How to receive shortwave WITHOUT a RADIO! :)

How to receive shortwave WITHOUT a RADIO! :)

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES a very good day my name’s Callum from a
DX commander I’m bit of an amateur scientist I am to be aN amateur radio
operator as well I’ve got a license to play radio actually to transmit many
people want to be able to experience shortwave but they don’t have the
equipment they don’t know where to start well there’s a really easy way to do
that if you just type in web s-d our SDR and just hit return on Google there’s a
project called web web SDR and these are a list of radios all the way around the
world connected to the internet that you can control and it’s quite remarkable
now I happen to like web s dr netherlands for a reason that will come
clear in a minute the web best is this chap here he’s got a little board
connected to just a mobile mini whip antenna outside somewhere and it covers
the whole as a shortwave band so probably hit f11 here and just maximize
this and and i’m gonna show you what that means in a minute and what you will
find that you can scroll in using your scroll mouse on the need of the wheel
you can hover over them just move this up and down make sure than the right
place and you can I was scrolling in now and then we’re scrolling back out see
these pink bits 25 30 149 there’s the 22-metre shortwave band lit and we can
scroll into that expand it out then we can click am because most of the
broadcasters are on am if I don’t know anybody or anything else and then what
we could do we can just click here turn up the volume about this one thank you
I don’t know what a lot of these stations are but if we scroll in enough
it might tell us so there’s Romania here China is right
in there little to hear that and then the voice of Turkey is there very nice
this is Radio Free Asia it’s remarkable that the chap who’s built this and
giving it away to us for free it’s just using a little mini whip
outside and just out of the ether out of the the magic of radio comes a shortwave
radio in green look this is the 20 meter amateur band so if we go to upper
sideband anything from 30 or 10 megahertz up is upper sideband and lower
than 10 megahertz Earth’s will be lower sideband by the way so I’m going to zoom
in and I’ve got a my upper sideband going and I’m gonna listen to say this
man here echo whiskey one mic mic now interestingly if you don’t know
where that is so there’s a little man at home echo whiskey one you can just type
his cool in the charges I will come up on cue on said and it will say he’s in
Belarus now I’m probably logged in here so I can go to detail and I can show it
map that she showed me where he is the use ctrl scroll out now of course it
thinks I’m in the United Kingdom but in fact this is in the Netherlands so he’s
gonna know exactly where he is but he the receiver I’m connected to is here if
you’re in the UK hack Green St art is pretty good they’ve got an HF one and a
VHF one so this is near Manchester and it tells you the exact location and it’s
starting to receive already and I need to turn the volume down there it is
depending on who created the front end of the website
sometimes the controls could be in a different place just to let you know and
I believe that we can only listen to the amateur bands on hack green but it’s
quite a good it uses a nice aerial to listen to now I was telling you that
term I scraped a little bit of a knob put this down in the comments if chrome
doesn’t work and you can’t receive you need to paste this into Chrome and
change from the default to no you should just use gesture cut see just say that
very well and then chrome will work if you don’t do that there’s a chance that
chrome won’t work by the way so there we are go and have a play would we’re
besties I’ll see how you get on and if I’ve encouraged your interest in radio
then who knows you could in turn become a amateur radio operator and most
countries do a baby license called a foundation or similar very little study
little tiny exam you could buy a small radio and get on
the air and I’ll make a film about that in the next few months exactly how that
works and as I’m going to do that I’ll put the link up here but right now
everybody that’s all for me enjoy your web SDR check around the
internet and see what other ones are around and work out how the controls
work and have a bit of fun – my name’s Calum from DX Commander on holiday down here in Cornwall connected to a receiver in the Netherlands. All the best now!


46 thoughts on “How to receive shortwave WITHOUT a RADIO! :)”

  • Steve Nelson says:

    M0MCX Live and Direct! Did I hear ABBA in the background music the other day? ? More eagles required! Loving the locations videos but shouldn't you be relaxing!!

  • Nice video. Hack Green is good and as you say, Chrome will most likely need that tweak to get the audio working. WebSDR is a great way of listening around the bands, using other people's gear. 73

  • I had an aunt like that….she claimed she could her Red Indians when she put her ear to a telegraph pole…… in France!
    After that, my mother was reluctant to leave me alone with her….

    Cuddles !


  • BTW I visited Hack green, and the folks that run it, helpful lot that told me the design of the SDR is home brew by a member that has now emigrated. They are looking for donations to keep it running ๐Ÿ™

  • Useful information as always, also a good way of monitoring your own RF performance/operation, the effect of power levels, etc. I have not tried it, but of course it must work. Armed with a beam and rotator one could produce a crude antenna polar plot.

  • Solar earthling says:

    Have you noticed that all the bloody volume levels are set really high on these sdr websites, no idea why but it certainly wakes you up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DX Commander says:

    BTW, I used Hack Green to listen to my own audio on AM. I recorded it here:

  • The above and below 10mhz comment was good. I first learned this convention from a Kenwood owners manual. I ask many Pro pilots what the convention is and many don't know and then the epiphany occurs. ..

  • Hi Callum,

    The web-sdr receiver is located in Netherlands, Enschede. the Technical University. for more information ๐Ÿ™‚

    73 de PD4AD

  • Berend Koops says:

    cool that you went to the dutch sdr site but i have a small correction. it's a sdr operated by the university of utrecht radio club for their personel and students.

  • FCC offers Technician gives you a bit of HF for 10m as well as CW only lower band with limited power. I believe there is some talk about ARRL try to make law, giving technicians small slices of HF for RTTY and Phone… I haven't seen how hard it is to get on HF in the UK.

  • macrossactual says:

    The Kiwi SDR rigs and software are REALLY polished and quite nice to use as well. Some nodes even have annotated freq spreads to guide listeners to freqs of interest.

  • tightfisted1 says:

    Very clever idea, I was going to buy an SDR dongle to plug in the computer, but a lot of people complain about getting them working. How things change since I did my G6 licence, now listening to short wave on the internet !

  • Howard Mattinson says:

    oops GM1CUC still connected to Hackgreen 3.760…btw DX-Commander working well on 40 and 20…73 Howard GM1CUC

  • Pete Shulver says:

    Hi Callum, Could you please clarify the cut and paste bit for me (A bit slow today!!) i have the sound issue with Hack green and Chrome on this new PC . Hope the holiday in Cornwall was good I retired here 2 years ago now and the low noise levels are fantastic compared to my old QTH in Hampshire! Keep the videos coming. Best 73's Pete G8TXK.

  • the websdrs are pretty weak. My Grundig gives way better results. There are good ones out there, like waller sdr in Texas, it picks up my station with a small line under 6925 khz.

  • Cool Beans. I actually saw this, went there, and then turned on the radio to see if I could hear the station on my Icom. No luck but it was great trying.


  • vid of breathing life into older radios via sdr using dongles for receive ? ?… maybe with the MFJ-1708B mentioned for switching and isolation plus the control software for the radio etc …. makes for an extremely versatile and grt looking setup on the cheap for those who like their older radios… a lot won`t even be aware it`s possible without having to tap each radio….

  • I know i am late on this one but there is another collection of SDR radios called Kiwis. Check out and . This is my Kiwi running 24-7 279 last count world wide. regards Kent M0KWR.

  • If you can could you do a show on if trump tried to shut all the international broadcasters out of here like BBC the CBC radio Australia and other countries

  • the location of the antenna of this SDR is on the roof of the University of Twente!

    the advantage of this SDR is that you can run over the entire band,

    so not only just the amateur bands.

    for example, you can also listen to the pirate bands (often on Sundays)


    1600 to 1670 kHz in AM mode (often around 1635 kHz)


    6200 to 6400khz also in AM modes (often around 6305khz)

    Friendly greetings from The Netherlands!


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