How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL

How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL

Hi everyone. It’s Jennifer here with a special kind of lesson. I plan to give you some tips and a short task to help you practice your English, particularly your grammar. Do you think someone will ever write about you in the news? If they did, what would you want the article to be about? Well, we might never make the headlines, but we can still enjoy reading them. In fact, it’s an interesting and useful form of practice. Here are five forms of language practice you can try. You can scan the headlines in English every day on a favorite website. Even on your busiest day, you can find one or two minutes to read the titles of the top stories. If there are unfamiliar words, note them and then look them up when you have the time. If a particular headline interests you, email the article to yourself. Then read it later when you have more time. News articles can be challenging to understand, but with the help of a learner’s dictionary or an online translation tool you, can get support. I’ll list some free resources in the video description. Learn to make predictions. Look at the headline. Before you read the full story, predict what some of the details will be. You can say or write your predictions. As you read, you’ll be focused on whether your predictions were right or wrong. Learn to summarize what you read. It’s very good practice to think about what you just read and summarize the main points. You can say or write a few sentences to capture the basic story or argument. Use the headlines to practice sentence structure and grammar forms. How? Take a headline and rewrite it as a full sentence. To do that you have to understand the grammar used by journalists. Articles and other determiners are usually omitted. Determiners are little words before nouns like some, his, her… The simple present is used for present and past events They do this to make the actions seem more dynamic. The wording is more exciting and it catches your interest. Helping verbs are usually omitted. Title punctuation is used. Patterns vary. Some news sources use sentence punctuation in the headlines, but without a period. But many sources still use title punctuation, capitalizing the first and last words as well as keywords like nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Some sources capitalize all prepositions or no prepositions. Other sources capitalize only longer prepositions. If you ever have to title your work, just be consistent in your practice. Could see all three of these variations in news publications. Here are additional patterns you’ll see in the headlines. Infinitives are used to express future actions. The verb be is often omitted, leaving a prepositional phrase, an adjective, or a past participle. When it comes to numbers, the media likes to use numerals or figures rather than words because figures are easier to read. You’ll see variation with punctuation, especially with direct speech. Sometimes single quotation marks are put around a quoted statement or a few words of direct speech. So here’s your practice task: visit a news website. I’ll list some suggestions in the video description. Scan the headlines, meaning the titles of the major stories. Choose one headline, copy it for me, and then rewrite it as a complete sentence, using standard grammar and punctuation. Please choose appropriate topics for all ages as there are some young learners who will read these comments, okay? Before we end, I’d like to review how we can use the word “headline.” As a singular noun, “headline” refers to the title of a news article. It’s what you see first above the full story. The headline is usually in a larger font and is in boldfaced letters. You could say, “the headline caught my attention.” As a plural noun, “headlines” refers to the top stories in the news. You’ll hear these phrases: So if a story made the headlines. it got into the news. I hope you found this useful, and I look forward to reading your sentences based on the latest headlines. Please like this video if you enjoy studying English with me. I’ll see you again soon. As always, thanks for watching and happy studies! Become a sponsor of English with Jennifer. You’ll get a special badge, bonus posts, on-screen credit, and a monthly live stream. Click on the link or look in the video description for more information. Note that sponsorships are not available in every country at this time. I’d like to say a very special thank you to my current sponsors. Hopefully, more of you will join us for the next live stream. Join me on my YouTube community tab for special posts each week. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel. That way you’ll get notification of every new video I upload to YouTube.


69 thoughts on “How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL”

  • Thanks Jennifer for this useful lesson!
    I have seen this title before but I don't remember where.
    " Obama singing in restaurant"
    what is the real sentence?
    1) A teacher published a best seller
    2) A mother has discovered superpowers
    why did you put the first sentence in the past simple tense and the second sentence in the present perfect tense?

  • Mauricio Kehoe says:

    Hi Jennifer! I like watching your videos! I have a doubt in this sentences that I read on a newspaper: "Mark suggested that I called him" Why the verb "called" is in past simple? Could I say: Mark suggested that I call him? with the verb call in present simple? Is there a difference? Thank you for your aprecciate help. 🙂

  • How to read news headline: become: How will you read the news headline. What do you think about my answer? Does it correct?

  • Hi Jennifer. I was really thrilled when I saw the title of this video that I watched it two times. I can't thank you enough. You are the best ever! 💝

    Here's the headline I chose:
    • Floods to follow freeze as storm batters Britain 👇
    • The floods will follow a freeze as a storm will batter Britain

    P.s. The source of the headline is:

  • Ok, I'll try:
    Original: Putin tells NBC new weapons 'easily' beat missile defenses
    My version: Vladimir Putin has told NBC that the new weapons can easily beat missile defenses.

  • Françoise Dufort says:

    What a good way to practice my English!
    " Europe Was Colder Than The North Pole This Week. How?" could become : " How explain that Europe was colder than the North Pole this week".
    I have chosen an headline which almost is a sentence…but this topic interested me. I have read the article and learned new words; plus:I live in the south of France and we have had a beautiful snowfall this week!

  • As always, a great lesson by Jennifer.
    I always used to think, why do journalists use present indefinite tense in news headlines even if a event happens in the past. Journalists use short, eye catching news title to gain our attention and force us to go through the whole articles.

    Egypt train crash kills at least 15

    In Egypt, at least 15 killed in a train crashed.

  • " Trump Calls Trade Wars 'Good' and 'Easy to Win'. ==> " Trump has called (the) Trade Wars ' good' and 'easy to win'. Happy studies!!!!

  • You gave very good advice on a subject that is very dear to my heart. I write catchy headlines to family with my emails and used to give a headline to each and every day in my diary. Once I was locked in the store where I worked – RAY CAGED. When I faced a career move to Germany – FROM FALKIRK TO THE FATHERLAND. When my workmate Tosh Edwards got sacked for being constantly late after drunken nights out – SLOSHED TOSH GETS THE COSH. When I accidentally thought that my neighbor's fridge was mine and took it into my apartment, my neighbor (a Mr. Ali Shbooli) was none too pleased. It made for a good headline though: RAY NICKS SHAMBOOLY COOLY. And who can forget the time my Dad went away with all my soap – DAD MAKES A CLEAN GETAWAY…Okay – I made that one up, but all the others were true.

  • Snow causes major disruption across UK – Snow has caused major disruption across the UK. – Not here it hasn't. We haven't seen any, just freezing-cold and hurricane-force winds :>)

  • Susana Blanco says:

    My example from foxnews headlines.
    Desperate dragnet on for teen who killed 2 in Michigan college dorm. Can be rewritten like this: Desperate dragnet has been going on for teen who killed two people in Michigan college dormitory.
    Other option maybe would be : Desperate dragnet went on for teen who killed two people in Michigan college dormitory.

  • Example (1): 'Hand-painted' film vies for an Oscar
    Explanation: Animated feature film painted by hand competes for an Oscar award.
    ('Loving Vincent' is the world's first animated feature film painted by hand-all 65,000 frames- vying for an Oscar)
    Example(2): Moon to get first mobile phone network
    Explanation: The moon will get its first mobile phone network next year.
    (It will enable HD streaming from the lunar landscape back to the earth.)

  • Hi Jennifer! I'm not into the news as I'm a sensitive person, but for my sake I did my research and got this headline: Anonymous Woman Knits 75 Winter Hats for those in Need – An anonymous woman knited seventy five winter hats for those in need. Thanks for the effort you put in every video you make!

  • Hi Jennifer,
    How you doing? well, i was thinking if you are interested in someone to translate your videos into Arabic.
    Don't worry it's free, I just want to improve my English more and also pay you back for your awesome videos
    So if you're interested in such a thing please reply to me, and thank you in advance.

  • The headline in news" Pubs to stay open later for Royal wedding"My version is " Pubs are going to stay open later for the Royal wedding".

  • Thank you a lot for this wonderful lesson as I couldn’t understand most of the headlines. and I confused too much about it. Now I can understand.
    Thank you

  • Logical, informative and beneficial in many ways. I always recommend your videos to my students of English here in Poland.

  • Dina Averyanova says:

    Thank you for the lesson! the headline from the newspaper: "Kim says US troops can stay in South Korea" — The South Korean leader Kim Chen In says (that) the US troops can stay in South Korea.
    "What Comey revealed about Hillary's emails" May be.. What did Comey reveal about Hillary's emails? I'm not sure))

  • The headline from ABC is :Alleged suspect captured in Tennessee deputy's killing. My vision is: The alleged suspect was captured in Tennessee deputy's killing.

  • さほり丸橋 says:

    I will be moving to Cambridge MA very soon with my family from Singapore. I was born in Japan and grew up for 33 years. I had lived in Cambridge for 2 years before we had a son and I learned a practical English in a language school. However, it wasn't enough time to say I have come to be fluent in English and I've kept learning it.  This moving would be more challenge and excited for all of us because it wouldn't be a temporary but long term for living there. I look forward to bumping into you in the town !! Thank you for updating very helpful lessons !

  • Salim Alshati says:

    Some headlines are funny and deceptive , once a headline in a paper from Lebanon says '' Baghdad on Fire !, the full story is ,the weather in Baghdad is so hot that it exceeds '' 50 centigrade '

  • Voice of america is great for intermediate level. To challenge one's self is appropriate. We can read and listen at the same time .

  • @jenniferESL , good video , i found many english teacher ignore news explain ,it really help ESL student practice listening news skill ,maybe you can do the first one ,thank you

  • Hi jennifer. When i was younger i was always wondering why they write like this, and what was always confusing me the most was omitting the verb to be.

  • Dayala Rajendhar says:

    Thank You, Jennifer. I like to read headlines but, I don't know to make headlines in a proper way even though. Now got full command of "how to make headlines." Indeed today onwards I'm going to write headlines on my social media.

  • Gleyson Mendes lopes da Costa says:

    News from The week news website: "Jeffrey Epstein found dead by suicide in Manhattan jail cell." _ Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by suiciding himself in Manhattan jail cell. I'm not sure if it's correct, though.

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