plug that to wherever another bedroom you want to plug that into the wall and then you would take an ethernet cord and then plug that into whatever device you want to say a switch if you want more hard wire connections or you can just plug it into a computer or whatever device streaming device whatever you want a good thing about these is you have encryption some of them don't but the majority of them do and the reason why i say that if you're in your home encryption doesn't really matter if you're an apartment building river with a lot of electrical wiring that's connected on someone could maybe above you below you next to you could get one of these as well and then they could actually tap into your home network you want to make sure if you in that type of environment you have encryption you don't really have to have the same brand or the same speed to hook up so you can have many different ones connected to this i have a cycle but you can get other brands and it would connect to this brand as well nine times out of ten the only downfall about if you get one with different speeds is whichever unit has the lowest speed that's what all of them will have these are really good but I consider them a last resort because they have the most interference on these have to be on the same circuit they may work on different circuit breakers but through my experiences i haven't had any luck you just need to make sure these are on the same circuit in order for them to work on the other downfall is a lot of interference so you have something that draws a lot of power like a blender or anything like that if they're on the same circuit that could affect speeds these are last resort but everybody has electrical wiring in our house so they're also the most convenient


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  • So I just moved into an apartment and bought a router without knowing I needed an internet provider and modem. If I run out to the store and just buy a modem is there a way I can get myself internet without needing a cable technician having to come connect everything together? I donโ€™t want cable. Just WiFi.

  • If i want my custom modem i need to pay the internet provider providing my home with the cable to get internet to work? And also check that they accept custom hardware i guess. Btw great video ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ I subbed ๐Ÿ˜Š

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