How to Remap the Bixby Button (and Launch a Different App Instead)

How to Remap the Bixby Button (and Launch a Different App Instead)

– So a lot of people
aren’t the biggest fans of Samsung’s voice assistant called Bixby, and by default, not a fan
of the hardware button that’s used to summon it. Now you can route the phone and change the system permissions to
change what the button actually does, but that’s a lot of work and it turns out there’s
actually an easier way. Apps have been popping
up in the Play Store that, thanks to their use
of the accessibility options on the phone, are able to
actually kind of hijack the button and make it
do a different action before Bixby can even launch, things like launch the
camera, open a specific app, some of them can even
launch Google Assistant. Now quick disclaimer, this
will actually disable Bixby. So if you use Bixby, you won’t
be able to by doing this. So there’s that. Also, Samsung really
doesn’t want you to do this, so they are probably actively finding ways to stop these apps from
working, and so at any moment, these apps could just not work
thanks to a Samsung update or some other measure
that Samsung has taken. With all that in mind, if
you’d like to still give it a try in the mean time,
head to the Play Store and search for Bixby remapper. You’ll see a few in here, and
you can try the other ones if the one that I’m showing
you no longer works, is taken down, et cetera, or
just doesn’t work for you, but the one that we’ll try now is the one that I found with the highest ratings called Bixby Button Remapper. Once you install it,
you’re gonna open the app, then we can turn on the feature by tapping the toggle at the top right. It also warns you that you
should not have any other remapping software on at the same time, so only try to use one
of these apps at a time. Once it’s on, tap the
three dots at the top right and select go to accessibility. You can also manually
search for this in settings if using a different app and
it doesn’t have this option. Once there, look under
services at the bottom, and you’ll see two options for this app, each is a different method that they use. One is more stable and
has a little less delay and is faster. Tap on the less delay one first, and we’ll turn that on, and
then we can try that first, and if it doesn’t work well,
then you can go back here and turn on the more stable one instead. Once that’s on, you can go back, then tap the Bixby button action option and choose from that list
what you want it to do. Once you choose it, simply
hit the Bixby button and you can confirm if it worked. And there you go, there’s that for anybody who wanted to give that a try. Again keep in mind that
Samsung will probably kill this pretty soon, but you could try those other apps, and pretty
much everything’s gonna work in a very much the same
way that this one does if they work at all, depending
on what Samsung does. Keep that in mind. But if you did like this
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