How to Rebrand Yourself on Social Media and Change Your Niche — 5 Tips


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  • This video could not have come at a better time! For a while I branded myself in a combo niche that was fitness and being a student (with a social life etc.) and I have noticed that engagement has plummeted these last few months. I do believe it is time to change things up a little bit. This video was just what I needed!

  • QOTD: What are your tips for re-branding on social media? AND/OR Can you think of any good examples of celebrities, youtubers, etc. that have successfully changed their topic or niche? LMK 👇👇👇👇

  • Ironclad Confidence says:

    This is absolutely true. Most of my target audience comes from the offline magazine, classified ads and display ads ONLY market. These people are hardcore offline mailers and most don't even use the internet as their babyboomers. I talk to folks on the phone about the internet and about 80% of them are clueless? Great vis by the way…

  • Joas Radiomann says:

    Thank you very much for this video!
    Ray William Johnson tried the change on his main channel and it did not go well. Shane Dawson just started posting more on his second channel… which is kind of his main channel now. And he's killing it. So rebranding on another channel is the best option in my opinion.
    Can you make a video on how one's youtube business can survive after being the victim of some controversy? I mean, there are youtubers who got their reputation ruined after (sometimes false) heavy allegations, and I would love to know how they can cope with it and save their influence

  • Hey Sean! I don't know if you have any experience or knowledge about this topic but what advice do you have for musicians on youtube? I am a violin player who makes music videos. I want to do more with youtube and want to grow as a channel but don't know what to do. Your videos are super helpful and I love watching them!

  • Lots of people subbed to us because of our Disney video but that was the ONE video that didn’t reflect our channel well. So it was a blessing and a curse 😫 Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject 😛

  • Yeh I find that your audience subscribes to you for that particular content, so it can be difficult to change. I guess it also depends on how drastic the change is.

  • Hey Sean, You have been a Big Big inspiration to me for the last few months. I finally launched my Youtube channel and social media for My New project. Thank you very much for Everything You do. You have been very helpful with all of these videos.
    I have taken it upon myself to do All of this work and I’m very excited, Thanks again.

    Nunie Rubio

  • I'm in a weird spot. Lol. I work in news media, so I really have to stick to that (I work for a weather company as a video producer, with my voice and name in the public realm). I think this makes it difficult to really push my YouTube stuff on social media. I don't have a huge audience on any of my social platforms, but I've gotta have my Twitter/Facebook etc. set up for work. Lol. So someone who subs to me on YouTube, likely isn't going to enjoy what I post on Twitter.

  • Wigs2WaistLength says:

    I experienced a drop but not because I changed my niche. I did what I thought was improving my channel when in actuality it was hurting it. When I changed back to my original format, my numbers took off. I only have 1 video that hit 40,000+ but my grind wont change lol. I think a lot of people get in to this for the wrong reasons and think its a quick easy buck but this ish is HARD! lol I dont know any youtubers……actually I do! lol MalibuDollface started off as a current events/pop culture reaction type channel and now he's a big time Hair/Wig/Beauty personality here on YT.

  • Anthony Michael says:

    you realize that if taylor swift makes a gansta rap song now. the linch mob will be coming back for you haha lol 🙂

  • One great band I can think of that made a huge transition in their style was Foxy Shazam. They used to play more experimental metal music, it was bizarre, but great. Then, they started making music that was kind of like modern day Queen-esque music.

  • Really good video 🙂 I did a shift early in the history of this channel. Kept running into copyright issues doing drum covers. I switched to electronic drum news/reviews. I planted the flag like you said, and kept going 100% in that direction, growth has been good 🙂

  • Great tips, Sean! I'm going through the same thing now and am struggling a bit with the change. I merged my RV DIY channel with my "making" channel. I've renamed my bigger RV channel and have started uploading a few videos from the other channel every week and plan to eventually delete it. I have seen subs stall a bit since the change, but I haven't started to push hard with the new content. I think I made the change while both channels are still small and I think it'll work itself out as the channel matures. Well, I hope!

  • Carolina's Creations - Handmade says:

    Love all your videos! Thank you so much for the great information! Can you do a review on the PTZOptics PT12X USB G2? I'd like to know if I can use it as a studio camera and if the video /image quality is good?

  • Very valid, Sean. I have been through this exact thing myself over a period of about 12 years when moving from a Nikon oriented community website to a more general, unbranded community website. The audience all but left because they were looking for Nikon stuff but I was pushing more general stuff on my site. So now I am back to the grind, but I love a good challenge. 🙂

  • Great Advice. As you do enough videos you find your voice and what you are passionate about. The same skills that helped you grow and audience once will help you grow a new one for a different topic. I think, it's prob best just to start a whole new channel if your content is going to be radically different. Then if you ever want to go back to gaming videos (or whatever) every once in a while, you have an audience that cares about that. That original channel will grow (although slowly) over time organically, so let it grow while pursuing your interest with your new channel. I look at these people like Derral Eves, Roberto Blake, (this channel and video influencers) as great examples of the fact that once you learn how to play in the YouTube space it doesn't really matter your niche, just apply the same key elements and the channel will grow.

  • My channel is rants and reviews. Can I do both or does it have to be one of the other? Also I review all kinds of things. Does it have to be one thing? I would imagine after awhile I will run out of sodas to reviews. Or Ice Cream. What do I do??

  • Fred Williamson says:

    Can you please tell me how to use my external Mike with my new Canon Sl2. I have a Comia Mike and I an not able to get sond when I use it,

  • Hi Sean, as I am going to open my youtube channel soon and I have been doing my research before open it , I would like to ask you is there any ranking difference if I tag my channel with one categorie or other? as I saw most of the bloggers have People & Blogs, while others have Howto & Style or Travel & Events, which one you recommend it?

  • Hi Sean, this video was really helpful. We are currently going through an audience-driven, analytics-driven rebranding. Our analytics are telling us month over month for the last several months that 30% of people coming to our channel are coming for yin yoga. Also when people are typing my name into that YouTube search box they are consistently typing in "melissa west yin yoga" in the top ten searches associated with my name. This was something that has been somewhat surprising to us because I do not teach yin yoga, however my style is similar and it has possibly come about because of some collabs I have done. Anyway as you might have guessed, I am in the process of training and getting the credentials and we will be filming and uploading yin yoga classes by November of 2017. Warmly, Melissa

  • Titus Williams says:

    Hey, love your videos and I was wondering how you livestream to youtube with a camera and external audio. Thanks I have just recently started a tech channel.

  • I have 2 channels the secound works way better but i wanna keep this channel it's my main channel and tiny… I need to find something where I focus on but I'm just allrounder… Any Tips? Vlogs kinda suck with engagement and work.. compared to a seo video with a spefic topic… or should i just make random videos and focous on seo till people just stay?!?

  • SINternet Entertainment says:

    If your keeping everything the same but doing something different on your channel couldn’t you pick a day to play game and then a day from travel? We are a review channel and I just started adding other things then just food and place. I don’t feel like I have last anyone of my followers.

  • Solid advice on rebranding. This video inspired me to start to revamp this channel that I haven't used in quite a few years. Looking forwarding to really digging deep into a niche.

  • hi . can you please tell me how to enhance skin or smooth skin in youtube video . or any softwares to make face beautiful for video

  • JackieOCouture says:

    Hello, I'm a fashion blogger, if you love fashion & lifestyle. Subscribe to my main account JackieODiamond on YouTube. Thanks!

  • Hey Sean, we just started on YouTube and post weekly, do you have any tips on what we should do differently? Anything we're doing right?

  • Mike The Dope Toast says:

    I am a new Youtuber and currently doing Instagram and Travel Vlogs, hopefully it works for me, that's a lot of workload though. Any tips on building up the momentum?

  • Towel folding tutorial says:

    I agree with all your points, and it is a plus to bring up the other guy who says he got 10 k subs after 4 years….etc.

  • I DESTINY theidestiny says:

    Love these short videos with tips Sean! One of the ways that I transitioned my branding was by tweaking the font to my intros, tinting my videos slightly different, and changing my format a bit. These slight changes helped me transition my audience to higher quality videos without being so drastic. Slightly different than what you asked, but it worked with bringing in new sponsors and subs looking for quality videos.

  • Hey Sean,
    I make videoes on youtube, on the language Danish, and thought about swicthing to English to get a bigger audience. I posted 2 videoes on english and got a lot of hate on it. Now i don't really know witch language i want to speak. I have 7,6k subscribers and they are all danish…..What should i do?!

  • I have so many ideas from music to gameplay to podcasts to debate, and I love them ALL… but it's hard to incorporate the things I want to create into one sort of video. I'm really of the opinion that if you go for it all, and find the one that ends up being the most profitable, to prioritize that one first. thoughts?

  • Alex Brooks AKA Marzbar went from gaming to vlogging a couple of years ago and yeah he lost subscribers to begin with but now he's doing really well for himself. Living proof that a change like that can work!

  • Lorenzo González says:

    People I need some help, do you think it is a good idea to make a photography/filmmaking/Men style channel? have the three themes together??

  • Struggling with this right now. Mostly on my blog, my yt is small enough I don't think it's a big deal to change. Love the tip to focus on good consistent content! That's my entire game plan, ha ha.

  • I used to comedy channel mixes with reviews and since I rebranded to a comedy YouTube channel only it's gained me subs! Rebranding is better

  • Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA says:

    Our niche is ourselves with honesty and truth. Casey found his niche by just being him. His followers arrived.

  • Tornado Prince says:

    If I have a gaming channel and want to switch to a motivational channel while having a low subs. base, what do I do of my old gaming videos should I keep them or should I delete them or maybe even make them private?

  • I have a second channel that talks about current events, obscure news, and conspiratorial views. It basically stopped growing and has seen a drastic lull in views. I’m not quite sure but I’m thinking of rebranding and KEEPING my niche but with live feeds, more segments, and more content. Any ideas about how I can grow beyond my current situation based on these circumstances? I have just under 1,500 subs and it’s ben that way for the last 6 months on a channel that’s less than a year old.

    Thanks so very much for your input, and all your hard work!

  • DeVon Ambitious says:

    I started 4 years ago, but wasn't consistent now can't get views I don't know if I should keep this channel or make another

  • This helped so much!! I have a marine biology Instagram with 10k followers and was trying to work out how to transition to outdoor sports videos 😁 Thanks for a great video!

  • Asif Rasheed Art says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. My art channel is not doing very well but my Uber channel “Ride with Asif” has 2k+ subs and I’m making money with it. Can’t do anymore Uber videos and want to build move my art videos to Uber channel. I believe I’m going to loose many subs but I have no choice. Any tips will be helpful.

  • CookingCakeShow - Livia Pucci says:

    Hi! I'm trying to change my audience from being mostly italian (being my videos all in italian) to reach a more international audience (making videos in english), but keeping my contents and brand the same. What would be your tips for that? Thank you! 😉

  • if you changed from a beauty channel to a lifestyle channel do you think that you would have to make a whole new channel? Under 10K subbies?

  • Hi Sean, thank you for great video!
    Everyone is talking about audience when re branding but noone talks about YouTub itself. My concern is: how YouTube treats the channel that switched the niche?
    I'll post my short story and I would relly appreciate your feedback!
    My wife had a chanel since 2014 (girls stuff: vlogs, shopping etc) She abandoned it aft years. 5 months ago we decided to re brand it and film Kids videos with our daughter.
    The channel had ~ 2.3k old subs (but they obviously are inactive)
    Question 1: Does YouTube care if I change niches drastically as we did?
    Question 2: How bad is having 'dead' subs? Does YouTube 'punish' my channel for that and makes it harder for us to gain new audience?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • The Flying Jerzey says:

    I just recently change my brand from drone footage to fishing videos. Thinking about combing the two. Thx for this video but i wonder if it effects my channel negativity in the yt algorithm. Do you have a video discussing this?

  • Alicia Mae Hirté says:

    I slowly shifted my niche from travel vlogs to vlogging production instruction.. at around 30K subs.. and the algorithm is SO confused now!! 😫The audience on the new content is so much better but then they get recommended my old travel vlogs that did super well, which is not why they are there now! I guess that consistency is what I need to stick to now..

  • Keenan Smith says:

    I'm planning on doing this with my Instagram account I just started called @brainsetmatters.

    It's going to be nothing but motivational/quotes until I get up to 100k then I'll actually introduce myself for phase 1, real-life success motivational posts mixed with the other regular content.

    Phase 2 which will be 2-3 years from now, it'll be full blown myself mixed into the content as I'll actually be about what I posted years ago and actually start posting about what really interests me and being a true influencer.

    So here are the steps if you didn't catch it.

    Phase 1: accumulate.
    Phase 2: introduce.
    Phase 3: transition.
    Phase 4: hoping to be big enough IG influencer to basically do whatever I want and people will still follow and consume my content. That's true freedom.

  • This is super helpful Sean! I hadn't thought of running a 'launch week' for my upcoming change, great idea. I'm changing from toxin free living in general to Holistic Lifestyle Design for Self-Employed Moms… how big of a change is this? I've got a brand new channel anyway and will still integrate the toxin free living in the new channel.

  • Barry Callister Photography says:

    Great advice Sean. At the point where I need to re-brand my channel. I'm not changing niches, just the look and tag line of my channel. I feel more confident about doing it after watching this. Thanks.

  • I'm singing covers without audio just to see what happens. ofcourse I'm not going anywhere got 69subs with atleast 'videod' covers I guess I can change. my other passion is chess and Im considering going into movies coz I haven't believed in chess as a niche but maybe I could bring something unique

  • Thank you!
    I'm actually going through a change on my YouTube channel. Once focused on a horror niche(Unboxing high-end masks, mask reviews, horror movie reviews, etc…) The majority of my subscribers, grew from that format. Sadly, that came with a emotional price. Horror fans, especially with Halloween/Michael Myers… Well, let's just say, those fans can get very childish and hateful.
    I grew tired of it, and lost my desire to create content around that niche. Now, I'm focusing on what I've always enjoyed in life, and that would be comedy. With comedy, it's actually more challenging to create, which I'm welcoming with open arms. I know it's going to take time to reach that audience, that appreciates comical videos, and I'm completely ok with that. It's kinda like starting fresh again. Some of my loyal viewers/subscribers from past, are not to happy with this change, and I understand.
    To sum it all up. If I'm ever going to seriously make it here on YouTube. I've got to create what I truly love.

    As always, thank you for amazing advice, Sean… Keep On Crushing It👍

  • Rob's AutoDetail says:

    Question. I have about 40 videos. On my channel of random things. Now im picking a certain niech should I just start a new channel?

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